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Eighteen years ago, Kevin’s parents were brutally murdered. Seventeen years after their death, Kevin is forced to watch as his fiancée is also tortured to death. He moved into a new city with hopes of starting his life anew, leaving his devastating past behind. But things didn’t go as planned. He never expected to fall for the daughter of a man hunting for his kind. Natasha was raped, and remained in the hospital for several days. Agitated by this, Kevin went after the gang that had raped her. He took quite a beatdown and wouldn’t have survived if not for the timely intervention of Derik - Natasha’s bodyguard and an agent working at the TCU special taskforce. They soon discovered the battered corpse of a missing detective who was assigned to investigate the murder of his fiancée several months ago. However, when the horror from his past returned, Kevin is forced to stay away from Natasha –or watch her fall victim to a ghoul who takes pleasure in tormenting him.

Romance / Thriller
Jeffrey Pope
Age Rating:


It was evening. The sun had set, and the silver moon rest on the dark skies, its soft gleams cascading down the dark lonely streets of fallout city.

A lady dressed in a slinky silk dress held a baby who was fast asleep in her arms. She patted him gently on the back, swinging her body periodically to the rhythm of the song she was humming.

A wide smile crossed her lips as she looked down at his big cheek. And suddenly, the candle sitting on the table beside her blew out as the door burst opened. Harsh wind from the cold evening blew into the house.

A tall Caucasian male rushed in, huffing and puffing. His breath was hitched. He quickly shut the door and locked it, then leaned beside it to catch his breath.

“Sinclair?” Rebecca called out to him, her eyes sparkling with surprise.

“Quick, Rebecca! Park your bags.” he breathed, “We are leaving.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” she asked, momentarily confused. “Is someone after you?”

She walked to the window to glance through, trying to understand what’s going on, but found nothing outside. Then she turned to her husband, still confused.

“Sinclair, are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Rebecca, we don’t have much time. Just grab your things, I’ll explain on the way.” he tattled, packing his cloths into a big bag. He stopped when he suddenly remembered something.

“Where is Phineus?”

“He’s still out on the field, playing with the kids downhill.”


Suddenly, the howl of an anguished wolf echoed off the forest. Sinclair and Rebecca exchanged glances, fear lingering in their eyes. A tingle ran the length of Rebecca’s spine after the howl died. She recognized it.

“Oh, God, it’s T-Rex. He is here.”

She paled, turning to look at Sinclair with frightened eyes. “Phineus is still out there.”

Rebecca quickly handed the baby to him and ran past him, towards the door. She tried to unlatch the door but Sinclair grabbed her arm, holding her back.

“No Rebecca!” he yelled.

“I have to save him.” she bawled, struggling to break free.

“No!” he bellowed, “If you go out there, you will die!”

She cried persistently, pushing his fingers off her wrist. “But Phineus is still outside. If I don’t go now, T-Rex will kill him!”

Placing the baby on the bed, Sinclair pressed both hands on her shoulder to steady her, staring into her frightened eyes -as if trying to make her see reason.

“If you go out there…” he gestured towards the pewter brown door. “You will die.”

Drops of sweat formed on his forehead. He clutched her arms, his hands trembling. “We have to go now.” he begged, his voice sounding low.

Rebecca sobbed, her shoulder slumped and her cheek became wet with tears. She finally surrendered to his request.

A loud thud sounded after the door fell. A figure approached and stood at the entrance, glaring at them. The cold and murderous look on his white face sent a chill down Sinclair’s spine.

Rebecca’s eyes widened at the sight of the blood that stained his lip. The stain only reaffirmed that her son had already fallen prey. Heart pounding against her chest, she mumbled. “Phineus…”

T-Rex pulled out his tongue to lick the blood off his lips. Then his eyes fell on the little boy that was fast asleep on the bed. A wicked grin appeared on his face.

“Quick Rebecca, take the boy and get the hell out of here!” Sinclair roared.

“No!” she argued, “He will kill you!”

“He’d kill us both if you don’t go now with the boy.”

T-Rex removed a small, shiny object from underneath his coat. It was a pocket knife with jagged blade.

“Go now, dammit!” Sinclair barked on sighting the blade.

Rebecca took the child from where he laid, then dashed through the door, into the chilly waft of the night, making scared noises as she ran.

Looking over his shoulder, Sinclair saw that she was already out of the room. He turned to snarl at T-Rex. “Leave my family alone, this is between us.”

Sauntering towards him, T-Rex shot him a venomous glance. “I’d make sure your wife watches as I disembowel you.”

Rebecca ran through the dark, lone-tar road. There was not a single person in a distance, only towering oaks dancing along with the gust. Her hands were shaking as she held the baby close to her bosom, her chest heaving rapidly. The breeze hallowed in her ear with every pace.

