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MatchBoxx, or MB for short, is a mysterious matching company that is present all over the world. They find your perfect partner with a 100% success rate. Watch the story of Layla, who just got her match, unfold, and follow her in an adventure - discovering the truth behind MB's matches while also having to deal with her own match.

Romance / Mystery
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The day I turned eighteen, I signed up at my local MatchBoxx. I was feeling a mix between really excited, scared and kind of sceptical.
See, MatchBoxx was a company that started up five years ago. They became big really really fast, due to the fact that they were giving people their "perfect partners". Of course, at the beginning people thought that sounded really lame and ridiculous - much too perfect.
But when more people tried, with the intention to break the system, and the success rate of 100% stayed the same, people were starting to think.
How did MatchBoxx, or short MB, do this? That secret hasn't been exposed up until now, but it was a fact they were linking you with the perfect person for you, whether they were in your state or half across the world. They just all seemed to be present in their data banks as soon as they turned eighteen.
And so it became a habit all over the world to sign up at MB as soon as you turned eighteen. Sometimes it would take only a day for them to find your match, sometimes it was three or five years, but except for the ones waiting in line, everyone's been matched.
So, on my birthday, I went to MB and filled out the firm they gave me.
The day after that, I got a phone call.
It was MB.
They had found my match.

Hey! Nice to meet you, dear reader! I am NotASecret, the author of this book. I'm fairly new to this app, and this is my very first book published here.
So, according to how well this does, I will keep updating it more or less regularly, and I'd really like some feedback!
Hope to hear from you!
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