My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 12: Three Years Later

As predicted the Alphas have requested a hearing to have Alpha Savage put to death. I did not want to do it. The Alpha's were sitting in the thoron room. I was so upset that I used my Queen voice. "Enough." it got quiet. I understand that you all want to blame Alpha Savage for this war.

But he was not the only mate that rejected me. All of them did. So, would you not say that they too are partly to blame for this war? And it has not just been my mates that have rejected their mates. Many have rejected their mates.

So,did none of you listen to the Elders and the prophesies? The Moon Goddess was angry that mates were rejecting their mates one after the other. It was also due to the school not teaching the children the Moon Goddess laws.

The Alphas need to make changes in their own pack houses. You have to monitor your teenagers at all times. Not be letting them enter each other's bedrooms at no time. No dating. Unless they are mates.

Things have to change. They should all be dressed in decent clothes not going around showing their butt cheeks, or bellies all the time. Were appropriate clothes for training. Wolfs should start training by the time they are five years old up to sixties.

Teenagers should be working when they are not in school. Give them a good work ethic. Stop letting them sit around the packhorse doing nothing. You are just looking for trouble.

The decision is not mine to make. It was the Moon Goddess. All of a sudden, the room got very bright. The Alpha's gasped. Moon Goddess. Hello, my children. Alpha Savage. You have your ex-mate to think for my decision.

She was very smart to remind all of you that you all have caused this war. Not just Alpha Savage. I would think that the decision is yours to make. But think very well before you make your decision.

I have also monitored Alpha Savage over the years. Even though he knows he could die, that did not stop him from making changes in his own Packhouse. He has changed his ways and made better decisions. He has monitored the teenagers more. And insisted that they be taught the rules between mates.

So, I say that Queen Sara has made her plea for Alpha Savage. What do you all say? Do you want to kill him? Or do you want to give him a second chance?

Five minutes later I said. Everyone who thinks that Alpha Savage deserves a second chance raise your hands. Not a hand was left down. Alpha Savage you got your second chance. Congratulations. Do not mess it up.

Son, since they can give you a second chance. So, can I. I will give you a second chance mate. And do not mess it up. Diane would not like that. Goodbye my children. Then the Moon Goddess was gone just like that.

This court is dismissed. I will give you all three years to make differences in your pack house. I and the prince will start visiting each pack house at that time. So, go home. Start putting your houses in order. I will be making notes on what I see and do not see.

Have a nice day Alpha's. They were escorted to the front door by the guards. After they all left the gates were locked. I walked out of the room and Brandon hugged me. Sara, you were so good at getting them to listen. You are a good queen.

Let's go and put these crowns in the safe. We walked up the stairs and into the walk in safe. I lifted the crown off my head and placed in on the pillow. We walked out and shut the door.

Brandon, I do not know how grandmother did this all those years. Quiet easily darling. The same way you just handled all those Alphas. Grandma. I ran across the room and hugged her and grandpa.

You did a wonderful job Sara. We sat in the back of the room. I was impressed. You had their attention and they listened. No one wants to put a wolf to death. Even if they are your ex-mate.

We brought you a surprise love. She moved aside and I hugged my parents. What made you decide to visit. We would not have missed your first important decision. And we have come to meet our granddaughter.

Why don't you go with Brandon to the private sitting room, and I will bring Angel down? As I walked to Angels room, I opened the door to see her looking at me from her crib. Hello, darling.

Come on mommy wants you to meet your grandparents. I lifted her out of the crib, and I stood her on the floor. I said, sniff for daddy. I followed behind Angel as she ran down the hall and down the stairs.

As she opened the door she ran and jumped into Brandon's arms. Daddy she yelled. I missed you. I wanted to go to the meeting. I am the princess and have duties like you and mommy.

I heard my grandparents laugh. She will make one hell of a Queen someday. She is very intelligent. Yes, she is. Angel this is your grandparents. My mom and dad. Hello, grandmother, grandfather she said. I am pleased to meet you. She is also very well mannered. When she wants to be.

We talked for a while before going to the dining room to eat our dinner. While we were eating my parents talked about how they had decided to move back home. They are coming back to live in the castle with us.

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