My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 18: Brandon Jr & Sara

I stopped and put my finger to my lips. We listened to Brandon and Beth talking. I know you can't divorce her. But I thought you were going to talk her into letting me move in. I can't do that Beth. I thought you said you loved me. I do. But I love Sara too.

You just want me for your lover. What else did you think? That I would kill Sara and marry you. Beth this is not my castle. This belongs to Sara and will remain in Sara's family. Why do you think that Brandon Jr. has her birth name?

But you will be king. No, I won't. I will become the prince consult to the queen. And that is only a title she can give me. She can easily take that title from me. You didn't do your homework very well Beth.

Sara never talked about how all that worked. Well now you know. So, any titles you have she can take away? She can and then I will be just her husband and mate. I don't care. You will care if she has you killed. She won't do that. What makes you think that?

Sara will send me somewhere far away or she will marry me off to an old man or someone that I hate. She is not like that Beth. She is too nice and too stupid to see what is going on right under her nose.

We walked back to the room and shut the wall. She is a bitch mother. I said come on. We walked out of the house and I told a warrior to board up Brandon's office. I rode to see my grandmother. She sent me and some guards along with Brandon to Beth's house.

We walked right into the house and started to look around. The servants were upset. This belongs to the family. Brandon, you look down here. Guard follow me. We walked up the stairs and into Beth's bedroom. I pointed out pictures, and other items that belonged to the family.

I opened her closet and found several of my gowns I pulled them out and lay them on the bed, I found Tara's that belonged to me, rings, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and hair pins. Pack all of this up and put it in the wagon.

We drove straight to show my grandmother. She gasped. Did she think she could wear these items and we not know? I guess. I have an idea grandmother. What is that child? I say you marry her off to a man who is a baron. But he has to make sure she is having sex with him and she is watched at all times. That is the lowest title and really does not hold a noble rank.

That means she loses her role as a lady in waiting. She is no longer permitted to come and go in the castle. Sara you are a very vengeful person at times. She is fucking my husband. He told her he loved her.

If you get home and see Beth inform her, I expect to see her in at noon tomarrow. I will do that. A guard drove the wagon and Brandon Jr. and I rode our horses. We arrived at the castle and I instructed the boxes be taken straight to my room.

I turned and saw Beth walking down the stairs. Hello, Beth. My grandmother asked me to tell you she wants to see you at the castle tomorrow at noon. Thank you, Sara. You are welcome. As Beth walked past me, I said.

Beth, you are no longer welcome in my home. You are no longer a lady in waiting for me and you are no longer permitted the freedom of the castle. But grandmother will explain all of that to you.

I looked at Brandon. And you will have one hell of a surprise coming to you Brandon. I do so hope you will enjoy it. But I very much doubt that you will. And Brandon. The next time you want to fuck one of my friends I suggest you lock the door.

However, that will not stop me finding out who it is and then I will deal with her as well. Brandon, would you like to tell your father about his office door? I would be so happy to do that mother.

Your office has been locked and a wall put across it. No one but us three will even know there is a room behind that wall. We watched as he turned and ran up the stairs. No, he yelled. Sara what have you done?

That is for fucking another woman, Brandon. I have many more ways to punish you I said smiling. I was going to tell you we will be the next queen and prince consort. However, Since you want to cheat you will receive no titles.

You will be known as the Queens husband and mate only. You will have no authority at all in the castle or anywhere else. And if you ever get a woman pregnant. I will take that child and send it to another country to be raised by a poor family. And your lover will be giving to the soldiers to use how they want. No you are free to do whatever you wish. I no longer care what you do but I will so enjoy hurting you as much as you have hurt me.

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