My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 11: Savage calls Queen Sara

I walked to my office and called the Queen. This is Sara what can I do for you? Queen Sara this is Savage. I am calling to ask for your help. We need help to stop this war. I and the other Alpha's are down to a very small number of adults that can kill the hunters and wolfs that seem to work with them.

To be honest it seems like the just keep coming and, the more of them we kill the more of them attack us. I am glad that you finally decided to call Alpha Savage. I will be happy to send my warrior's and guard to assist you in ridding you of your problem.

Expect my warriors and soldier in one hour. You may contact the other Alpha's and inform them help is on its way. I hung up the phone and informed Brandon that Alpha Savage finally called. Please send the warrior's and soldiers to assist the Alpha's with the problem.

With our help the war should end in a few days or weeks. I kissed Brandon and left him to lead the warrior's and soldiers to clean up Alpha Savage's mess. I waved as they all left the territory.

Finally, this war will end. And no more pups will be killed. I have cried enough in the years. I have no more tears left. I kept busy with the work I had to do to prepare to help with the clean up and sending the food we have had in the warehouses along with seeds to plan corn, wheat, peas, beans, cabbage, carrots etc.

I turned the light out in my office and walked to my private sitting room. I ordered a sandwich and coffee and thanked the maid as she sat it on the coffee table.

I watched tv for a while before deciding to go to my room. I turned the tv off and walked out of the room. I walked up the stairs and down the long hallway to my bedroom. I took a shower and put shorts and a tee-shirt on.

I climbed into bed and picked up the book I had been reading. I had read three chapters when Brandon mine linked me. Hey baby how are you doing? Brandon, I miss you. How is our little one doing? She is sleeping. She did ask when her daddy was coming home.

I told her as soon as you can. She said she would pray to the moon goddess to keep you safe. How is the war going? We have them on the run. Most of the traitor wolfs have been killed. Now the hunters are on their own.

The attacks have stopped since we have taken out most of the wolfs. I look for them to start back up later tonight if not in the morning. I think that soon the moon goddess will come and blind the hunters.

Get some rest Sara and take care of our treasure. You know I will. Angel is the most important person in our lives. I love you, Brandon. I love you too Sara. Good night. Good night Brandon.

I went back to reading my book. I read five chapters before I closed it and lay it down on my bedside table. I turned the lamp off and lay down closing my eyes.

I had a dream that the Moon Goddess came to visit me. Hello, Your majesty. Moon Goddess. Why have you come to visit me? Please tell me you are going to give me good news. I saw her smile at me.

Sara, you, and Brandon have suffered enough. I have come to end this war. I will go to each of the hunters hiding places and blind them. Leaving them to wonder in the woods until the starve to death, or harm befalls them.

I believe that once she-wolfs and male wolves are taught the right teachings they will stop if not reduce rejecting their mates. She-wolfs will start being able to carry their pups to full term. They must never forget the reason for this war.

Sleep well my young daughter. You and Brandon will have a very long loving life. And it is time that you meet your grandsons and granddaughters. Grandma Sara. Remember, that family is important.

I fell into a deep sleep. One I had not had in years. I slept until noon and that is something I had not done in years. I can feel the stress has left my body. My wolf is stitching in my mind. Good morning Star, Athena said. Good morning Athena.

So, do you feel if Sara. The change. The war is over with and it is time for the land to heal and the wolfs to relax. I think that is the most wonderful news don't you Athena? I surely do. Now, let's get a shower and dressed.

We have our baby girl to take care of and feed her breakfast too. I did just that. I then walked to Angel's bedroom and woke her up. I washed her and dressed her before we walked down the hallway and stairs to the dining room.

After breakfast I took her out back to play. I watched as she ran around the yard, and climbed the stairs, and slid down the slide. I sniffed the air. Brandon was home.

I watched as Angel then sniffed the air. Daddy is home she screamed running toward the house. Once inside she ran down the hallway to the front door. Brandon opened the door and walked in.

He leaned down and picked Angel up throwing her in the air and catching her. Did you miss me baby girl? Of course, I did daddy. I put her back down on the floor. I pulled Sara to me and held her in my arms. It is finally over baby.

Now comes the hard part. Savage will die. We have known this for years. At least he did some good through the years. Let us hope that the three years he has left he will make changes for the better.

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