Sinning Love

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Falling for the bad boy's charm isn't such a good idea... especially if the bad boy is your boyfriend's brother. What if the bad boy is your teacher? Is it worse or more exciting? Chanel has to decide love and sex or deceit and betrayal.

Romance / Drama
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And the way Fate comes in unannounced that can change everything.

Chanel had her life ahead of her, but already had it all planned out. It was the first time she was spending the night at her boyfriend’s house. They had been together for almost three months, and already she could barely stand the thought of being apart from him.

She opened the door, expecting to see James, only to find a stranger. He was wearing dark jeans that hung low on his hips, a light grey t-shirt that stretched across his chest quite nicely, and a leather jacket that screamed bad boy. He had dark brown hair which was slightly messy, making him look like he just rolled out of bed, his lips were curved into a smirk that had her holding back a gasp, and his blue eyes looked at her from head to toe. He was 100% sin in human form.

“Hey,” her voice sounded shaken even to her own ears. Pull yourself together, Chanel.

“Can I help you?”

“You can let me in for starters.” The guy’s smirk widened and I gripped the door in fear that I’d fall down. How could anyone be so deviously sexy?

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me. I’m here to see James,” I muttered, forcing irritation in my voice although this man screamed of pure perfection. Maybe I’ll get some more time to spend with this handsome stranger.

“Okay, okay. I apologize,” he pushed the door open with his hand, ignoring my startled gasp, “but I kind of own the house.”


“I’m Josh, James’s older brother.”

I heard all about him from James. He was a player, a troublemaker on his good days, a man who had no need of responsibility, and many other things according to my boyfriend. He had however, failed to mention how hot he was. The man was pure temptation, and despite my feelings for James, it took everything in me to not want to throw myself at him.

Right then, all the plans I had with James crumbled in front of me. It scared the fuck out of me, but it was exciting at the same time.

As my best friend always tells me, I’ve always been a goody-two-shoes. Some part of me thought it might be the perfect chance to change that.

“Come in.”

Nodding, Chanel followed him to the kitchen and sat on a bar stool. “So you’re his older brother?”

“I am.”

“Why aren’t you…”

“Hey babe! I’m back!” James said loudly as he entered the foyer and put his keys on the table. “I got pizza for us.”

His next words evaded him as he saw a figure he knew too well sitting at the kitchen table , calmly sipping coffee, his girlfriend sitting next to him, looking speechless. She raised her head, and he swore he noticed her blushing.

“What the hell?” he scowled, just as Josh half-turned in his chair and smirked.

Chanel jumped out of her seat, and asked if he wanted coffee as well since she had made more than enough for the three of them. Even though it was a little too late for coffee, she felt the need to offer her boyfriend’s brother something since she was unable to find the juice in the fridge that Josh asked for.

As Chanel tried to think of ways to explain herself, Josh looked at James and smirked. “Is that any way to greet your older brother?”

James placed the pizza box on the table, and looked at his brother.

He hadn’t seen Josh in years. Not even when their parents died in a car accident six months ago. But then again, he had been separated from the family for a long time.

“What the hell brought you here?” James asked, angrily.

“Last time I checked, I haven’t been home in a long time, so I figured hey, I may as well stop by.”

“No dumb fuck. I meant what brought you to California?”

“The company I work for has always had a branch in Los Angeles,” Josh said smirking, “And I felt like I needed to get away for a little while.”

“Dude, it’s not like you took a short trip to New York City. You went to fucking Australia!” James said angrily, raking his hand through his hair.

“You went to Australia?”

Josh looked at Chanel and smiled. “Yes.”

“Oh my god, I’ve always wanted to go there! It looks so beautiful in the photos.”

“It’s breathtaking. Maybe you should go with me next time.”

James scowled when he saw Chanel smile.

“I might take you up on that offer,” Chanel said, trying to not want to blush.

“Can I have another cup of coffee?”

“It’s 9 o’clock for Christ’s sake. It’s not healthy!” James exclaimed, feeling like he was seconds from exploding.

Josh rolled his eyes. “Just because you’re going to be a doctor doesn’t mean you get to make decisions for me.” It was his way of telling him he wasn’t his mother.

“Of course.” Chanel stood up and took Josh’s cup into the kitchen to fill him another cup.

“Chanel seems like a sweet girl.”

“She is, Josh.”

“You got yourself a good one. Too bad I couldn’t find a girl like her.”


“Thanks, darling.”

She blushed and sat back down next to him. She slowly moved her leg closer to Josh’s until they were touching. He looked down then at her.

She smiled at him, trying to hide her face from James.

“Don’t call her that.” James’s face started to turn red in anger.

“That may have been out of line, I’m sorry.” He said, looking directly at Chanel.

“Don’t be.” She blushed a little.

James, the hot-head that he always is, swung at his brother who dodged the punch easily, grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back, all while still sitting down.

James scowled when he saw his girlfriend’s eyes lay on Josh’s perfect composure. He couldn’t bear to watch her staring at him. He refused to lose another girlfriend who leaves him and goes to his asshole of a brother.

“Be a good boy and behave,” Josh said in a calm tone. “I believe our parents raised you better than that.” He then released him and told him in a stern tone, “I will be staying here since it’s close to my workplace. And I’d rather you don’t act this way every time you feel threatened by my good looks.”

“I don’t feel threatened.”

“Sure you don’t,” Josh rolled his eyes.

“You’re not all that.”

“Can I have another refill, Chanel?”

James watched as his girlfriend, who remained completely silent during their fight, stood up and poured Josh a third cup of coffee.

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