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It was a long night in Daegu, a young girl who goes by the name Aria mysteriously disappears right after seeing her crush. Just before her disappearance a girl named Kim disappears as well, and right before Kim's disappearance a girl named Allie disappears as well. Where are all of these girls going? One body was found out in the lake Duryu Park which was exactly in Daegu. Whose body was it? No one knows but there is this one mysterious boy whom everyone has a chill over. Jeon Jungkook. What if he was apart of this kidnapping? What would happen to those young girls? Warning! This story contains mentions of running away, kidnapping, suicide mentions and abusive parents. Please read at your own risk.

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1. Taken

There had been these awful words spreading around Daegu South Korea but one girl didn't believe anything that was being said.

Aria, she had the good grades, long dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, she stood at 5'10 but was a very fragile girl. Her age was only 15 and she was in high school, her nationality was korean. she didn't believe anything that was said about them girls, but what if she became one of those girls who came up missing?

{Aria's pov}

"Aria wake up! It's time for school."

I groaned slowly starting to wake up as I walked over to my bathroom pulling my long dark brown hair back and brushing my teeth.

Once I was done brushing my teeth I let my hair fall down and went over to my walk-in closet pulling out a light pink pastel crop top with a light pink pastel skirt and a light pink pastel cardigan as I then brushed out my long dark brown hair before grabbing my pink Nike backpack then giving my mom a kiss on the cheek before walking up to the door.

"Have a nice day at school sweetie!"

"I love you mom!" I yelled as I walked out the front door then to school.

"Hey Aria!" My friends Justin, Lee, Areum, Ara and Jimin yelled.

"Hey my best friends! How's everything been at home?"

"Eh same old same old." They said in unison as I giggled a bit covering my mouth.

"So how you've been Aria?" My friend Jimin asked as I smiled at him.

"I've been wonderful Jimin other than having a bit of some problems with missing my father."

"I'm so sorry for your loss Aria." Jimin said again as I smiled sweetly at him.

"Thank you so much Jimin, I'm trying to hold on and be strong."

"We should eat now guys!" My friend Areum said as I giggled picking up a piece of toast gently biting into it.

My other friends just watched me eat, I was confused but then I realized that they weren't watching me, they were watching the new kid in school aka Jeon Jungkook he had a bit of a dark aura but only I noticed it.

"Hey guys why are you staring at Jungkook?" I said as they stopped staring at him.

"Sorry Aria, he's just so ethereal."

"Yeah you're telling me." I said as I looked at him myself but then he looked at me and winked which caused me to blush.

{End of Aria's pov}

{Jungkook's pov}

Why was everyone staring at me all of a sudden?

Is it because I'm attractive and their all attracted to me?

Just then I caught the most beautiful and talented girl staring at me as I looked right back at her then winked causing her to blush.

Aww cute.

I chuckled to myself as I took a sip of the strawberry milk in front of me.

She was the first one to be mine and only mine and also the last one.

{End of Jungkook's pov}

"Hey guys were going to be late for class!" Aria's friend Jimin said as they quickly got up out of their seats and ran to their classes.

{Timeskip to after school}

"Hey Guys I gotta head home." Aria said as her friends hugged her goodbye and she took off walking home.

As Aria was walking home she didn't realize someone was following behind her.

But she did hear footsteps which kept causing her to look back and also quicken her walking pace.

{Jungkook's pov}

When Aria left the school I decided to follow her, after all she was going to be mine in the end.

I silently followed behind her as I had my hood over my head so she wouldn't notice me.

But apparently she realized someone was following her as she kept looking back which caused me to hide behind a tree until she started walking again.

When I realized that she was quickening her walking pace I called my friend Mark and told him to bring my car so I could put her in it.

I then quickened my pace as well as I ended up closer to her before covering her mouth with my hand as she screamed but it was only muffled.

Once Mark drove my car up to where I was I put Aria in the backseat as I got in the back with her.

"Please let me go..." She begged crying while I gently caressed her hair lying her across my lap.

"Shhh" I said as she cried even harder which made me continue gently caressing her hair.

"W-Why are you d-doing t-this?"

Right at that moment I had arrived at my house as I covered her mouth and her eyes before dragging her out of the car and into my house then into my bedroom as I finally let her go.

"Who is t-there?"

"It's me Aria now be quiet."


"Urm, no I'm Jeon."

"No, I recognize your voice, Jungkook please let me go. I didn't do anything wrong."

I sighed as I ran my fingertips across her smooth cheeks and cheekbones.

"I can't do that Aria I'm sorry babygirl."

"Don't call me that!" She yelled at me as I growled but then completely composed myself as I calmed down.

"Don't yell at me Aria."

"Why are you doing this to me?!"

"Have you ever wondered just for a second that those girls whom were claimed to be missing was true? That some awful monster abducted them and that same guy also killed some of them?"

I said as I neared her face.

She was special, so I wasn't going to kill her.

"Jungkook, are you one of those guys that have to do with those girls missing?"

"Maybe I am maybe I'm not."

I said as I looked into her eyes gently running my fingertips across her cheekbones.

"If you are.. then.. then why do you want me?"

"Because I don't want to kill you Aria, you're special to me."

"I'm special?! Why did you kill all of those girls Jungkook?! Do you not know that their families and their siblings will never see them ever again?! The siblings?! What about them huh? You killed so many girls Jungkook and I won't let you kill me too... because I- I like you and I don't want to die because I'd rather spend the rest of my life with you."

I was beyond shocked at her words.

My mouth stood agape and my eyes widened.

"Y-You like m-me?"

I said shocked as I looked at Aria while she just nodded her head.

"Yes I do Jungkook."

"Aria I.."

"You what Jungkook..?"

"I like you too and I'm sorry but I can't let you go."

"Why can't you Jungkook?"

"I just can't Aria."

"Jungkook please I won't say anything.."

"No Aria."

I said hoping she would give up then when I heard her crying after that it broke my heart.

"W-Why n-not?" She said in tears as I looked at her wiping away her tears.

"Because I love you and I don't want you to get away from me."

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