My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 20: A wedding dress was taken down to the cells for Beth to put on.

We took a wedding dress to the cells and told Beth she was getting her wish. She will be getting married tomorrow. To whom? The man your father made a contract with years ago. I do believe you remember that is name is Jaxen.

He found out you were back, and he demanded that the contract be fulfilled. So, it will be. Right after I get crowned and other things take place you will be married. I think you will like him. He is still a very handsome man.

I never got to meet him. I wanted Brandon. Only to find out that you could never have him but to be is blood slave. We need to get some sleep Sara. You may be the queen but, it is time for the true swearing in.

We walked out of the office and to our own rooms. I walked into to my bedroom and took a shower. I walked out with a towel wrapped around me. I saw Brandon sitting in a chair by the fireplace.

I grabbed some clothes and walked back to the bathroom to dress. I came back out and picked up the phone. Please bring me a BLT and coffee to my room. Thank you. I turned and looked at Brandon.

You thought I would not recognize that scent. After 200 years do you think I would not remember that scent? The scent my my ex-best friend. My friend Beth? She is back and I have her.

That made Brandon set up and take notice. What did you do with Beth and my child? Oh, that child. It was a girl, Brandon. And that girl. She died centuries ago. She was sent to live with a couple who could not have children.

You bitch. You were not to have a child with another woman Brandon. I do not care what happened to Beth's daughter. I care about our children. And if you were my true mate, you would not have been able to have children with me and with Beth.

That tells me that you are not my true mate. And that makes me wonder how the Moon Goddess thought you were. That's right Brandon. I am not stupid. I did listen to who true mates are.

So, if you are not my true mate where is he? I saw Brandon smile. You will never know. That may be. But do not think I will reject you. I will not do that. I grinned at him. I know what would happen if I did. And I will never let your family become the head of state.

Just remember that what happens. You asked for it. Just then Athena said. You are right Sara. He is not our true mate. His wolf is yelling at him to shut up. I know his wolf is not my mate. But we do know where he is.

Leave my bedroom Bandon. I watched as he walked out of my room. I took the tray from the maid standing at the door. I shut the door walked over and sat the tray on the table before locking the door between our bedrooms. I ate, drank my coffee, and went to bed.

Everything was being made ready for my official crowning. I was helped into the dress each new Queen has worn for centuries. I was escorted down the stair by my grandmother, and mother. I walked up and sat down on the throne.

I nodded at grandmother. She started the swearing in. Once the Crown was sat on my head I turned and looked at everyone. There will be no prince consult. Only the true mate of the Queen can be given the title prince and queen consort.

And my mate is not my true mate. I will not have a mate who lies, is a cheater, and not my real mate sit next to me. He will have no power or authority. He will be known as my husband and mate that is all.

Now before the ball starts. We have a wedding to perform. A Wolf, Jaxen came to see me. He had a contract in his hands. He was to marry a woman who was once my best friend. Her name is Beth. He asked that the contract be honored.

He asked that the mating and marking be done as it was in the beginning. I granted him that right. Beth was walked in and the wedding vows said. Then she was stripped naked, Jaxen had already stripped.

He threw Beth on the floor in front of everyone. I watched Brandon. Then Jaxen fucked Beth in front of everyone before he Marked her. 20 minutes later he turned into his wolf form holding her neck his teeth still in fucking her he gave her the slave bite.

No screamed Brandon. He can't do that. It is his right. She is his mate under contract signed 200 years ago. But to give her the slave bite. What's the matter Brandon. Pissed that you will never fuck her again. Ever.

Once it was finished, I said. Jaxen leave and take her with you. Sara looked at me. How could you do this? You fucked my husband. You all lied making me think that Brandon was my mate.

We know he isn't. But I will not reject him. I made sure he could never claim you as he promised to. Never come back here again Sara. The next time you do. I have the right to not only kill you. But to kill Brandon as well. Oh, and just so you know. You had a daughter all those years ago.

She was dragged from the throne room and everyone was moved to the ball room but, mother, father, Brandon, and grandfather. I looked at them all. You should have covered the mark on the back of your necks. I know that you have my real mate somewhere. But I will never reject Brandon.

But I will make his life hell. Pay attention. He is not the father of my children. My real mate is. That I am sure of. Brandon. Your real scent is starting to come out. You smell nothing like my Brandon.

Soon you will no longer look like him either. And when that happens. I have the right to sentence you to death for witchcraft. Do not ever underestimate the women in my family. We can be very evil. Viler than you three can ever think of. Now go to the ballroom.

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