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Chapter five

"Ouch! Be careful please!" I howled as Aurelia pulled at my hair in the attempt to make it look good.
She just clicked her tongue and did it again, making me frown in discomfort.
"Ly, if you want to look really good for this you gotta bear with me." another strand of my hair was tucked into my neatly braided updo. I let out a sight, she was right, but for a moment I really thought of quitting and telling him I wouldn't go on the date.
Just in that moment where I felt my breaking point coming, the touch on my head finally vanished.
"Done!" she said satisfied, and rounded the chair I was sitting in to admire her work.
I took a relieved breath and tried to stand up, but Aurelia pushed me back into the chair.
"No. Stay there. I need to take a picture!" she scurried over to her phone, and who would've thought it, she didn't just take one picture.
She took almost twenty.
When she seemed satisfied, I made another attempt to stand up and go to the mirror, and this time, she let me.
The moment I stepped in front of the mirror, I was stunned. I almost couldn't believe it was me, that girl standing in front me was so unlike the way I normally looked. I stepped a little closer to the mirror, inspecting the makeup and the dress, wanting to find a flaw in my looks, but before I could, Aurelia spun me around.
"Selfie!" Even though I looked perplexed, thanks to the makeup I did not hate the picture.
"The power of makeup." I mumbled, tippling over to my clutch, in between all the makeup utensils laying on my bedroom floor.
"It's time Lia. Well, almost. But if I want to open the front door without having to make him wait, we'll have to go now, no way I can get the heels on in a hurry." I joked, and we did indeed need the time I planned.
When the bell rang, my mother and Aurelia, who had waited with me, looked at me like two very shocked owls. I gave them an awkward smile in return, and made my way to the door.
" Hey, nice to meet……" my voice gave out, and in disbelief I stared at the man in front of me.
He was around 50 years old, and on the second look I noticed him wearing some kind of uniform.
".....you." I finished my sentence after a few seconds of silence, and I thought I saw a smile plucking at his corner of his mouth.
"Greetings, Miss DeCosta, I am Alfred, the Chauffeur the young master sent to pick you up. Would you follow me, please?" he said politely and extended his hand to help me down the stairs.
With a last quick glance to my mom and Aurelia, who were hugging each other as if they were never going to see me again, I took his hand and let him lead me to the black limousine with the toned windows.
What a cliché.
I didn't know what I was expecting when I entered the luxurious car, but was disappointed that my date was not in there either, which made me hesitate for a moment.
"The young master will be waiting for you in the restaurant." Alfred informed me, and I shot him a thankful glance.
He was good, reading my question from my face like that.
After I had seated myself, carefully not to do anything to my dress, I took a look around.
And let out a high squeal as I saw the minibar and the wide range of sweets that were displayed in here.
I had to stop myself from eating all of them instantly, because I remembered just in time that I was, in fact, on my way to have dinner.
But no one could stop me from getting five of each and taking it home with me, right?
With an internal evil laugh, I began to stuff my clutch with five of each, considering my family and Aurelia, and only taking more of the ones without dangers for little kids.
I just then realized that we had been driving the entire time and I didn't even know how we turned anymore.
My paranoia was resolved with a quick glance through the window, where I could see the main avenue of the inner city, and I admired the sight out of the fully toned windows, so no one could see my drooling face. Wow, toned windows were absolutely great.
Alfred took some more turns and finally arrived at the place I was supposed to meet my match. Mesmerized, I looked at it, it was even more stunning in real life than in the pictures I saw on the net.
I saw Alfred walking up to me just in time, and removed myself from the window so he could open my door without the risk of me falling out on the sidewalk.
After opening my door, he even held out his hand to help me get out without problems, and I was very thankful for that. I took a few steps in the direction of the restaurant, but noticed Alfred was not following me. Looking back at him, he indicated a bow and spoke in a quiet but well audible voice.
"I will be waiting here for your return. Just tell them the young masters name, you're expected!"
He smiled at me very warmly, and my sympathy for him grew.
After taking a deep breath and mentally bracing myself for the social confrontations, I entered the luxurious restaurant, focusing completely on my outer appearance and the way I walked so as not to trip over anything, if it was imaginary or real.
I even put on a smile while walking through the big lobby, secretly taking in all of my surroundings. After a minute long walk, I stood at the front desk and was greeted by a very beautiful woman.
"Good evening, miss. Do you have a reservation?" she flashed a polite smile at me, and for a moment, I was silent, before I remembered what Alfred had told me.
"Yes, actually, I'm being expected. There should be a reservation for Chang. Lee Chang."

Finally got to update again, sorry I take so long. I'm pretty occupied with school atm. Hope you enjoy it!
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