The Roaming Alpha

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Playing games

Ch 3

Jassara pov

As I wake up this morning I can still smell the pine and earth scent and want to just snuggle all day long. Lita is rolling around in my mind purring to herself. I look over at the clock and realize I am late for training. I quickly jump up and throw on some leggings and sports bra and run out the door to the training fields.

As I approach I see they haven't quite started yet, but see lots of new people. I walk over to my dad and stand next to him as they make their morning announcements. Once they finish and everyone goes to warm up they turn to me with huge grins.

"What's going on this morning?"

Alpha "We have had some new lycans show up to join our pack. We are having a party tonight to welcome them. So we will need it planned quickly."

"Alright as soon as I get done here I will get with the cooks and get food ordered."

Beta "That's my girl. Always jumping in and making the impossible possible.

I quickly walk over and start my warmups. I see some of the new members looking at me with black eyes. It doesn't faze me anymore. I'm a short 5'3" and come up to most chests. I have a small frame body for a she wolf but don't let it fool you. I can take down some of our biggest warriors so these lycans don't intimidate me.

A lycan asks to spar with me and I think sure why not. He must think I am an easy target. He must be almost 7 feet tall with tan skin and dark features. He gets in his position to start and I do the same. He lunges at me while I dodge it and kick him in the back of the knees making him fall forward. He quickly stands up and lunges again and I step to the side. While swinging my body against his and flipping him over. I have him pinned to the ground in a choke hold as he taps my arm to let him up.

He stands up and goes stomping off through the crowd that gathered. My dad and Alpha come over patting me on the back and point at me while looking towards the house. I look up at the window and I see no one? What were they looking at? I watch them shrug their shoulders and turn towards me.

Alpha "Go get ready for the day, you earned it after taking the lycan down."

I nod and go running off towards my house. Before I can even leave the field I am grabbed by the lycan that just stormed off.

Tanook "Where the hell did you learn to fight like that?"

"Training since I was a kid, and martial arts training. My dad figured every advantage I could get I needed."

Tanook "Lucky for you, you already have a mate here. My Alpha Killian. I'm the Beta Tanook. You will make an amazing Luna."

"Where is your Alpha?"

Tanook "He is resting, but did see us fighting, and to say he is impressed is an understatement. He will see you later this evening."

"Oh, um ok. Look I gotta get going. I gotta go shower and change so I can get to work planning the party this evening."

With that I run off towards my cottage. As I am running through the first housing section I watch a door open and out steps Dillon. Of course different day different slut. He sees me running and I just shake my head as I keep going to the next section where my house is. I quickly run in locking the door and tear down the hall. I quickly strip, shower dress in a pair of jeans and shirt and pack a dress with heels for this evening.

I run with everything back to the pack house and enter quickly running to my office. I unlock it quickly so I can get started. I hang up the dress and mind link the cooks to meet for an emergency party planning. Within 5 min Krissy and Tarrie come running in and sit down.

Krissy "We know about the party and already came up with a menu and ordered it from the store. It will be ready to pick up in about an hour."

"Perfect, you're always on top of stuff. I will go pick all the food up and decide on what decorations to use."

They leave as I mind link members to meet me at the supplies building. I quickly lock my office door and walk down the hall to the main room and run out the door. I quickly walk next door to the supplies building and see pack members and some new lycan members. Including the Beta. As I approach I smell my mates smell on him and start to growl. I grab his arm and pull him aside.

"You have his scent on you, why won't he come see me? Am I not good enough? Is he going to reject me?"

Tanook "Goddess no he says your perfect. He is afraid that you will reject him. Now before you start bombarding me with questions. He is a lycan, and we aren't exactly liked. He is expecting you to reject him. He says your more than what he could have ever thought of for a mate, but yes the big bad Alpha is scared."

I look down and start to tear up "Why would I reject him? He is my mate. The one I have waited my whole life for."

Tanook "Give it time, I will report back to him so he can think about everything."

I simply nod and turn as Tanook leaves for the packhouse. I quickly wipe my tears and unlock the building so we can get what supplies we are using. As I walk in I point to the linens in bags and the boxes of candles. I want to do a blue theme so I quickly spot the blue centerpieces and grab those boxes. As we bring everything into the dining hall, I realize I need to go get the food. So I grab the keys to the suv.

I quickly run into town and park letting them know we are here. They bring out the bags upon bags of food throwing it into the car and I am quickly back on my way home. As I pull up I see Tanook standing with a bigger man, and as soon as they see me he takes off. Whatever I have shit to do. He needs to figure out what he wants. I am not going to play these stupid games. As I throw it in park, I start unloading bags as the kitchen staff runs out to help. They take all the bags leaving me there to close up the suv.

Tanook "I spoke with the Alpha. He is still nervous."

"Let me stop you. I don't play fucking games ok. He is my mate. He either wants to be mates or doesn't. I am not going to stand around while he plays these games. Now if you will excuse me I got a party to put together."

I turn and walk back inside as I sense him standing up on the second floor out of sight. I stare up and growl out my irritation. Even Lita is irritated at this crap. I walk down the hall to my office and as I walk down the hall Dillon is standing there. This is not who I want to see right now.

Dillon "Look Jessara, I want to explain my actions and what you saw."

"Please do not explain it to me, you wanna sleep with half the pack go ahead. My mate is here but not doing anything, and I am highly irritated at this moment."

Dillon "So that means we can still be together!"

"No, it does not." I quickly make my exit and walk back towards the kitchen to help get the food prepared for this evening. I need a distraction from everything and what better way then to help. It takes the whole afternoon to get everything ready when I take my leave to go start directing staff to set up the decorations. Tessa is finally back and is helping set stuff up. Before long the time has come to go quickly change for the party.

I throw on a fitted royal blue spaghetti strap dress that hits my curves perfectly. I toss on my silver heels and quickly do my hair and some light makeup. When I return some warriors whistle while I just shake my head. Lita snickers 'Yeah boys we clean up good! Now if our mate doesn't want us maybe we can find another one that will.'

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