Heart of Elijah

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Athena comes home for the holidays to a big surprise. When she arrives in her old home place in Lakeden she finds out that she is in a marriage to some man that her father was doing business with and her marrying him will clear her family of the debut her father owes this man Who's name is Elijah. Will Athena go through with the marriage just to make sure her family lives to see another day or will she tell them no and watch as her family is killed.

Romance / Erotica
Miranda N
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Chapter 1

I was alone in my room listening to music and getting ready for a party. Not having a care in the world as I sang out loud.

“And if the elevator ever tried to bring you down go crazy... one time” I was dancing around in my room jamming out to Prince.

" Hey, are you done in here or what?” I hear and I look over and see my best friend Irie and I glare at her.

“Oh hell no,” I said then tackled her and tickled her. “No one and I, mean no one talks when Prince is singing, you know the rules Irie,” I tell her which makes her giggle more as I stand up and pull her up and then go back to my jam session.

She goes and tries to turn off Prince but I football tackled her and pin her arms down. “Come on we need to get ready, you said you would head to this party with me yet you are here bellowing Prince” she stated. “I am getting ready as I Bellowing out as you say” I replied. I reach up and turn off my radio when the song ends and get up then head to my closet and slip on my outfit.

“Oh no you are not wearing that, this is a party, not a family gathering” she exclaims as she looks at my outfit. I look down to check out my outfit which consists of combat boots, skinny jeans and an off the shoulder top which I think is a style for parties. The boots are steel toe in case some jackass wants his nuts rearranged & kicked up into his shirt pocket.

“This is not horrible, and I told you when I had agreed to this that I would not wear some short barely covering my coochie and ass dress. That was the deal you shook on, so deal with it or call the deal off and I stay here,” I told her. She rolled her eyes and huffed before fully standing up and sighed.

“Fine but do something nice makeup-wise,” she said I headed into the bathroom and put my hair into beach waves, then went with a cat-eye smokey eye look with shiny lip gloss.

Once I was ready I walked out grabbed my phone slipped it into my pocket along with my id and some money for an emergency or if something happens.

The party turned out to be at a frat house, go figure, I mean we live in a college neighborhood that has frat houses and sorority houses so if it wasn’t frat houses Irea was invited to for parties it was sorority since she still has friends that attend the college since we graduated last year.

“Try to let loose and have fun,” Irie says I looked at her ” one of us has to be sobber to drive back and I know as well as you that it ain’t gonna be you,” I tell her which she only shrugs and then walks off once we walk in.

I stood in the back and just watched the party. ” Not much a party goer are you?” I faintly heard I looked to my left and seen a nice-looking guy. ” No” I managed to say as I leaned close so he could hear me over the loud ass music.

He chuckled and nodded “want a drink?” I looked at him in question ” swear it’s not been tampered with, in fact, I just grabbed it outta the fridge” he says and holds up an unbroken seal bottle I take it and double-check to make sure. “Thank you,” I say he nodded his head and walked off. I opened my water and went to take some but the voice I had been dying to hear stopped me.

“So she managed to get you away from your Prince session?” they spoke. I capped my water and looked over at my handsome man and grinned before throwing my arms around him and kissing him hard which he pulls me closer and deepens it. It was a while before either of us broke apart.

“She did after I tackled her twice. Once for talking while he was singing and two trying to turn him off before he finished” I answered with my arms still around him. He laughed and shook his head. We stood there laughing and talking while the party continued on.

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