My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 14: Alpha Chris's Pack House

As we arrived at Alpha Chris's pack house, we noticed that Chris was standing there waiting for us. He was shocked to see I arrive come with my parents and grandparents. Welcome. It is so good to see you again. I missed you Alpha Chris. It is good to see you. But I had hoped that after all these years you would have found your mate. Sad to say I have not yet found her. Come in. Can we go to your office and talk?

Once in his office and we all sat down I looked at Chris. Over 200 years ago I and Brandon had many children. We were put to sleep by the Moon Goddess as she had me prepare to deal with pain. As you already know my history. Brandon and I are your mother. I do not know why she choose Mark to be Alpha Savages Beta, and You to be Brandon's brother and my friend. But she did.

I always knew you liked to play jokes on people. But, come on this one is crazy. I am over 400 years old Chris. My wolf has been sleeping for 200 of those years. I am your mother and Brandon is your father. I am sure you will find a book on the history of your family. Especially your grandparents. I have one around here somewhere.

I suggest that you find it and read it. I am also having a summer ball and will send an invitation. I will expect you to be there. Who knows you might even meet your mate there. Oh, and Chris, my grandparents are your great grandparents, and my parents are your grandparents and Angel here is your sister. We must go now. Find the books and read them Chris.

We walked down the stairs leaving Chris in shock. We got into the car and was driven back to the castle. Once there my grandparents took Angel to her room for a nap. Well, Chris was defiantly shocked. I do not understand why the Moon Goddess kept our children from us mother. This is complicated and unfair to Brandon and me.

Did grandma and grandpa ever tell you the history? No, she didn't. All she knew was the prophecies. If you ask me, it is not fair to play with people's lives. I understand how you feel Sara. I really do. As you know, we all go through a lot even someone like us who has wealth have our own problems.

I did what the Moon Goddess told me to. I just don't know what purpose it served telling them I was the grandmother, and mother. Maybe that they are the to support Angel someday. I am sure that she knows what she is doing. I took a drink of my coffee.

I looked up as my grandparents walked into the room. Have you heard from any of your ex-mates other than Savage? No, I have not. I hope that they are all doing well and found second chance mates. Why?

That way they forget all about me. And do something to change their lives for the better. And I hope that this war teaches them and the younger generation about rejection of their mate.

grandmother said why don't we three go for a ride? I would like that grandmother. It has been some time since we have written together. I have not seen mother for two years. Well then. Lets go change and meet at the barn mother said.

I kissed Brandon before walking out of the room. After changing into jeans and boots I walked out of my bedroom and down the hallway. I met mother as I walked down the stairs. We walked down the back hallway and out the door to the barn.

Our horses were saddled and waiting, but we check the saddles as we always do to make sure that they are on the horse tight. I climbed on and sat on Black. After grandmother climbed onto her horse, we walked away from the barn following grandmother.

Where are we going mother, my mom asked grandmother? I want to show Sara something. We must have walked through the woods for an hour before we walked out of the woods. I looked at an old castle.

This Sara is where you were born the first time and lived. We have watched over it as instructed by the Moon Goddess. We stopped the horses at the front door. We got off and tied the horses and walked up the steps.

It looks like it has been taken care of. For the past 300 years it has been cleaned as if you would walk through these doors at any time. Welcome home Sara. This is your family home. As we walked in you could see there was no dust anywhere.

Follow me. We followed grandmother across the floor and down the hall. She stopped at a door on our right and opened it. I gasped. There were books from floor to ceiling all across the room. This room must be 45 feet long and 25 feet high.

There was a latter attached to a bar that moved back and forth. I watched as she walked to a wall with a picture above the fire place. I looked at the picture. It was of Brandon and me. I was wearing a wedding dress.

This was painted the day you and Brandon were married. You were very beautiful. She walked over to the wall by the door. She pushed something and a panel slid open. She lifted out four books and carried them to me. But not before she shut the panel again.

We will take these back to the castle. We carried the books out of the room and sat them on a table before walking up the stairs. These are your children. I must say that my boys were handsome and the girls beautiful.

Then she stopped at two of them. Your youngest daughter looks just like you Sara. And look at your youngest son. He looks identical to Brandon. Handsome lass grandmother said. We followed her up the stairs where she turned right at the top.

She walked down the hall and opened the double doors. As we walked in I since I had been here before. This was yours and Brandon's bedroom. She walked over to a dresser and opened a box. She took out a small box and brought it over to me. Mine and Brandon's' wedding rings.

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