My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 16: Back at the Castle

We got off the horses and took the books from the saddlebags. The Groom took the horses as we turned and walked to the back door. Where is Brandon, I asked a maid? The gentleman are at the training grounds. Thank you, please have coffee brought to my office I said as we walked down the hallway toward my office. After we entered the office, I sat down in a chair and laid the books on the coffee table.

What a day it has been. I met my youngest daughter after 200 years. Athena said, "our daughter is very beautiful." Yes, she is, isn't she? Who would have thought we would meet again? Do not forget Athena, we come from a family that has lived a long time. I know that. But, we don't remember them. You are right . We don't.

Athena was talking to you. Yes, she said our daughter is very beautiful. And she is right. She is sad that we do not remember our children. That is unfortunate. Grandmother why didn't you tell Brandon and me? I couldn't. I am happy that you have watched over Lily all these years and the castle. It is our family home. I was ordered by the Moon Goddess to let the forest grow around it. But to take care of it and Lyly. Many people have tried to buy it from us but I could not let that happen.

It has been in our family for thousands of years. No one can say they have a family home that goes back that far but one family. They do not live in this state. I see. Well let's look through these books to see if something draws our attention. We will have to read them but who says we can pick something out here and there?

I picked up the first book and flipped through the years. Grandmother, you, and grandfather are in this one. Let me see. I want to read what they have written about us. Mother and I looked up as grandmother started laughing. That spiteful bitch she said. Who are you talking about? My sister. Your aunt Lana.

She told the historian that I took your grandfather and the crown from her. Oh, I like this historian. He added that it was not possible for Queen Tana to have done that. As the eldest daughter of the king and queen they choose princess Tana to become the next the queen. As for Queen Tana's husband his marriage to princess Tana was arranged by their parents.

I love this historian. He did his homework. He also said that princess Mara was in love with prince Chris, but he was not interested in her. Princess Mara was a mean, woman and enjoyed bullying others. She would lie to get what she wanted, and she was for a better word a slut.

Princes Mara ended up pregnant by a guard in the castle and attempted to get prince Chris to marry her by lying to the kind and queen telling them that she was sleeping with prince Chris. That was until princess Mara's maid told the king and queen who princess Mara was sneaking into her bedroom every night.

That is also true. Mara was a spiteful bitch. Our parents married her off to an old man. Well in our eyes he was old. He was 28 years old. He could not have children, so he agreed to marry Mara and claim the child as his. Was he a king or prince? No, he was an Earl. They lived togeather and her death at the age of 23.

She was shot by a hunter. Her child lived to be a very nice young man. And he was very wealthy. I do not recall if he ever married. He would have made a good husband and father. Just like his father or adopted father.

Did you have any other siblings? Sadly no, I did not. My parents only had the two of us. And you only had mom. That's right. How the hell did I have so many kids? Well that I can't explain. Guess I am making up for the rest of you.

I like this part. History is talking about me and your grandfather. About how we fell in love after we married. I think it sucks that you didn't meet and fall in love. Oh, did meet and fall in love.

Your grandfather convinced his dad to contact my dad and make a match. That makes me feel much better. I find it interesting to read what is written about oneself in the past. I had not realized that so many people thought that I was a good Queen. A fair queen.

That is wonderful but we all knew you were a good queen grandmother. Just like you are darling. Wow, it talks about other wars in the past. You met Vikings, and bad grandma. What are you talking about darling?

You met Redrag the king? Oh, him. Yes, I did. He gave me the most beautiful jewelry. He was in love with you grandma. It says here, that the only woman he ever loved was married to a prince and she had hair of gold that hung down her back to her ankles.

For a woman of the times she was short and tiny but very intelligent. She had a voice that could make the angels weep. She could stop a war just by singing. He says he would watch you walk in the tall grass and the birds and butterfly's would follow you. Wow, I didn't know he thought of me that way. That is what it says. I still have the jewelry he gave me.

The Vikings made such beautiful rings, bracelets, and necklaces. They were warriors, and farmers. As well as seafarers. Back then I called them wanderers. They sailed everywhere.

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