Rebecca suddenly stopped in her tracks when Sinclair’s voice sounded off in a distance. She whimpered as she turned to look back at the house. The child in her arms started to cry, and she tried to comfort him.

Even though Rebecca was a few yards away from the house, she could still hear Sinclair’s painful screams. The sound intensified for several seconds, and then it suddenly stopped. She moved her hand to cover her mouth, her legs trembling.

He killed him.

She wept.

T-Rex killed him.

Rebecca whimpered with the child crying in her arms. She shook him gently to keep him quiet, and it worked. The child quieted down and soon drifted to sleep.

Her gaze returned to the road. She’d lost all will to keep running. Her legs were too weak to carry her any further. She walked off the road towards an oak at the side. She gently placed the child beside the foot of the tree. Her legs buckled as she slid against the tree. She sat on the floor to cry.

“I’m so sorry.” she whined, glancing down at her silent son, her voice filled with defeat.

She covered him with a blanket and gathered dead branches around to conceal him. Standing up to her feet, she wiped her tears with her arm, then returned back on the road and started running, not away from the house, but towards it. Her feet hurt badly from the rough asphalt.

“I swear I won’t let him get you.” she muttered under her breath. “Not while I still breath.”

Rebecca was startled when she heard a twig snapped behind. She quickly turned and found a gray squirrel digging ferociously in the leaf-strewn ground. She immediately felt relieved, breathing out heavily.

She felt the pains and sadness leaving her as she continued along the asphalt. Nothing else mattered to her at that moment, not even her life. She was willing to die just so her son could live.

But returning back to the mansion in a vain hope of saving her husband’s life could just be the most heroic deed anyone could imagine -or maybe the worst decision she’d ever made.

A sound of rustling branches behind her echoed. Turning to her right, she gasped when she saw Sinclair hanging from T-Rex’s hands. He was barely alive, having multiple bruises across his face.

“I couldn’t let him die just yet.” T-Rex mumbled coldly, eyes fixed on her. “…at least not without letting you watch.”

Sinclair was bleeding profusely on the head and on his mouth. His breaths felt short, and his nose was broken. He hung from T-Rex’s hand, staring blackly at the floor. He found no strength to express his pains.

T-Rex folded his fingers and forced it through the hole on Sinclair’s chest. More blood spilled. He pulled Sinclair’s arteries out through his chest, a cocky smile crossed his lips. The grin on T-Rex’s face showed he enjoyed every bit of the torture.

Rebecca whimpered as she moved her hand to cover her mouth, watching as T-Rex pulled out his viscera. A thin line of tears flowed from her eyes at such revolting sight.

Sinclair watched in horror as his body was being torn apart while he was still alive. He shut his eyes to the sharp pains and made a face. Thick blood streamed from his chest and his shirt became matted with blood.

T-Rex pulled out his heart through his chest and Sinclair gasped sharply. He crushed the organ with his hands, blood and water gushed. Sinclair’s head dropped instantly and life left him. Seeing that he was finally dead, T-Rex tossed the body aside.

Sinclair hit the floor with a thud, his lifeless eyes wide opened and gazing at Rebecca, filling her with great discomfort. His face was frozen in an open scream, expressing the anguish pain he’d suffered before he finally died.

Gasping, Rebecca turned away in revulsion. She sobbed as she slowly turned to see what’s left of Sinclair’s body. Her body quivered at the gruesome sight. His blood had pooled all around him.

T-Rex turned to look at her, his posture straight and his face neutral. “Where is the boy?” he questioned calmly, his voice sounding dangerously low.

“Go to hell!” she bawled, glaring at him with scorn.

T-Rex snorted at her rage. “Do you really want to die like this?” He gestured towards Sinclair’s body which was lying few inches away from his feet. “In just a few minutes, your husband’s body would serve as food for the creatures that walk this forest. Do you really want the same fate to befall you?”

Rebecca was crying, yet at the same time she felt really angry. She snarled at him, her eyes bloodshot and filled with unrestrained rage. “You would have to kill me before I let you lay a hand on my son, you bastard!”

Rebecca couldn’t understand where the sudden courage to face T-Rex came from. She felt invincible, like she could do anything at that moment.

She felt assured that she could take him on. And just then, she understood where the courage came from. She drew strength from the desire to keep her son alive.

“Very well then…” his lips curled into a scornful smile. “We’ll have it your way.”

Her hands folded into a tight fist and remained at her side. It scared her that she felt no fear facing him. Before she could even stop to think, T-Rex was already onto her, his sharp claws opened to tear her flesh but she was quick to respond. She punched him hard on the gut, sending him crashing back into the tree behind.

