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Chapter one

"Congratulations Layla! I'm so happy for you. I mean, I've waited four years for your father - and it was worth the wait - but getting your partner that quick…it's gonna be brilliant!" my mother scurried around me all excited and I smiled.

I was good at faking smiles to avoid dampening my mother's excitement for things. There were few occasions that got me really excited, like a very good book or a new video game I could play, but meeting a stranger that was supposed to be my perfect match? Not one of them.
Eating my cereal, I thought about how my best friend Aurelia had pushed me to sign up as soon as I had turned eighteen last week. She was almost as excited as my mother about this.
But, at least they were happy. I heard my mother humming in the kitchen, and I knew if mom was happy, dad would also be happy. And if dad was happy, there wouldn't be any fighting. So the best option for me would be to play along, pretend to be happy and avoid the fighting for a while.

In school, everybody stared at me upon my entrance. Shooting some annoyed glances here and there, I made my way to the locker, and thought the whispering was a bit scary, having people make room for me to go was a comfort I'd love to get used to. Before I could finish putting my books away, someone slammed their hand to the locker door next to mine, and with a sight, I looked over at my best friend.

Aurelia was a whirlwind of a person, her brown locks always fluttering all over, her clothes almost always full of paint. I'm sure there were at least three brushes hidden in her hair and pockets at all times.
"Can you believe it? You're a popular now!" she winked at me leaning against the locker and angrily swooshing her hair over her shoulders.

If Aurelia wouldn't dress like the artist she was, mostly in overalls and white shirts underneath, she would surely be one too, but I refrained from saying that. We had talked numerous times about our body types and looks, and while Aurelia had just the right amount of curves at the right places, I was just a stick. Sure, I was one of those blessed girls that could eat without having to think about gaining weight even thought I did close to no sports, but in return I also only had A-Cups, max.
"Suuuure, just because I have an instant match…" I rolled my eyes, closing the locker door after I finished putting all my stuff there. We began to walk to our course, which we thankfully had together, and she just went on and on about how I was lucky. She had turned eighteen two months prior, and didn't hear from MB at all.

I let my thoughts wander, because I could basically say her speech about how lucky and cool an instant match was by heart, and then I saw him.
Alvin Briar, linebacker, huge jerk and absolutely gorgeous. He was not just your everyday eye candy, he was drop dead wonderful. And ripped.
Suddenly, without a warning, our eyes met, and for a few seconds, I was captured in his fierce green eyes, but I pried away, not wanting to leave the impression of staring.

Focusing on Aurelia, I was fighting the inevitable blush that was creeping on my cheeks.
"Ly! Did you just stare at Alvin?" Aurelia asked me, at least being considerate and whispering so no one would hear.
"No, Relia, I stared at Mrs. Horton. Her blouse matches the sofas in the common room." I said sarcastically, distracting my best friend for about five seconds.
"Nah, the tone isn't right and the pattern is completely dif- Ly. Ly." she began to nudge me with her elbow, and more or less subtly pointed behind me.

Uh oh.

I turned around, facing the wonderful, the almighty Alvin.
I looked up to him (damn my height!) and managed to sqeak a "Hi."
"Hey." his voice was soft, softer than normal - or was I imagining things?
"So…" he began, scratching his neck lightly.
"Yeah?" I asked, and silently cursed myself for sounding like I was expecting something.

"You've got your match? Did you meet them yet?" he asked, and the weight of my match doomed upon me once again.
Because it wasn't the boy I have had a crush on for three years.
No, it was a complete stranger I've never even met, that was five years older and had his own Wikipedia article.

A/N: first chapter! I'm excited for the feedback, if there is some. So far, it's going great for me, and I hope you're enjoying it! Please comment what you think, what you'd like to see happening, what you'd expected, anything! :)
Have a great day!
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