Caffeine and Alcohol

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Coffee and alcohol, the perfect pair. Doesn't make sense but somehow works. Where Riley is a part-time worker at a local café and Dex just wants to magically cure his hangover with coffee. Midnight talks between strangers can sometimes lead to happy endings, right?

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There’s still love after a lonely night. There’s still a chance to meet the person that will change your life even if you just came back from a heartbreak.

There at the counter stood the most beautiful man he knows. He held his breathe for a second and started counting to five before walking to the counter.


He’s as beautiful as the day that he met him, but he knew that something would change the first time they talked.


He never thought he would become close to a stranger who comforted him at the café because he was drunk and was suffering from a heartache.


He was thankful that he met the person that became his best friend. He became the shoulder he would always lean on.


He never thought that a person could cure his hungover heartache. The person that would be responsible that would heal his heart.


“Oh, you’re here! Welcome to Café Louvre!”

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