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The Roaming Alpha

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18yo+ adult themes!! There are two characters Jakar and Rikar. They are not the same person. It hasn't been edited yet. Dillon "I rejected my mate for you! She wasn't worthy of the Luna title and she was beneath me. I need this title, and you will be my mate so I can get it." "You rejected your mate? What is wrong with you! The Goddess gave you a mate and you rejected her? Who was your mate." Dillon "Tessa was my mate. She isn't worthy of me. She isn't Luna worthy." I look over at Tessa who is working on the tables and my heart goes out to her. I see her look at me with tears as she continues to work. "Look it's not happening. Now if you will excuse me I am trying to finish getting this last minute party together." I walk over to Tessa pulling her in for a hug. "Don't worry Tessa, he doesn't deserve you!" As we continue to hug I hear the Alpha shout. "Here they are. Our honored guests have arrived." As I pull from Tessa I look over and see the most delicious man smelling of pine and earth staring at me with his nostrils flaring. While the man next to him is staring at Tessa. I hear her whisper mate and walk towards them as the head man walks up to me. At 5' 3" I am staring up at a man that must be around seven foot tall. He lets out a growl as he picks me up to be eye level. He buries his head in my neck and growls out "MINE!"

Romance / Fantasy
Melanie Gomez
Age Rating:


Ch 1

Jassara pov

I am sitting in my office at my white desk, and I absolutely love what I do for our pack. My office has bright colors and has two white chairs sitting in front of my desk. I sit in the former Luna’s office, and love looking out the window quite often. It overlooks the gardens and keeps me grounded when things get hectic.

We lost our Luna Milly and my mom a few years ago during a rogue attack. The former Luna was Alpha Marx’s second chance mate and came with her son Dillon. They had a son and daughter together who also perished in the rogue attack. Which left the Alpha and his step son. His step son is not eligible for the Alpha roll but he is still trying to supposedly prove himself. Which is a joke if you ask me. He never helps with anything, nor volunteers anywhere.

I’m sitting here going over the menus for the week with the head kitchen staff. Krissy and Tarrie are amazing at what they do and work very hard. We are deciding what will be needed for ordering next week. Our pack is about 500 members, and we usually feed about half here at the pack house at each meal. As we finalize the plans Alpha Marx and my dad walk in. My dad’s name is Tristen and he is the current Beta. I always shadowed Luna learning the job to help out, and when we lost her I took it over.

“How is it going in here? I thought I would stop by and see if you need anything before we go out for training.”

“Everything is good, Alpha Marx. If we can please get you to sign off for next week’s menu, the staff can get the food ordered so we can pick it up.”

“No problem Jassara here you go.” He quickly takes the pen and signs shoving the papers back towards me. “Ok we are off for training. Anything else pops up just mind link me.”

I simply nod as the Alpha walks out with my dad, and we sit and talk about anything else coming up we should know about. The kitchen staff take their leave when I turn and look out my window at the garden. Here I am 24 years old, but I haven’t found my mate yet but I’m still waiting. I know he is out there somewhere. I look out at the edge of the forest and have this feeling like I’m being watched. I stood up and moved to the window and could have sworn I saw something move.

I stand there in my thoughts when I’m startled by someone clearing their throat. I quickly turn and see the Alpha’s stepson Dillon. I roll my eyes with my wolf Lita and walk back over sitting down at my desk. I reach into my inbox grabbing the rest of the papers that I need to go over today.

“How can I help you Dillon?”

“Jessara, I was hoping you would go out with me this evening.”


“Well can you at least think about it first?”

“Ok..... No.”

“Why won’t you go out with me, we could be great mates you know.”

“No, we are not mates nor will we ever be mates.”

“Now come on, you don’t really mean that right?”

“Dillon, we are not mates. I don’t want to date you, nor will I ever want to. Now if you will excuse me I need to finish this paperwork. Then I’m helping the kitchen during dinner service, and helping the medical ward tonight.”

“Why though? You are Beta’s kid. You do enough as it is.”

“Maybe because I care about the pack.”

“Are you saying I don’t care? I care about the pack.”

“Really? Then why are you not at training? I did mine this morning at 5 am.”

I’m so done with this conversation and quickly get up and point for him to leave so I can lock up. When he exits I lock the office door and head down the hall to the back of the pack house. We have a huge pack house and although my dad lives here I live in a small cabin on the outskirts. I like having my independence and privacy.

I walk down the hall and turn left to enter the kitchen. We have a huge industrial kitchen and a dining room that holds 150 people inside and 150 outside. When it’s raining we have to have people eat in shifts. I quickly throw my hair up in a bun, and quickly wash my hands. I walk over to the closet grabbing an apron and turn to Krissy for my orders.

She points me over to a cutting board so I quickly start cutting vegetables for the salads. We start to fill trays of salad, and by the end we have 15 trays amongst all the other food being made. We staff about 15-20 people in the kitchen at once as we are always busy doing something. Anytime they can get help it takes the stress off of them.

Everything is ready to go about 10 minutes before the rush comes in from training. So I hug Krissy and hang up my apron and head over to the building out the back to head towards the medical ward. When I walk in, nurse Misty catches me and says that I’m not needed today. She meant to mind link me but got sidetracked. I smile and wave bye when I head back towards my house.

When I round the corner of houses I start walking up the walkway towards my front door. I hear a door opening at the house that’s about 50 feet down and see Dillon walking out of the house with some female wolf in a shirt. Ugh he makes me sick. Like I would want to be with someone who has probably screwed every unmated she wolf in the pack. He stops when he sees me and just stares because he knows he got caught. I just shake my head and open my door, walking inside and closing and locking it behind me.

I have a small 2 bedroom cottage, that is just perfect. When you walk in I have a front room and kitchen. Then down the hall to the left are the two bedrooms and a bathroom. I have all light airy colors with peach walls and cream floors. I walk to the kitchen and take out some leftovers from the night prior and quickly heat it up.

While I’m watching the microwave I can see some movement out of the corner of my eye in the forest behind my house. I just watch and have this feeling like I’m being watched again. I walk over and slowly open my back door. I don’t see anything so I then walk out into my little garden. I grow my own veggies and love just sitting out here when I can. I walk through to the little gate located at the back and just stare into the forest.

“I know you’re there. Why will you not show yourself to me? What are you so afraid of?”

I watch some movement but still no one appears. Lita my wolf is going crazy and I don’t understand why since we can’t see anything. I just shrug my shoulders, and head back inside. I grab my food from the microwave and sit down on the couch to watch tv. I need to catch up on my shows because I’ve fallen behind. I still can’t shake the feeling that there is someone still out behind my house.

I quickly eat and snuggle in and at some point I must have fallen asleep. I feel strong arms pick me up and feel like I’m being carried somewhere. I snuggle in because I smell the most delicious scent of pine and earth. I can feel myself being laid down and snuggle in my bed when something sniffs close to my neck. When it finally clicks mate I quickly open my eyes but there is no one there. Lita freaks out and I start running through the house screaming for him to come back but find no one. The emotions going through me as tears slowly stream down my face.

I stop in the middle of my kitchen holding myself when I feel I’m being watched again. I look out the back door and see a giant of a man standing there looking at the ground. The moment I go to move it shifts and runs off. I quickly run out and start screaming for him but he never turns around. He is a lycan I’m certain, but why run. Doesn’t he know we are lycan friendly? I know not all packs are. I just hope he comes back since he’s my mate.

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