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Farrah "Bunny" Ponder just turned 18. She comes from a family with lots of people...the Atoned Souls MC, to be exact. Her life is all mapped out, but some unexpected things change it up for her. This is the sequel to 'Atoned Souls-Dorian "Rabbit" Ponder

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Chapter 1

I grew up in the club environment. Trained and learned to fight from the club's #2 enforcer, an ex-MMA fighter. Learned how to work on anything with a motor from the club's #1 enforcer. Dad taught me how to maneuver my way around all things technology, specifically hacking. Mom taught me how to hone in on the family trait...sharp photographic memory. Nanna Milly taught me how to cook. Hell, with my skills...I'm pretty much a badass. The club guys morphed me into this all-in-one package.

Being a badass isn't who I want to be. Not completely, anyway. I finish high school in less than a month. After that...college! I've been excepted to my choice of university, which is the one here in town, and a shit ton others have been trying to get me to apply with them. I want to be an attorney for kids. I want to help them when the system turns their back on them. Not all kids were blessed with parents like mine, and they need someone in their corner.

My twin brother, who is younger than me by 12 whole minutes, and I turn 18 today! It's a big day for us. Welcome to adulthood! Officially. Like all parties, we have our birthday party at the MC clubhouse. I love it here, mainly because these fuckers helped raise all of us kids and my crush is always hanging around here.

As part of my birthday gift to myself, I worked with Tank to restore a 1972 Chevy Nova for the past year. She is fabulous. Blacked out everything, and I love her. Tank says I need to name her like Uncle Ace named his sniper rifle Betty. For now, I just call her 'My Nova'. I love this fucking car. And she is fast. If daddy knew that I raced her, he would tan my ass and take her away. My brother, Tyson, fights in underground clubs for a hustle...I race my car. Tank knows that I do it, and hadn't said shit to anyone. But when I race, I wear a helmet and never roll my windows down. They all think I'm a dude. Girls fall over themselves trying to look inside...sorry bitches, I prefer dick. Tank collects the profits for me so I can keep my identity secret. Its a system that works for us.

I have been in love with Tank since I was old enough to sit on a motorcycle. Sure, he is just under 18 years older than me but damn he doesn't look it. The things I would do to that man's body...mmm.

Party has wrapped up and it's time to go home. I am looking forward to spending the evening at home with my family. Daddy and Tyson hop on their bikes and wait for Mom to pull off first, then them and then I pull out last.

Mom goes through the traffic light. Dad and Ty are at the light just in front of me and are stuck at that one, and I am stuck at the one just a half-block behind them. A van pulls up next to me with some pedo-looking fuckers in it. They honk, so I roll down my window. "What?" I say.

"You Rabbit's daughter, ain't you?" the passenger asks.

"Yeah, and you are...?" I quip back.

The passenger holds up a gun and points it at me. Training kicks in, and I floor the gas pedal. I turn down my street, thinking that I would lose them, but they are not far behind me. I see Dad and Ty pull over when I come barreling past them. Dad calls me to see what's going on. I tell my dad that these fuckers pulled up and showed me a gun so I took off, and that I am heading straight for the clubhouse. He sounded worried, but I'm not. These assholes want to fuck with me...let's see what they got.

I pull into the clubhouse, and see a bunch of the guys standing at the gates waiting. I get out of my car, gently close the door, and use my shirt tail to wipe my mirror...just waiting for these assholes to finally get here. Tank starts to walk over as the van pulls in and stops. I wave him back. I yell out, "Hey shit faces. You want some of me...then you are welcome to come and get you some." I let out a little laugh. All the club member roll laughing. They douches get out with their cocky little walks. How cute!

The driver rounds the front of the van holding something. I don't even look. I just walked up to him, like I was going to hug him or something, and laid one punch on him. Knocked the fuck out cold, in one hit. Now the passengers turn. "You ready to play with me, baby." I motion to him with a smile. He lunges forward and swings on me. "No-no. Your in big trouble now mister." I say in a sweet little girl voice as I lay into him. My fists collide with his face, and I don't let up. He falls to the ground, so I hop on him, and continue beating in his face. I see nothing but black! I know I'm hitting this dude, but I am so angry that I just can't see shit. All of a sudden I feel some force pulling me up and backwards. I can hear voices, then a pull in another direction. I don't even realize where I am until the lights of the clubhouse shine on my face.

I look up and see Tank grinning from ear to ear. In that moment, I couldn't hold back. I snapped my fingers and pointed to his room, while walking there. I strip as I enter the room and as soon as he enters, I am all over him. He kicks the door shut and locks it. I help him get his pants off while he pulls his shirt off. We are kissing with such force, that it actually takes my breath away. I push him towards his bed and pounce on top of him. I reach down and grab his dick in my hand...oh my god this monster thing is gonna snap me in half. I raise myself up so I can position his tip to my entrance. "I'm so fucking wet." I moan out as I lean down to kiss his chest. I push down onto him, and I'm pretty sure I came...it was that fucking good. I grind on him, making his hardness fill me completely. He lets out a moan, and I'm done for. I start moving, he grips my hips and starts bouncing me up and down. This isn't working. "Put me on my back." He rolls me over to my back, never leaving me, and starts thrusting inside of me. "Fuck Tank." I bite my bottom lip and moan out. He kisses me while I ride out an orgasm. "Your turn." I tell him with my inherited devilish grin.

He is hitting into me in all the right places, and I am screaming his name. The bed is pounding against the wall, and I'm pretty sure it is about to break. Right when I'm about to go again, I can feel him there too. I raise my leg and put it over his back to give him more access. At the same time, we release together. Then we hear it...

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