My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 10: War

We have been at work for 25 years now. We have lost several pups. I cry each time we lose one. The women have not been about to carry full term if they even get pregnant. I am sick of this war.

We have managed to not lose any wolfs to starvation due to the work we put into the food we have stored. We have 23 more years of this war. I did meet a human nurse who has come her to live with her mother and stepfather who happens to be a wolf.

She works with our doctor here at the packhorse. We have been dating for two years now. I tried to break it off and just be friends, but I am not able to do that. The Moon goddess came to me in a dream. She told me that I cannot beak it off with Diane.

Everything will play out as it should. I have mated and marked Diane. I know that soon she will tell me she is pregnant and when that happens, she will be killed by hunters as will my child.

My Beta walked into the office and sat down. You do not have much longer with the Luna. I know. I can tell she is pregnant. I could have days or a month with her. I'm sorry. So am I. All I can do is continue to show my love for her and our unborn son.

Spend as much time with her as you can. I plan on it. But these dam hunters just don't give any of us a break. What did I tell you? The alarm was going off and as we ran out of the pack house, we saw hunters trying to climb over the break wall.

Three hours later the fighting as stopped. I walked to our bedroom and lay on the bed exhausted. Diane walked in the room and lay down beside me. I held her in my arms and breathed in her scent.

I love you Diane, I love you to Savage. We both fell into a deep sleep. I opened my eyes sensing something is not right. I got up and pulled jeans on and walked out of the room.

I walked down the stairs and called Diane's name. What is it Savage? Something is not right Diane. I think you need to get to the safe room. Ring the alarm on your way there.

I mine linked my Beta. Alpha I we are outback hunters made it over the wall. No, I said running toward the back door. Just as I reached the porch, I saw the hunter point the gun and shot Diane.

I howled as I turned into my wolf and ripped the hunter to pieces. I then ran over to cover Diane and protected her as much as I could. About 30 minutes later the hunters left the area. I changed back to human and pulled Diane into my arms.

Diane, I am so sorry. This is all my fault. Savage, stop. I knew what was going to happen. I heard it since I first came here. We could not stop it. It was written in the stars. I want you to remember that I love you. I will see you in a few years with our son by my side.

No, please don't leave me Diane. I closed her eyes and howled. Diane was taken from me and carried to the safety room. Since we knew, this was going to happen her coffin had been waiting for her for years.

The she-wolfs prepared her for her funeral in her wedding dress. We all walked by for one last look at our Luna. Everyone placed a rose in her coffin. The lid was nailed down, and she was carried to the family cemetery.

After she was buried, we went back to the Packhouse. Three years has gone by now. I have been asked to contact Queen Sara for help. I refused. The attacks are more frequent and more pups, and she-wolfs have died.

I received a phone call from Alpha Larry. Savage we have to call Queen Sara and ask her to send her guards. We are losing too many wolfs. The she-wolfs are not able to carry their pups if they can even get pregnant. Wolfs are starving. Pups are dying every day.

No. Not yet. We don't need her. The hell we don't. I just buried Diane and my son. I don't want to hear you begging and crying. We will give you two or three more years but no more. Goodbye Savage.

I was much more Ruthless where hunters and wolves helping them. I have torn more hunters and wolfs apart than ever in the past years. All I want is to kill them all. I don't sleep much anymore. I roam the territory in my wolf form. I have killed many trying to get onto the property.

I will not stop until I can kill as many of them to keep them from harming anymore of my pack members. All I think about is keeping them safe. Not letting anymore get killed.

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