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Chapter two

During math I just sat there deliriously and stared out the window, not because I was not good at math, no, but because I was thinking of what I had read about my so called perfect match.
Lee Chang, 23, corporate heir of one of the biggest companies around: LD Entertainment. He was also director of two films and the popular action series "By my Hand" already, and, so Wikipedia, "one of the most wanted Bachelors on the market". I had found numerous red carpet photos and videos, but one thing I noticed was that he was always there alone.
So at least he would be faithful, right?
I sighted. Dang it.
I shouldn't have signed up at MB.
"Layla? Layla!" Mrs. Allis sounded angry, and so I tried my best to solve the equation she wrote down, resulting in her being satisfied and leaving me alone for the rest of the course, yet calling me towards her at the end.
"Layla, I heard about your Match. Are you OK?" she asked, and that may sound creepy coming from a teacher, but Mrs. Allis was different. She had been watching over me since the day I graduated from middle school, telling off boys that thought me being small meant me being inferior, and secretly giving me candy whenever she had the chance.
Actually, we've been friends for real for about a year now, since she was not really much older than me - she was 25, a pretty young age for a teacher, but that was part of what made her lessons so great.
Almost a year ago we started meeting up in cafés, talking about our personal life's and actually becoming friends. During those times, I could call her Miriam instead of Mrs. Allis, and she was fairly different from when in school.
Despite our friendship, she didn't treat me differently in class, and that was another point that made her so great.
"I don't know honestly." I answered her question, sitting down at the edge of her desk. She leaned back, crossing her arms and looking at me with her all-seeing eyes.
"Are you scared?" she asked, hitting the nail on the head.
"Partly." I put my head back, looking at the ceiling, finally saying out loud what I would never tell my mother.
"I don't believe he is the perfect match for me. I don't believe in that whole MatchBoxx thing at all, and in my stupidity I signed up, thinking I would either have to wait or miraculously getting the boy I've had a crush on for years. Heck, I didn't even date once in my life, and now my forever partner suddenly showed up?" I was getting faster and faster with each word, but Mrs. Allis didn't mind. She could understand me, even if I was going at a talking speed of a jackhammer.
" Hmm…" she grumbled mysteriously, while I took a deep breath.
"You know I thought similar when I first got my match two years ago, and now I'm married. For me, the MB match worked perfectly, but I also know people where it, um, didn't" the last word was only a whisper, because our principal was a big fan of MB and didn't let anyone question the system.
"Really?" now she had my complete attention.
"Yes, certainly. But I recommend you try it out first, I'm sure there is a point behind each match." she added, and my excitement left my body.
"You're right, that's perfectly logical." I replied.

Which led me here, to my kitchen, my phone in my hand, staring at the number the MB Service sent me.
His number.
I took a deep breath and gathered all my courage to clock on it. What I didn't expect was that I had to click again - my phone only put the numbers in the right order and I had to push the green button.
"Come on now!" I groaned, laying my phone onto the counter and taking a few steps back from it, running my fingers through my hair.
I took another breath, and recalled what Miriam said.
"Give him a chance, Layla." I mumbled, grabbing my phone from the counter and pushing the green button.
In shock I stared at the newly popped up screen and the words "Connecting…" then I held it to my ear as fast as possible, to not get into a weird situation.
It rang.
And rang.
And ran-
"Lee Chang." said a dark, husky voice.

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