Misunderstandings in love

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Leah Patrick is thrust into a life of love ,lust, pain when she finds out on her 23rd birthday that she is bethrothed to Philip McCarter and will be married off in 2 months

Romance / Drama
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1- birthdays

Beep beep , beep beep , beep beep

I wake up to the sound of my alarm which was even more annoying than usual today ,drinking last night was probably a bad idea.

I close my eyes and hold my head trying to soothe it as it felt like my head was going to explode , that and my throat was burning as well , I sit up off the bed and take the cup besides me filling it with water and drinking it in one gulp as I start to recall where it all went wrong “yesterday was my birthday and it was supposed to be the best day of my life but it turned out to be my worst nightmare,” I pick up my journal and begin to fill it with the horrific tale that was my twenty third birthday.I take out an Advil from my bed drawer and take it before I continue writing,

“ It all started when I woke up that morning to Mom and Dad singing the birthday song to me , today was the day , the day I finally became a woman of my own and finally have my own Independence , I was finally 23 and nothing could stop me , I was so excited

" Happy birthday sweetheart" dad says after the song hugging me ever so tightly while sobbing ,dad has always been the emotional one in our household

" come on dad”, I say as I try to free myself from his grip before he squeezes all the air out of me

" I just can't believe my baby girl is so grown up "he says smiling at me

" Control yourself Matthew , mum scolds dad as she hands a box beautifully wrapped to me , " happy birthday sweetheart "

I take the box from her and tell her thank you as I rush to open the box to find a beautiful pair of diamond studded earrings , the heirloom of the McCarthy women , it was given to my mum on the day she got engaged to dad

" It's yours now , make sure you take care of it "I squeal as i run into her arms and hug her so tightly , I can't believe she was giving this to me " I promise I will take care of it "

" I know you will ,you should wear it to the party tonight "she says as she hugs me.

It was my twenty third birthday party and the last one I was going to let my parents throw for me , because after today I was moving out into the world and into the arms of the man after my heart Andrew copperman .

Mum and dad had a strict life planned out for me and relationships were not involved in them , they said I was free to do whatever I wanted once I turned 23 but until then I followed every rule they set out for me , I know it sounds bad but trust me it's not , my parents plan were my dreams , it was my dream to be like my mum , she was one of the most powerful and talked about woman in the business world and the owner of serafinas collection, one of the biggest fashion companies in the world , it was one of her subsidiaries but I wanted to take it over and expand it which is what I have worked towards my whole life , I had a masters in business administration and a degree in fashion and I was starting my first day as an intern in serafinas collection .

I hug mum and dad while pushing them out so I could get ready for my first day , I take a shower quickly and go to my closet so I could get ready , I was super excited and nothing seemed to be good enough for me to wear today , I keep trying on different outfits when I see a box on my table

"Happy birthday darling , have a great first day and it was signed Love dad "I smile at the card

I open the box and inside is the most beautiful gown I had ever seen , it was pink and had this little flower truffles at the top it was perfect for my first day at the office .I had to see Andrew before work and I couldn't be late either people already thought I got this job because of my mum's connection , so me and Andrew decided to see each other at a cafe close to the office ,I drive as quickly as I can and get to the cafe in time to have a good 10 min discussion with Andrew before I had to run

On getting to the cafe i see Andrew by the window seat looking as handsome as ever , I walk to him and hug him " happy birthday princess " he whispers into my ears.

we stayed like that for a while , I missed him so much , we hadn't seen each other for a while , he was still working on getting his medical license and I was too busy working my way up so I could head serafina's collection,
“I missed you " I tell him breaking the silence .

" Me too princess "I smile at the nickname I told him to stop calling me that

"I told you to stop calling me princess” I say looking away trying to hide my blush and I told you "no!! , so you ready for world domination?" He says

I run my hands through my hair and smile , I was ready but don’t answer him though “ so do you have your tux ready ?"I ask instead


" For my birthday today , you know the very important one where I get to introduce you to my parents as my fiance" , I tell him anxious that he had forgotten all about it when he starts laughing

" Relax babe , I got you , my tux is ready and I already studied the question and answer scenarios you sent , so we good " I feel him twitching when he says that

He’s nervous I can tell because I'm nervous too , mum and dad may not accept him as he wasn't among the one percent of society , Andrews mum and dad were among what my parents referred to as lower class , among the rules and plan mum and dad set for me , one of them was for me to marry an eligible bachelor from the one percent of society and for years it was mine too until I met Andrew and everything changed

My parents did say once I was 23 I could do whatever I want so hopefully that meant marrying whoever I wanted too , that's why me and Andrews relationship had been in secret the whole time , even the fact that he asked me to marry him and I said yes .... As bad as it sounds that was the only way I could keep our relationship going and not ruin the relationship I had with my parents .

I hold his hand reassuringly and give him my best smile and he just returns it ,he's about to say something when my alarm rings " I have to go "

" Already ?" He says and I feel bad but I know I can't stay any longer or I will be late

" I am so sorry but I have to leave now , I will see you at the party tonight , I love you " I kiss him on the cheeks and run to the car as I wave him goodbye

I wish I hadn't , I stare at the journal as drops of tears start to form and fall on my journal , I close it and stand up from my bed sighing like the whole worlds weight was on my shoulders well it kind of felt like it

I should be at the office by now but I couldn't care less if I was late or not now , I take a quick shower and go to my dressing room and every step felt forced but i step on something , it was the earrings , the one mum had given me ,I pick them up from the ground for the longest time I envisioned them being mine but now I couldn't stand to look at them , I throw them on the jewelry stand and take the first things I laid my hand on and threw them on , I really didn't care how I looked

I walked down the stairs , I try to sneak out through the back door because I didn't want to see them when I hear Nana rose

"child , why are you sneaking out your own house , I almost called 911."she says holding on to the spatula in her hand

"I'm sorry Nana" I say smiling

" If you are hiding from your parents then you don't need to be they left early this morning "she says as she walks to the kitchen

of course they did , they never did care about anything else but their business" I'll leave now Nana "

" No breakfast child ?"she asks from the kitchen

" I'm fine Nana, I walk to the kitchen and kiss her on the cheek ,I feel the cold air around me as I step into my car , I try calling Andrew again but it goes straight to voicemail, of course
My life was ruined and it was all their fault ............
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