T-Rex quickly got up, a grin settled on his lips, “Not bad.” he commended, sounding calm.

She was breathing fast and hard, her chest heaving rapidly. The next instance, T-Rex clutched her neck and slammed her back against a tree bark. Everything happened faster than her eyes could process.

Pressing her neck against the tree, he slowly lifted her off her feet. “Now, I’m going to ask again,” he sounded meaner this time -perhaps angrier even. “where is the boy?”

Rebecca wiggled her feet in mid-air, struggling to escape his tight grip. She let out a chocking sound. Blood dribbled out of her mouth. Then suddenly, she stopped fighting, her arms dropped and her lips curved into a faint smile.

T-Rex, puzzled by her smile, narrowed his eyes at her. “What amuses you?”

“you want to know what really makes me happy?” she gurgled, and her smile got a bit more inscrutable. “I am going to die knowing you never laid a finger on my baby boy.”

Just then, a soft cry of an infant echoed. Her eyes widened in deep horror. T-Rex slowly turned to look in the direction which he heard the cry, his smile reappeared.

“What’s that you were saying again?” There was silent laughter in his voice.

Her strength ebbed away. She struggled to fight through his grip, but he was too strong and wouldn’t let go. “T-Rex Please, I am begging you... don’t hurt him.” she whimpered between her sobs, her lips trembling.

T-Rex tightened his grip around her neck, chocking her. “Too bad there’d be no one to watch as I torture you.” He quickly let go of her and Rebecca dropped with a thud. She rubbed her neck, gasping for air.

“But I’d make sure you watch as I rip the boy’s heart right through his chest.”

He started towards where he’d heard the cry. There, he saw the little infant lying at the foot of the tree where Rebecca had left him. Just when he bent to pick him up, he was restrained by Rebecca’s grip on his right foot which almost caused him to stumble. He quickly swung a foot to kick her head, burying her face in mud.

Rebecca slowly got up, her face mixed with blood and mud, her grip still tight on his foot. She didn’t want to let go. She gazed up at T-Rex, a pitiful look on her face. She hoped to gain his sympathy with that piteous gaze.

Almost immediately, his fist bumped into her face. The impact sent her spinning backward. Her vision blurred. Her nose felt broken, and her upper lips were swollen.

T-Rex took the little boy in his arm and saunter towards her. The boy started crying from the discomfort he felt as T-Rex carried him.

Rebecca felt the urge to fight, not for herself, but for her little boy. For she would gladly die if by any chance her son will get to live. When she tried to get up, her strength failed her. She felt sharp pains on every inch of her body. She collapsed back onto the floor.

Rebecca swallowed hard, her eyes closing as her strength ebbed away. “Please…” her voice came out strained. “…don’t hurt him. Break me, torture me, hurt my soul, do whatever you want with me, but just let the boy live, I’m begging you.”

T-Rex ignored her plea. “What’s his name?” he inquired, eyes fixed on the child.

“H-he hasn’t…” Rebecca stuttered, “He hasn’t been named yet.” Blood spilled from the wound T-Rex had inflicted on her neck.

T-Rex looked down at the child in his arm. “He reminds me so much of my little brother, Kevin.” he said, smiling down at him. “Kevin suffered a brutal torture at my hands just before he died.”

T-Rex crouched, bringing himself nose-to-nose with Rebecca. He sounded dead serious as he spoke. “Do you know I had to stitch my brother’s eyes so they remain open while I tortured him? I did this so he could see every single thing I did to his body. I didn’t let him blink even for a second.”

His breath poured on her face as he spoke. “…and when I finally removed the gag from his mouth, I asked him if he had anything to say to appreciate the beauty of my work on him. God, you should have seen how beautifully I carved his flesh.” he jabbered, leaning forward.

“And do you know what he said to me?”

Rebecca had no interest in whatever he was saying, her focus was fixed on the child crying in his arm. T-Rex’s claws had dug into his soft tender skin and blood streamed down his arm.

“He said, I beg you, just let me die.” T-Rex raved, laughing hysterically. The child in his arm started to cry. “Shuu shuu shuu shuu, hush now Kevin.”

“Kevin?” Rebecca cried.

“You said he has no name; I just gave him one. After all, he would die just like my little brother.”

“No…” Rebecca shrieked.

“He won’t die today though. Too bad you won’t live long enough to witness the day I torture him.” He slit her throat open. Rebecca gasped, holding her neck. Her blood spilled across.

“Don’t let him suffer… for too long… after you’ve tortured him.” she gurgled and coughed. “…just give him a quick death.”

Her arms fell.

Her world went dark and she collapsed on the floor, dead, beside her husband.

The little boy’s cry filled the air.

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