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More Than What Meets The Eye

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Safe Haven is a popular mental asylum in the city. One of the diagnosed patients is Joy who seemed normal on the outside. Due to curiosity, a young boy wandered to the place and saw more than what meets the eye. Genre: Romance, Humor Language: Filipino

Romance / Humor
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The places, names (living or dead), and events that are mentioned are fictional. If anything resembles in actual life, it's just pure coincidence.

What you are about to read is raw. It means that it is unedited so there will be typographical errors and mistakes.

This consists of mental health issues. It may include themes dealing with suicide, anxiety, PTSD and more. It can trigger emotionally and psychologically.

It also consists of bad behaviors including alcohol, cigarettes, bad school behaviors, escaping, and many more. Please be guided.

This story is not meant for negatives but to let the readers see what mental health is and why it is important.

Genre: Chicklit, Adventure, Romance
Language: Filipino

Happy reading!

All rights reserved.
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