Princess Zara

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Princess Zara

Many years ago in a small town called cans-burry there lived a beautiful young girl her name was ZARA. She was a beautiful girl she had long chestnut wavy brown hair that danced in the wind and flowed elegantly. She had threatening Icey blue eyes that were sharp like cat eyes. Zara had fair skin and freckles her skin glowed in the night sky and they shimmer in the day. She was a beauty some say she was a witch that had spelled herself to look pretty. The town she lived in was poor and all the buildings were made out of stone and everybody gathered around a huge well on a hillside to get fresh water but Zara’s house in particular was a strange one it had old white paint peeling of of the front ivy grew at its sides it had two large steps that were half broken leading to the door. Before it was a dead garden with crusty old autumn leaves scattered along the pale green grass and only one bare tree where a broken black bird feeder just managed to hang. Along the path from Zara’s house was a long road the road to the well and of course there were some decent houses far from there little village was a kingdom a king and a queen ruled they worshiped that king as it was the only close kingdom they could obey. Zara had a younger brother named Romeo he was seven years old at the time as Zara was for teen Romeo had short curly chestnut brown hair and pale skin like his sister he had pale green sharp eyes his skin also shimmer in the day. Romeo was a happy little boy Zara found him annoying he was adventurous and sweet but a little bit spoiled he was always optimistic too. Zara was different she was scarred for life one she was as happy as Romeo but when her father died when she was seven she never smiled again she was miserable her father died when Romeo was born so Romeo never had any memory of her father. So they just lived with there mother named rufina who had a Bob hairstyle with the same chestnut brown hair and glowing skin she had the same icey blue cat eyes as Zara. One day when Zara was eighteen and Romeo was eleven and there mother was forty one there was a ceremony in the kingdom they travelled from cans-burry all the way to glassory hedge witch was the kingdoms name. Little did Zara know this day would change her life forever. “Zara we shan’t be late for the king’s ceremony”. Zara’s mother said. “No mother we shan’t thou will not be late but thou does not want to go”. Complained Zara. “Zara come on you shan’t be late I want to see the queen they say she is charming and l want to see the princess too l bet you want to see the king and prince.” Romeo shouted. “Thou is discussing I don’t care about king Henry or prince James and princess Margret and queen Elizabeth doesn’t care to see thou”. Zara replied. Now now children we shall leave and you shan’t bicker. Ruthina said. Do we travel by horse or carriage. Zara sulked. Do we look rich to you horse. Ruthina shouted. Many horses trotted along the long path to Glassory hedge for seven hours intill they reached the castle. The castle was huge and very old it was founded in 100 BCE it was made of grey stone and it had a long brown rickety bridge, under the bridge was a huge grey lake where there were ducks and swans each named after kings and queens of the past before the bridge was land greenfields the grass was rich and healthy the castle had cannons at the top and soldiers to watch the lands, Zara thought it was all to much she would have rather been back at home reading books and sulking all day instead of hearing the king make a speech about something. Wow this shall be our home it’s fantastic. Romeo said. Thou shan’t sulk Zara! Ruthina said. Welcome to my kingdom today l shall announce some very important news my son the prince is scheduled to marry and I will be picking eligible bachelorettes from this kingdom and beyond to assist him at the throne! The king announced. Zara you can do it! Romeo said. No l shan’t. Zara said. Oh come on darling it will bring you great joy and how you’ll be queen and have royal children. Ruthina said. I said l shan’t let’s eat and go! Zara shouted. Hello Zara how is thou today? Asked Hillary. Hillary was Zara’s best friend they had been friends since they were five Hillary had long straight dark brown hair and big round purple ish dark blue eyes and pale skin she was kind and caring and always even though Zara never showed it cheered Zara up she lived with her younger sister Anne and her father and step mother her mother moved to the kingdom so she rides her horse to see her real mother sometimes . I’m not doing amazing. Zara said. Really why? Hillary asked. Well my mother and brother want me to marry the prince. Zara replied. Well l think you shall see this as a privilege not everyday a family thinks there daughter is beautiful enough to even consider marriage to the Prince I should know father thinks Anne is more suitable I shall see her try. Hillary said. That made Zara laugh inside. Greetings

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