My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 2: Brandon The Rouge King

I was looking at my mother and told her I miss Sara. Just then one of my members ran to the house. What is it, Cane? The wolves are howling and angry. Sara has been rejected by her final mate. She is on her way back here. Her grandfather is bringing her home. Just then we heard the sound of a chopper coming.

Mother and I walked out and watched as the chopper landed. I saw Sara's grandfather carrying Sara in his arms. She wanted to come back here to you Brandon. She begged me to bring her home. To the Rouge King who cared about her. Take care of her until it is time for her to take the throne.

He placed Sara into my arms and walked back to the chopper and climbed in. I watched as it lifted off and looked down at Sara. I saw the dried tears on her face. It made me angry that they all hurt her. Mother, if Sara will allow it, I want to claim her. To mark and mate her as my Luna, my queen. My mother looked from Sara to me and smiled.

It's about time you realized how much you care for her. I did not realize just how much I cared. Not until the day she left with her grandparents. I will claim this child as mine. I don't want to see her in this kind of pain anymore. As long as she is mine, she will not fear being rejected again.

That is a good thing, Brandon. A very good thing. I have to go. And Brandon, you might want to read that book I left on your desk. I do believe that you will find it very interesting. Especially the prophecies. I carried Sara into the house and to my office where I lay her on the couch. I covered her with a light blanket before sitting in the chair behind my desk.

I reached for the book mother left for me and started reading it. I gasped when I got to the part about Sara. Yes, her name is mentioned in the book. Along with mine. I was shocked. Why did I not know about this before? Why wouldn't mother give this book to me years ago?

I looked over at Sara still not believing what I was reading. We were meant to be together a long time ago. What I don't understand is why this was kept from us. Now I understand why I always felt something for Sara. I felt my wolf stirring in my mind. Why didn't you tell me Silver I asked?

I couldn't. No matter how much I wanted to. The future had to play out the way it did. But why hasn't her wolf said anything? She can't remember. Not yet anyway. But she was supposed to belong to us a long time ago. It doesn't make sense. It will soon.

Brandon, deep inside her she has come to love you. She is afraid to show it. That is why she left. When her final mate rejected her, you were the one she wanted to come home to. She said that you are the only one that cares about her.

The only one she can trust besides you is your brother. Sara deserves to have happiness. She and her wolf have decided that they will let a Wolf who has lost their mate if they ask her, and she likes them mate and mark her.

I looked up as I heard a knock on my office door. I walked over and opened it. Brandon, someone has betrayed us. Cash found your island. He is here. He wants his mate back. I laughed. She is no longer his mate. His mark is gone. He rejected her. He said he needs her and he will take her back by force if he has to.

We will see about that. Where is he? Outside. I walked out the front door and saw Cash standing there. He had at least 50 members with him. I have one question to ask before we talk. And what is that? Who betrayed me? I saw Cast look over to his right. He did. I looked over at Jerry.

Take him and tie him to the tree I told two of my members. As soon as Jerry was tied to the tree I asked. What are you doing here and what do you want? I want my mate back. She isn't your mate anymore Cash. Have you not noticed that your mate mark is gone?

You lost you're right after you fucked that whore. Besides, you came to the wrong place looking for her. She is no longer here. Where is she? The castle. She left three weeks ago with her grandparents. I am surprised Jerry didn't tell you that. Just what did Jerry ask for from you if he helped you?

He wants the island. I told him we will give it to him when I got my mate back. Oh, and she has another mate. He is at the castle with her. I don't believe you. Really? What does your nose tell you Cash? I know he won't smell her. I covered her scent. I smell nothing. That's right, you don't because she is not here.

If you want her back and think she would even return to you, you will have to go to the castle for her. I don't know that her mate will give her to you. Hell, I don't even know if you will make it past the gates to get to the castle. Her grandfather and his guard might kill you for even showing your face there.

I suggest you leave my island now and never come back. I watched as Cash and his men turned into their wolves and ran back from where they left their choppers. I turned and walked over to Jerry. So, you think that after I give you a place to live, a place your family would be safe you can turn on me?

I shook my head. I reached my hand out and my claws came out. I shoved my hand into his chest and pulled his heart out. I then threw it on the ground and stomped on it. Cut his head off and burn his body I said turning and walking away. I yelled get my chopper ready. And Dave, you will be in charge of this island while I am gone.

I walked in and picked Sara up and walked out the door. I carried her to the chopper and climbed in holding her close to me. I put the headphones and on and told the pilot to take us to my Island in the middle of the ocean.

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