My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 15: How The Castel Was Left Untouched

I took the box and placed it in my pocket. Now I am sure you are wondering how no one has destroyed this castle. Come my child. Mom and I followed grandmother from the bedroom. She shut and locked the door. Then handed the key to me.

Grandmother turned left and walked down another hall where she then turned right. At the end of the hallway she knocked on the door and then opened it. Grandmother, it is good to see you again. Lily I brought some visitors to meet you.

Well, come in then. Lilly, this is your grandmother and this is your mother. My mother? That is not possible great grandmother. I watched as grandmother opened the curtains. I saw the girl of sitting there. Lily is it really you?

I kneeled down in front of her. She did not look a day older than 20. She turned her face to look at me. Sara she is blind. How, when? It happend a year after the Moon Goddess took you and Brandon. May I feel your face. Yes. I let her feel my face and she gasped. Mother it is you after 300 years?

How is it that Lily has lived to be this long and never to have left this house? Lily you must come to the castle. I cannot leave this castle mother. Why not? She smiled up at me. I must stay and take care of the family home.

But where are your siblings? I do not know. I do know where Chris is. I have met him. I have met one of my grandsons Mark. He is the Beta of Alpha Savage. It is all right mother. Now that you and father are back.

The Moon Goddess promised I would receive my sight again. She always keeps her promises. Soon I will see again. Lily you have a baby sister. Her name is Angel. I know mother. I cannot wait to see her.

You must have been very lonely living here by yourself. No. We have servants and grandmother, and the Moon Goddess always visits me. Do not cry mother. I have lived a happy life. I have waited very patiently for you and father to return.

Unlike some of my siblings. They tried to make me sale our home and things in it. I refused. You and father were very smart in leaving me in charge. As to how I became blind. I woke up blind one day when I turned 15 years old.

I was promised a mate who had to learn things the hard way. But he is a gentle man to those he cares about. The Moon Goddess said that this man has earned the right for a second chance at life.

Come home and stay the night sometime mother. After all this is yours and fathers home. When can I meet father again? I promise we will bring him soon. And both grandfathers? Yes. Both grandfathers. Grandmother may I touch your face?

Mom walked over and kneeled down so that Lily could touch her. You are very beautiful grandmother. What is your hair color? Auburn red. I smell vampire. Yes, I am part vampire. Your grandfather is full vampire.

How far the world has come in 400 years. That is a good thing though. We should be taking care of each other. Lily we have to leave now. We will be back as soon as we can. There are other things we need to take care of.

Such as what? Clearing the woods from the castle and opening up the driveway again and the gates to the castle. That will be wonderful. Take care going home. We will lock the door behind us grandmother told Lily.

We walked out of her room. When Brandon hears that Lily is alive living here he will want to see her right away. Yes, he will but not yet. He must not find out yet. There is work to be done first.

Sara you must have the trees cut down and the driveway opened and fixed, the gates taken care of. This must be done first. Yes, grandmother. I hope that the Moon Goddess is not going to throw another monkey ranch in front of us.

No, nothing like that. We must have the summer ball here at this castle. Then all will be revealed to one of your sons. One in particular. It is sad to say Sara, but one of your sons wanted money.

He went through his inheritance very quickly. Lily is lying. Yes, she is. She is protecting someone. The person who caused her blindness. That is also correct Sara. All will be revealed when your children are in the same room.

But you must not lose control of your anger. Not during the ball. You must wait until the ball is over and everyone has left but your children.

As you say grandmother. You are wise. As are you, Sara. It is Brandon I am worried the most about. He could kill one of your sons. But he will stop himself in time. We need to read the books. Then we will be prepared for what is about to happen in a few months.

I also brought your journal with me. I think it will be something for you to read. I smiled at that. I cannot imagine what I will be reading about that happened over 300 or 400 years ago.

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