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Chapter four

"I thought I told you I had no interest in you." were the first words he said to me after he picked up.
"And yet you picked up and have my number saved, it seems. Or at least, you know it's me. And besides, I have not yet decided how I feel about you. Let's meet up." I was shocked at my courage, but patted myself on the shoulder for how brazen I was.
I would not give in, even if the silence felt uncomfortable, and I did not hear him hanging up, so there was still hope for this plan to work.
"Are you going to give up when we meet and you don't like me?" he finally said, after two minutes of dead silence.
I smiled.
"Yes, probably." I had won, and we both knew it.
"Fine then. Meet me at the "रेस्तरां " At eight, tomorrow. And dress up, it's a fancy restaurant." he told me, seemingly wanting to hang up already.
"Excuse me, at the what now? Could you give me the adress, please?" I quickly said, because I had no idea what language he just spoke and what it meant what he just said.
I heard him sight, and I decided that it was fun to annoy him, and I had the feeling that it would be even better if I could tease him on purpose.
He told me the adress, and I write it down.
After he had hung up, I stared at the piece of paper in my hands for a few seconds, letting my brain process what just happened.
Then, I decided to do what everyone else would do in this situation.

"Oh honey, I am so excited!" my mother almost glowed with excitement when we entered the mall. After I had told her about my plans tomorrow,she decided we'd have to go shopping for a "fancy" dress asap.
My mother had a great sense of fashion, and our family was just wealthy enough to buy a fancy dress plus corresponding shoes anytime I needed them, which was not often, but not too rare either.
We went through various shops, never quite satisfied with the dresses we found, but then we found a little tailor shop that had just opened and decided to try it.
The dresses in display had been beautiful, but the dresses inside were even more stunning.
I let my fingers roam a baby blue dress with a bodice of pearls, as a woman came up to me.
She had beautifully locked black hair that was tied up in a bun, and the most sparkling eyes I had ever seen, of such a light brown that it seemed like gold.
"What can I do for you, Miss, any particular wishes?" she asked me, which told me that she was probably the owner of this shop.
"Uh yeah, I'm searching for a dress for a…date. With my match." saying the word date felt wrong, but that was what we would be doing going out. Dating.
The face of the woman lit up, and she then began to pose all kinds of questions, like for what occasion, and where we would be going.
I told her all the details, even the name of the restaurant, which I had searched for online.
She nodded slowly, and then scurried off to get a dress from the back.
My mother, who had come to me during the conversation with the tailor, held onto my arm in anticipation, ready to be stunned.
And we were not at all disappointed.
The young woman came out of the back room holding a beautifully made, black and blue dress. It looked like it was made of pure night, thanks to the little rhinestones she had added here and there, which were blinking in contact with light.
The dress for itself was strapless with a heart cutout, but the shoulder area was made off black, see through tulle, ending in puff sleeves maybe in the mid of my biceps. It was stunningly beautiful.
My mother grasped my arm even tighter and audibly breathed in.
"That's it. That's the one." I whispered, unable to take my eyes off it.
The young woman smiled, and my mother paid for it in an instant.

"It wasn't even that expensive!" my mother exclaimed happily while looking at the receipt.
"This is my new favorite dress shop." I said and marveled at the weight of the bag my masterpiece was in.
Suddenly, my mother stopped and gasped for air. I looked back at her, and saw her standing at the window of a shoe shop.
"I believe I just found the perfect shoes for that dress." she said quietly, and I shuffled back to her, admiring the pumps she found.
They looked like they were made off black glass, and I had to say, it was almost too perfect.
"But mom, I have black shoes at home…" I said half heartedly, hoping she would not agree.
And I was right.
"Are you kidding me? We can't let those shoes stay there. They go with the dress too perfectly for that. Come on, we'll buy them." I let her drag me into the shop, a smile on both our faces.

When we came home, we were greeted by my father and my siblings, and they were making a huge fuss about me showing off my dress and shoes to them.
And so I did.
I went to my room to change, and as I came down to present myself to them, I paused for a moment with no one noticing me, looking at my family with an overbearing feeling of love.
They were sitting on the couch, my father's arm around my mother's shoulders, my two little siblings explaining something they played today, both laughing, my little brother standing up on the couch beside my father and my little sister sitting on one of my fathers legs.
I allowed myself to enjoy that feeling a little longer, then I stepped into the doorframe and cleared my throat so they would notice me.
My dad's face lit up in a proud smile, my mother had clapped a hand to her mouth and my siblings stopped talking.
"You'we so pwetty!" Justin told me with his adorable little speech impairment, and Ella nodded along.
With a little spin and a smile on my face, I struck a pose, and my family began to clap. For a moment I tried an arrogant, emotionless face, but then I broke down in laughter, along with my family.
I went to change back into my PJs after the decision to play some card games together, and after that spent a wonderful time playing UNO.
But after we all said good night and my family went to bed, I was alone. And I felt alone as well.
The smile dropped from my face, and the worries about the situation to come tomorrow filled my head.
What would he say? What would we talk about? Would we talk at all?
I recalled him only agreeing to this meetup so I would leave him alone.
Yes, I did not want him as my match, but it still hurt being rejected like this.
I sat down in front of my mirror, looking at myself and analysing my face.
My eyes and cheekbones, my nose, my chin, my forehead, every little detail was inspected more thoroughly that ever before in my life. I was pretty concerned about my looks, always had been, but I didn't do anything more than just cover my dark circles with some concealer, and therefore kind of coped with it, because I was not especially displeasing, but not pretty either.
But now…with a sight, I closed my eyes so I no longer had to notice all my insecurities. But I knew, when I'd open my eyes they'd still be there.
With another sight, I opened my eyes again, grabbed my phone and dialed a number.
"Hey Aurelia. Could you do me a favor?"

Stressful week due to online classes! I will try to update as regularly as I can tho :)

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