My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 17: More Information

Why can't I find more information about Brandon and me? I don't know but keep reading. We sure have come a long way. Thank god for running water, toilet paper, and washer and dryers. No wonder most people died an early death back then. Wiping their asses with their hands.

No soap to clean that mess off of them. People must have really stank back than. And lice were running rampant. We were lucky in those times to have the ability and wealth to have the water and ability to stay clean.

As the years went by it started getting much easier for all of us. Diseases were being destroyed, people were living longer, and housing increased. Gas lighting came to the communities. And then cars instead of buggies, trains.

What has not changed is wars, killing people, raping women and girls, men beating their wives and children. The wealthy got wealthier and the poor, poorer. Some things never change.

I say we put these books away for now and go eat lunch. The men should be here soon. We put the books on the desk and walked out of the room. We walked to the dining room and sat down just as the men walked into the room.

So, how was your ride? Lovely. Very enjoyable. And your day? Oh it was very interesting. I could since something was not right with Brandon. Then I sniffed the air the same time as mother and grandmother.

We all looked from my grandfather, and father towards Brandon. We looked at each other. I know that smell. Where do I know that smell from? I laid my napkin on the table stood up walked out of the dining room and to my office.

My mother and grandmother were still looking at Brandon. What are you hiding from us? Nothing. Really. Brandon you still have her smell on you. Who is she? Didn't they tell you that as a prince you can never fully wash the scent of another woman off your skin?

I locked the office door. Think Sara. Where have you smelled that scent before? Think. Not in the past 200 years have you smelled that scent. Athena why can't I remember where I smelled that scent before?

Sara, you do not want to know. The hell I don't. Trust me. You do not want to know. If you remembered, you would kill him. I opened the door, walked to the library, and grabbed the journal. I walked to the barn, saddled a horse, and rode back to the castle. My real home.

I walked into the castle and to the office. I shut and locked the door. I lit the lamps, opened the journal, and started reading it. Sara, please stop reading. Not until I remember all of it. Then I was reading about Brandon's infidelity.

That was the smell. It belonged to his lover. Then I heard someone walking toward the stairs and laughing. I slowly opened the door and looked out. Brandon and that bitch. How did she live so long?

Brandon, I have missed you. I thought you would never come back home. Do not forget April this is not your home. Hell, this is not my home it is Sara's. I walked around the corner holding the dagger.

That's right April. It is not your home. And it is not Brandon's. It belongs to my family. Brandon stepped away from April. Sara how did you get here? What do you think Brandon? I walked over and grabbed April by her arm and jerked her down the stairs toward me.

I am going to finish what I should have done years ago. Please Sara she is pregnant. I do not care. I mine linked the guards to come here. Take this bitch to the cells. She is to remain there until the child is born. Then that child is to be brought straight to me.

My mate is not to be permitted any contact with this bitch or this child. He no longer as the authority to give any orders of any kind. They come straight from me.

I will not reject you, Brandon. But I will no longer have sex with you, you will no longer sit by my side. And you have no authority to give any orders. Not in this castle. It belongs to my family. And you will not have the freedom to run the castle at grandmothers.

I am going to have the grounds cleared and you are not welcome in this home ever. You are no longer welcome in the throne room or my office. You will be treated just like anyone else you are stripped of your titles that grandmother have you.

All you are is my mate and father of Angel. Now get out of here. I had opened my mine link to everyone. I will not tolerate a lying cheating mate.

I turned and walked back to the office shutting and locking the door. I sat down at the desk and took a deep breath. Moon Goddess what have I done? Why do I have to suffer?

I started crying. Brandon has lied and cheated on me. I have had enough. I picked up my journal and continued to read. I read: I had such good news to tell Brandon, that I ran up the stairs and to his bedroom. I opened the door and stood there in shock.

Today I was going to tell him that we were next in line for the throne. I stood there and watched him fucking my best friend. I heard her moaning and screaming harder Brandon. Then he told her he loved her. He wished he had never married me.

I shut the door but not before my two oldest sons saw them. I turned and walked down the hall to my bedroom. I shut and locked the door. I started packing the floor. I knew the rules. He would not become king. He could become prince Brandon consult to the queen.

I opened the door and saw my oldest Brandon standing there. Mother what are you going to do? Follow me. I walked to his office. Find the ledgers, I want any mail he has saved, I walked to the wall and pushed the button.

I opened the safe and Brandon gasped. Grab a pillow case. He walked in and we started to put all the money, and jewelry in the bag. Mother this is the missing jewelry from the throne. Take it to my room.

We finished going through his desk and took everything we thought was important. I locked his office door. Bring the things we took from his office. I walked down the hall and past the last door. I pushed the hidden button.

I watched as the door slid open. I walked through it and pulled the candle stick holder. Carried the candle down the hallway and stopped at the door. I opened it and walked in.

I started lighting candles I walked over to the picture hanging on the wall. I pushed the button behind it, and it slid open. Put everything in here but those letters. I want to read them tonight.

I closed the picture. Now, follow me but be quiet. I walked to the opposite wall and opened it. I walked down a narrow passageway.

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