My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 19: Making Brandon Watch Beth Married Off

I am ready as today is Brandon's big surprise. Beth is getting married to a baron. A person with no royal roles in the castle. She will be moving to another country. Far away from Brandon. The queen ordered that he get Beth pregnant as fast as he can.

And that she have a child every year. I grinned when Brandon saw who the bride was. I looked over at Brandon and the anger on his face. I did not stay to wish the bride a happy life. I want her to suffer.

I walked out of the castle and got into the coach. Take me home. I walked into the castle and up the stairs to my bedroom. I locked the door. Changed into a day dress and walked over to the desk and sat down.

I had put his letters in order and started reading them. I made several notes of how deceitful he had been. I felt Athena move in my head. Brandon's wolf is sad she said.

I do not care. He misses us. I do not miss them. But Sara his wolf did nothing wrong. Didn't he? I put a marker in the journal and laid it down on the desk. The Moon Goddess let her come back. I can't deal with it. Not again.

I walked over to the wall and pushed the button. I laid the journal inside and closed it. I unlocked the door and walked out of the office shutting and locking it. I put the key around my neck and walked across the room and out the front door.

I got on my horse and rode back to the castle. I handed the reins to the groom and walked in the door. I walked to my office and sat down on a chair looking out the window.

I looked up as my grandmother walked in. She shut the door and walked over sitting in the chair across from me. How did you find out? I read the journal. Not all of it. I got to the part where you married Beth off to the Barron.

How long as she been back grandmother? I don't know. How could grandfather and father cover up for him? I don't know that either. She is somewhere on the grounds. We know that smell. I have not smelled it in the castle.

Mother walked in the room. We are going for a walk. Where to? They told the maid they were at the training grounds. I say we start there. And we go to every dam Barrick. We walked toward the training ground.

We stood there and sniffed. We looked at each other and grinned. We followed the scent of Beth through the woods to the castle. We walked inside and followed it up the stairs to the second floor.

We then followed it to the third floor and straight down the hallway to a dead end. Grandmother smiled at me. She walked over and hit something with her toe and the wall slid open. She walked in and down the hall. She turned right down another hall and straight to the scent.

We opened the door and saw Beth with her back to us. She turned and looked at my grandmother, mother, and me. So, you somehow managed to get away from your husband. After 200 years.

So, did you think we would not find you? There is nothing you can do now. He is prince consort. You really believe that? I believe I told you never to come back here. That you were not welcome. It is Brandon's home now.

No, no it is not. It belongs to me Beth and my next generation which is Lily. Who is still very much alive. Grandmother walked over to Beth. Hold your arms out in front of you. I watched as grandma snapped something around Beth's wrists.

We walked her out of the room and down the hall to the second floor and then the first and out the front door. We followed grandmother as she walked to a door in the castle and unlocked it. We walked in and she locked it back.

Where are you taking me? This is not the cells. This is on the other side of the castle. The oldest part. I am putting you here until we decided how to make the announcement.

Brandon will not be able to catch your sent and of course sense you are not his mate you cannot mind link him. And Beth, this time when I finish with him you will want nothing to do with him.

And he will want nothing to do with you. Especially when I am finished with you. Trust me. You should have stayed away. So, where is your husband? Dead. Where is your proof? He is buried in the cemetery next to the old castle. We will check that out.

I do so hope that he is. This time, as your Queen, I will not be as gentle as my grandmother was. I will make sure that you pay. Please, Sara we love each other. And I loved my husband until he started fucking you. Did you think that he would become King? That he would marry you, and make you his queen.

Never happen. If I were to die, one my daughters would become Queen. That is the way it is and always will be. And Beth you do not who you are messing with. Grandmother nodded her head.

I started to strip my clothes. I am going to show you why Brandon would never leave me. You see we are mates. We mate for life. If I die, he would die. I then changed into my wolf. Beth started to scream and scream.

I then turned back to human form. You are nothing but a human. You see, Brandon is a wolf too. He can't claim you; he can't marry you even if he wanted to. Then I showed her my teeth. I am part vampire as is Brandon. All he wants you for is to drain your blood.

He wanted to keep you as a sex slave, and to drink your blood for centuries. But he would not turn you into a vampire. He would be killed if he had done that.

I will have some guards to bring you to the ball when it is time for the announcement. Or should I say the real crowning of the Queen. Good by Beth. We walked out of the cells leaving her locked in.

So, let's go back to your office and talk about the plan for Brandon. Mother, grandmother, and I walked past grandfather, father, and Brandon not looking at them. We saw them sniff the air. We closed off our minds to them. Grandmother. Yes dear. They are related.

What? They all have the same tattoo on the back of their neck. We turned and looked as they were walking away. Son of a bitch grandmother said. We hurried up the stairs and locked the office door.

Grandmother ran over to the ladder and climbed up on it. She grabbed the book on grandfather's family and pulled it out. She climbed down the ladder and opened the book. I should have known. How stupid was I?

Warlocks. They are all warlocks. And they are related. Grandmother started laughing? We may love them. But they love us and cannot hurt us. They continue to try to take over but do not know how.

They want to have their family at the king and us as the queen consorts. What are you laughing at grandmother. The shit is going to hit the fan.

What is your plan, Sara? When I am crowned. I will tell them there will be no prince consult as that was to be my real mates place. Since he rejected me, and Brandon is my chosen mate he will be my husband and mate but not my prince consult.

Brandon will have no authority in this castle. He will not get to come and see me whenever he wants to. And he will never sleep in the same room as me again. And I want to find a wolf willing to claim and mark a human.

I have just the wolf mom said. I saw her eyes stare off. He will be here in 10 minutes. Open the windows. Just then a huge man appeared in front of us. Hello, Jaxen. Hello little sister. Wait I don't want the bitch in our family.

He is adopted do not worry. I know their plan. We have been ready for this for years. Jaxen here, he likes women. All kinds of women. He will give her the slave mark. She will have to do what he says when he says.

If he tells her to suck a wolf who is in wolf forms dick she will do it. Well then. I think I like you already. You see Beth was supposed to be given to him years ago. Her father broke the contract.

Now he wants revenge. He found out that Jaxen was a wolf. Tried to have him killed. Then you will do it right after I am crowned the official Queen. I want Brandon to suffer. To know that he can no longer have her. Even though she cannot mark you the Moon Goddess fixed it so that you will carry her mark.

Thank you. No, thank you. I have waited too long to get my revenge. I too want revenge on Brandon. I think you should have this. I gave him an invitation. And another for him to stay here at the castle.

We need to make that new law right now grandmother. That only the real mate can be the prince consult.

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