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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Karma is a bitch and Katerina was a bitch, she never forgot the address to deliver her fury. At eighteen she was married, at twenty one she was divorced. She loved and she was rejected. She swore to do just, she would punish those that took love for granted, she would make those men pay. She would be the executioner of justice to women. She hated men. She developed an secret identity on the dark web known as Karma, where women with vendetta with men could use her services for payback, until one day a woman approached her, aware of her secret dark web identity, and asked her to punish her husband. She had no idea what she had gotten herself into until she was left wondering was this her Karma?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Don't believe them. They lie.

They say a mother's love is unconditional, it is a lie.

They say God exist and go further to say he is just, it is a big lie.

They say what goes around comes around, ha! What a fat lie!

They say they have your best interest at heart, lies, lies, total lies!

Everything is a lie.

"I love you, Jenny." The old fat sleazy bag says as his sausage-like fingers try to touch mine. "I will leave my wife for you, I haven't even touched her in months." Another lie. His wife emailed me talking about how last night they made love.

The things I have to endure for my cause.

I am almost close to finishing him, everything is set. One final step is left, it always the last resort.

I have tried to make him leave his wife all in vain, that is what she wants. She wants him to be the one to leave. He has poisoned their children against her. if she leaves and takes them with her. They will resent her. That is what she says, I don't care to know if it is the truth. If I seduce a married man or one in a committed union and goes along with it, they deserve what is coming to them.

The man has shamelessly and repeatedly cheated on her. He has abused her verbally, emotionally and even physically.

"Do you. Why are you with that skinny bitch? I can take good care of you, big daddy." I flutter my eyelashes, lean on one side smiling. I try to talk with the sweetest voice I can master without throwing up.

"I love you, sweetcheeks. You already take care of me better than my wife."

"Why don't you leave her."

I wait for the stupid excuse I have heard a million times.

"Because of the kids."

Just like I guessed. Welcome to the new broken generation.

An uninterested husband living with a disinterested wife but loosely glued together by children that they both have neglected.

What a world!

I have a mission. The first one to leave his wife failed. Now I opt for destruction. The fat pig is a health inspector. A crooked one for that matter. The wife wants to expose him. I just need to get his computer and safe password.

"I will rock your world until you forget her," I say flirty.

"I love the sound of that." The old pansy says over-excited. He takes out his inhaler and breaths on it.

I have to die, get buried. Die again, over and over before I let that thing inside me.

I start to strip, I have old but sexy lingerie on me.

"Do you Like that?" I bend and shake my ass while talking in my signature fake Russian accent. I have come to realise men sexualize that accent. I guess that is why my sleazy misogynist father named me Katerina.

I walk to where he is seated, my hand lightly grazes his crotch.

"Let's play a game. I whisper to his ear and lick it.


"I have two pieces, for each to come off we must have two different passwords to open." I squeeze his crotch and lean forward for him to feel my breast. "They shouldn't be new or made up. They can be our computers, security...you know the things we use commonly. Example, guess 4747 is my password for?"

"For that underwear to come off?" He says.

"Wrong." I move away. "For this to come off you must say your password," I state.

The old bag is on top of the moon invigorated.

"120418, for the top."

I stand to undo my semi-transparent bra, repeating the numbers he just gave. I can risk to forget them.

I am half-naked. I can see the drool on the man. He is like a dog on heat. Hasn't he seen a woman's breast before?

"I am waiting...just one more to go," I say.

He recovers from his hazy world.

"Bootylicious." He says.

Of course, perv!

I try to untie my panty and stop.

"Oh, Papi... It says password denied. Is there caps, numbers, special characters?"

"None, just lower cases." He stretches his hand towards me like he is in pain. "Now can you lower your case for me?"

I already have what I wanted. I finally remove my panty. I am fully naked. I am proud of it, I own every curve of my body. It gives me confidence.

"Juicy." He breaths as he stands. He is quick to undress. His nakedness is repulsive. His big saggy stomach has a million folds. How did his wife get turned on by that?

"Come to daddy." He plays with his semi-hard cock. Oh dear, he is uncircumcised. It looks like a newborn swaddled in blankets in a suffocating way.

He jingles it again, it is now droopy. I remember the wife stating he can only get it up with viagra.

"Let me help, that's why I am here," I say walking to hotel's bathroom. While inside I sprinkle some sleeping pill in his water. I had bought some viagra with the least dosage. These things are lethal and can kill. The last thing I need is getting caught up in a murder situation.

After it has fully dissolved I take it to him with the blue pill.

"With age comes complications. Thank God for science." He says embarrassed as he swallows the pill.

"It happens." I lie. It doesn't just happen. Stay fit.

After a few minutes, he starts to rub his temple.

"Join me in bed." He requests. The pill is supposed to take effect in a minimum of thirty minutes. "The damn pill makes me drowsy but not this heavy."

"Just relax. Not even that pill can stop the reggae." I say as I see him start to fall asleep.

I reach for my bag to remove my phone. I again send the passwords he said. We both don't know which is which luckily she can only guess wrong once. I lie next to him. I adjust my blonde wig and snap a photo. I immediately send it to his wife. She will use those photos as evidence in their divorce. The other times he cheated he left no trace of evidence. Luckily, they had a prenup which has a clause that states if one party cheats. The other gets 80% of their net worth. The foolish man suggested that because at the beginning of their marriage. His wife had more assets than him which with time they have lost value.

I turn to see the hippo next to me. If only he wouldn't have lied about his relationship with his wife for the last two months. His only punishment would be a divorce and being left penniless. But now on top of that, he will have to go to jail.

My phone beeps. The passwords work, You are a lifesaver. I will deposit the remaining payment first thing tomorrow.

Yes, my calling is to break homes to save lives.

For the next minutes, I log in my dark web account. There is quite a persistent woman who has been messaging me daily despite ignoring her. She wants me to teach her cheating husband a lesson. The first part I am okay with. Just that I don't stand for her reason. She wants me to make her husband fall for me, treat him badly until he hates women, then he will run back into her arms never to repeat it. I help women get away not make them stay with entitled and selfish men. Additionally, her thinking is absurd and childish.

The old man moves in his sleep and I put my phone away. He struggles to open his eyes.

"Oh, Papi you were marvellous. " I kiss his chest.

"What happened?" He asks confused.

"You don't remember?" I feign concern.


"You kept on calling my name...oh jenny, you will kill me with Sweetness. Was all of that a lie?" I pretend to be sad.

His wife said that is what he always says.

"No, I remember now." This is how I will be caught in my lie. "Your were sweet." He says and I sigh in relief.

"Did you love it?" He asks me.

"Very much." I smack my lips.

I lie too.

writing here…

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