My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 13: Sara Meets her son and grandson

I told mom that I would be visiting Alpha Savages pack house to find out how he was coming with the changes there and to meet his Beta, Mark my grandson her 100x great grandson or something like that.

Then we are going to Alpha Chris's pack house to look at any changes he might have made and to meet him has his mother and not Brandon's brother. So, he would be her grandson. This should be interesting my grandparents said. We think we will go with you.

We want to see the shock on their faces. How would you feel mom meeting any kids you had in the past besides me? Well, I am lucky. I only had one child. And you lived 200 years ago. Both you and Brandon. How the moon goddess managed that I will never know.

She has her ways. I would say she does. Funny thing is they are both older than I am in this life. Are you still angry at Alpha Savage? No, I am not. We got into the car and put Angel in her car seat. How do we explain Angel to them? I guess she would be Marks aunt and Chris's sister. I just do not know who Mark's parents are.

We should have that information in the books at the castle. We can look later. I wonder if there are any pictures of our children Brandon. I hope so. I would like to see them as we do not remember them.

We arrived at Alpha Savages pack house. Our driver opened the door and Alpha Savage said, Welcome to our home your majesties. I turned and looked at Mark. So, you are my grandson. And our so many great grandson, and our great great grandson.

I saw Mark blush. I do not know what to call you. Queen Sara, Sara, or grandmother. Grandmother will do. And this is Angel your aunt. We would like to look around before we talk.

Please follow me. We walked through the pack house and I noticed it was quiet. We walked out the back door and threw the woods to a training ground. I saw several different age groups.

I smiled as the six- year- old and up to 14 were being taught by a few high school students. And then 15 years up to 21- year- old, and 21 to 40's and 41 up to 60's. Very nice Alpha Savage I said.

And how about the schooling. We can talk about that in my office. We walked back to the pack house and into Alpha Savages office. Mark, please get our queen a copy of the courses to be taught in school when it starts.

I watched as Mark walked to the file cabinet and handed me a copy of the courses to be taught in school. These are very good choices Alpha Savage. We want to add others but we have not looked at them thoroughly yet.

You have made several changes to the pack house and that is very good. I noticed that you are keeping the teens very busy. I have a few that are working at the home for kids who have lost their parents.

We have had several wolfs who cannot have pups adopt those that have lost parents as well. A few she-wolfs are working at the hospital and several in town. Very good. So, the changes have been positive?

Positive your majesty. I am pleased Alpha Savage. Now that is over with, I looked at Mark. Tell me Mark when the Elders told you who I was to you what did you do? At first, I laughed at Savage.

Then when the Elders to me it was true. I laughed and told Savage; I didn't know what I was to call you. He then laughed as well. I was not sure what to say to you, to be honest.

Well, you will get used to it. I am your grandmother. But when it is very formal it is your majesty, or your royal highness. Yes, grandmother. I know it, it is funny and you want to laugh. I look so much younger than you. Yes, you do.

So, Mark. We will be having a Spring Ball and all the Alpha's and their Luna's along with their Beta's must attend. I expect to see you there. And I expect to announce you as my grandson.

But why? I want them to know that we go back over 200 years. I am in the process of finding my children, their children and their children. I missed 200 years of their lives. I do not like that.

It sound that everyone is coming and to get ready to eat. Will you have dinner with us? Of course, we will. Shall we go down to the dining hall? Angel walked over to Mark and looked up at him.

Nephew, Mark smiled down at her and laughed. Sorry. Yes, Aunt Angel. Please carry me to the dining hall. I watched as he lifted her into his arms. You do know that this is weird. What that your aunt is three years old? Yes. Don't worry about it. It doesn't bother me so it shouldn't bother you.

We all walked down the stairs and entered the dining hall. It got quiet. Your majesties. Please sit down. How is that little girl the Beta is carrying? Angel looked at the person who asked.

I am princess Angel and Marks aunt. Beta Mark how is that possible? Alpha Savage sighed. Let's get the introductions over with. The previous queen and king, the current queen and king and their daughter.

Beta mark is Queen Sara's what is it 100x's grandson? Something like that. Yes, we know. it is hard to believe. Queen Sara and Prince Brandon are over 200 years old. Now that is over let's be seated.

We all sat down, and Angel insisted on sitting by Beta Mark. After we all ate, we sat in the living room until we had to leave. I will visit in another three years. Goodbye.

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