The Criminal

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Odis Barnes is the type that Yoko Yami staid clear of. She didn’t get into any kind of trouble, she’s the good girl. But when Odis breaks into her home; it seems like he found something else that’s more valuable to steal then just her fathers flat screen and her mothers diamonds... Starting her senior year she didn’t think that she would have the attentional the guy who’s all kinds of bad news.

Romance / Other
Jana Mccraw
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Chapter 1: Dead of Night

Waking up to loud thumping and faint sounds coming from the hallway just outside of my door. I jolted up grabbing my pepper spray, from my under my pillow and pulled back the comforter and sheet tip towing to my door. When I came closer to the door reaching my hand out barely touching the silver knob; when it burst open with a tall broad figure landing on me.

The air in my lungs were knocked out of me as I felt like I was crushed under freaking truck. I couldn’t move an inch was this mans shoulder length dreads obscured my eye sight for the moment. Shivers and Goodbumps went up and down my spine with him breathing his warm breath on the crook of my neck. Wiggling and shifting to my move my arms from under his chest, was tiring even after freeing my left arm I felt drained .

But as I wiggled my hips again trying to get my legs or at least one of them free. I felt something growing hard an pressing against my Loony Tune shorts, with him now giving off a light groan as he sat up on his elbows with his eyes still shut. And with the little bit of light that came from my plug in Lola Bunny’s night light, I saw that he had a cut starting from the side of his forehead to his temple. A gasped excepted me as i tried to reach my hand out to touch his face but jumped when he grabbed my wrist startling me.

He opened his eyes looking down at me, first with surprise then his eyes looked to my lips that were slightly parted then to my neck and then settled on my chest. Frowning my brows I fallowed his gaze and remembered that I was only wearing my pink lemonade lace bra that matched my Loony Tunes shorts. “Damn, I like that color but they are kinda small though.” His deep voice was smooth and alluring, but when I realized what he just said I snapped out of the trans he unknowingly had me under.
Embarrassment flooded me as a light blush ghosted across my cheeks with my eyes going wide. “E-excuse me? What did you just say?” I stuttered, I felt even more embarrassed in front of him and on the back of my mind I couldn’t help but feel like like I know him from somewhere. Chuckling he smirked down at me as he said, “ Look I’m not saying anything bad it’s just that they are kinda small and you still grinding your hips on me like that. I feel like your low key asking for it.”

I stopped moving instantly with the color draining from my face. “W-what I-I am not asking for a-anything! You fell on me you baegchi (idiot).” I said, feeling flustered of how close he leaned his face close to mine and pressed his hard on into me. My hips bucked on their own accord making him bite his lower lip as his dark gray gaze intensified. I didn’t know what else to do but to turn my head away from his; avoiding his stare but his breath tickled the nap of my neck causing me to shiver again. “What did you just call me?” His voice was low an husky in my ear making me blush red with my heart pounding in my chest.

“I called you an idiot for falling on me, and o shouldn’t be answering you’re questions. You should be answering me why your even in my home in the first place?” I told him turning my head back
To flare up at him but the didn’t go as planned. Instead he surprised me with him closing the rest of the small distance between us to kiss me. His soft lips felt good against mine, with his long fingers running through my long raven black hair. He nipped at my lips and licked my bottom lip, but I didn’t know what else to do but to mimic what he did to me.

My small hands rested on his muscular chest. Not sure if I was going to try to push him off or pull him closer. I thought of pushing him off of me cause he stole my first kiss but my brain turned to jelly at the sound of him laughing lightly. “Open your mouth.” I hesitated but did it anyway and was shocked that he plunged his tongue into my mouth. Kissing me the way I’ve seen on tv and read in romance books. I didn’t know what to do so I mimicked his moves with him deepening the kiss.

I was certain that it wasn’t a good kiss on my part, but I was snapped back into reality when I heard the front door alarm beep signaling that my parents came home from their date night. Panic took over me as I thought about what my father would do if he caught this guy on me. I shoved him up breaking the kiss as I said,” You should go like leave, right now!” I whispered at him as I heard my mother gasp and yell and my fathers voice coming after hers.

Sighing he stood up with me in his arms feeling his muscles flex I also noticed how warm he was as if his body was it’s own heater. He walked over to the sliding doors of closet pulling them open he stepped inside and turned back looking at me up and down. “You should really leave out of the window not hide in my closet.” I was saying to him when he reached out as if he was going to close the door back but changed his mind mid reach to cup my breasts.

I was stunned the he could be so bold to do that to someone that he just met. I reacted with swinging my hand to smack him but he caught my wrist both of them. As he yanked me into his chest, leaning down he kissed and nipped my lips. “I’ll leave when your parents aren’t walking around Yoko.” He said, surprising me yet again tonight and as I was about to ask how he even knew my name when my mother yelled for me.

He pushed me away from the closet at the same time closing the doors without making a sound. I turned in time to see my mother rushing into my room and over to me. “Oh Yoko are you okay? Did you see anyone when they were in the house?” My mother asked, firing off question after question. “No, I didn’t I just hear their foot steps and it sounded like it could have been two of them.” I said, trying not to look over at the closet.

“I’m just glad that they didn’t come in here. Are you sure your okay?” She asked, me still looking me over and walking past me grabbing my sweater and handing it to me. “Yes mom I’m fine really I was just a little scared at first. Where’s dad?” I asked, slipping my sweater on and catching a glimpse of him looking through the crack in the door. “He’s down stairs calling the police. Imma check our room to see what’s missing.” She said, as she walked out of my room and turning down the hall.

I walked over to my door closing it and rushing back over to my closet opening it and seeing that he was sitting on the floor looking up at me. “You looked like you were about to panic.” He said, shaking his head with a smirk on his lips with a knowing look in his eye with me feeling the heat cascading across my cheeks.
“You want me to kiss you again, don’t you?” He said, that knowing look in his eye still while my eyes dropped again to his lips. Rolling my eyes I whispered, “Babo naga!” (Get out idiot) looking back my closed door making sure that my mother didn’t come back down the hall.

“You know I didn’t understand that.” He said, standing up looking down at me waiting for me to translate to him. Huffing a sigh I folded my arms over my chest looking up at him but his stare was too much that I broke contact. “Fine, I said to get out. My parents know that you broke in here and you need to give back whatever it was that you took.” I said, holding out my hand expectantly looking from my hand to him. “Yeah, I ain’t the one that stole your parents stuff. But I’m also pretty sure that nothing was taken either.” He said, mushing my hand away and looking around my closet picking up my royal blue lace lingerie with a garter belt.

“Hmm, so you gonna wear this for me?” He asked, stepping close to me with the outfit hanging on the coat rack between us. “N-no I am not, I don’t even know you.” I snatched it out of his hand to put it back on the rack between my coats where it can be hidden again. “So you want to get know me then.” He asked, sliding his hands on my hips pulling me close to him. “An why would I want to get know some dodug (thief) that first broke into my house and stole my first kiss!” I whispered shouted, snatching out of his hold with my hands bulled up at my sides.

“Seriously? That was really your first time kissing someone.” He said, trying to act serious with a straight face that held a ghost of a smile. My eyes went wide as I realized what I just told him, “So that also means that you’ve never been with anyone?” He also asked, pulling me back to him by my shorts as he leaned down just inches away from my lips. “Just know that your mine Yoko.” He whispered before pecking my lips at the same time I felt his hand squeeze my small booty that fit in his hand as he told me, “An this is most definitely mine too. I’ll make it official some day.”
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