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Jordan Locks was a player, a renowned one, who left in his trail brokenhearted girls,some who even committed suicide because of the pain or feeling of brokenness. So how does it seems to be that he became a girl? In another dimension where females where being treated as objects and sold in auction places to the highest bidder as slaves or mistresses? What happens when he becomes what he never actually cared for? What happens when he becomes a girl?....

Romance / Mystery
Hannah Akanbi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Jordan's POV:
"Dad,where are we going? Why are you in hurry?" I asked. Whatever was happening I didn't really understand. He just sneaked me out of the house and we got into his car and started moving. I don't know if it has to do with Jessica my stepmom. She can be a witch atimes. I hate her.
" Dad,is this about Jessica? Did she do you any abracadabra?" He turned to look at me. And he faced front.
"Did she tell you anything at all?he asked. I looked at him confused. What's happening,I asked myself.
Just then,I saw an incoming truck, and it was like everything was in slow motion,it was all a blur. I could only register the shock in my bones and the look of horror on Dad's face and everything became dark.
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