My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 21: The rest of the journal

It has been two weeks since the ball. Grandmother and grandfather have had a strong talk along with mother and father. They both deny being involved in what was going on. Grandmother told them both that she has their family journals and that I intend on reading every word of them.

Grandmother looked her mate dead in the face. If you have something to admit to you better do it know. If I have to find out from Sara, you will not like what happens. He continued to deny everything. The same as my father. We will see mother told him.

Brandon's face continues to change. Everyone is noticing it. Comments have been made that he does not look like Prince Brandon's paintings. They are starting to talk witchcraft. That their queen was being tricked to think he is her mate when he isn't.

I was starting to change. To hate the Moon Goddess. I was in the old castle in the office with door locked. I picked the journal back up. I was reading the final chapters. I found out that the man posing as my mate is not my mate.

I noticed the differences a week after he came back home. Something was different about him. He is not my Brandon. I also know that something is going to happen. I don't know what, I just know.

I was told by my grandmother that a family of warlocks want to take over after I become queen. That they want me to trust my mate so much that I will step down and let my mate become Kind and I will take the role as Queen concert. That must never happen.

I hear him coming. He is demanding that I unlock the door and let him in. He is demanding that I sign some contract. I will not do that. I yelled go away Brandon. I hear him yelling that I will sign the contract and change the law. I yelled I have no authority to change any laws.

I told him only grandmother as that right. He is cursing and pounding on the door. I have to hide this journal where he will never find it along with the books regarding the history of my family and the deed to the castle.

There were no more pages left to read. I just don't understand. Where is my real mate? I only know that we must never permit a male back on the throne as the king.

I put the journal back in its hiding place. I walked back to the desk and opened it. I started pulling out files and reading them. I pulled out the final file and laid it on top of the desk.

I shined the flashlight in the drawer. I tapped on the bottom. Wait. Is there a false bottom? After five minutes I opened it. I saw old deeds and files along with a single paper with my name on it.

I lifted it out and walked over to the light. I smiled at myself. I found my evidence. I folded it and put it in my back pocket. I put the files back and carried the letters from the false bottom and took them back to the castle.

I sat down at my desk reading them. Yes, this is what I needed. I mine linked mom and grandmother to come to my office. I handed the papers to them to read. They smiled.

It was not grandfather or dad involved in this mess. It was grandfather's brother, and dads father along with whoever is posing as Brandon.

Mother called dad and mom called grandfather to come to my office. Once inside I handed them the letters. Father looked at me and gasped. I know who is posing as Brandon. Who? My cousin. Bryan. He looked enough like Brandon to pass as him with a little magic.

Then where is Bandon? I think he is being held at my brothers castle. But I know a secret way inside. I was raised there. I would bet he is being held in the older cells not used anymore. But that was over 200 years ago.

Sara, he is alive, or you would know he was dead. They can't kill him until Bryan succeeds in their plan. Right now, they all think that what is going on has to do with Beth. They have no idea that you suspect that Bryan is not Brandon. At least not yet.

We can take some soldiers and rescue Brandon. What you need to do is request that your uncle come for a meeting as you have not seen him in years. It looks like you are getting to know your family again.

When you do that, we rescue Brandon. Now in four days we will go and look around. Find any cameras that may be up and if the old cells are being watched. Which I doubt. It has been over 200 years. Then we come back, and you phone your uncle and demand that he come here for a meeting.

I think that is a good idea. In the meantime, we need to watch Bryan. That is a good idea. So, let us go down to the private sitting room. I locked everything up in the desk and walked out of the office locking the door behind me.

I walked into find Bryan sitting reading the newspaper. Hello Brandon. Sara. How did you like the wedding? How could you let that man do to that to Beth? When the contract was made between her father and his, her father broke it.

Now she came back the contract had to be granted. And in those days that is how it was done. He had the right to ask that it be done the old way. So, no one could contest it. But to let him give her the slave bite?

Again, that was his right. She ran from him with your help I might add. Be glad that he did not demand your life. If he had, I would have had no choice but to give it to him. He told me the only reason he did not ask for it was because as my mate it would have caused me so much pain to have lost you.

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