My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 22: The Rescue

The men came back and told us no one is guarding the old cells. They must either have forgotten that Brandon was there, or they were not worried that he would be found.

I picked up the phone and dialed my uncle's castle. This is Queen Sara. I would like to speak to my uncle please. Soon I heard a voice. Uncle Leland. Sara. It has been over 200 years since I have heard from you.

Uncle Leland I would like for you to come to the castle for a meeting today. It is not a demand. It is an order. I have some questions that need to be answered. I have been meeting with other family members. Such as who?

My son Chris, my grandson Mark, and so far, my daughter Lily. I have some questions that only you can answer for me. I heard that you are the family historian. Well, that is true. But can't they be answered over the phone?

I am afraid they can't. I have some books in front of me that I have read about the family. I am sure that has to be a mistake in them. These books are over 1000 years old. So, I am asking for your assistance.

I can be there in an hour. That would be great. You see, what I am reading has to be wrong. I really would like for us to set the record straight. We can do that my dear. I will see you soon. Goodbye.

Contact the soldiers there and see if he goes to the old cellars. No, he is getting into a car. They are driving away right now. Go get Brandon and bring him to the castle. Not the new castle the old castle.

When my uncle arrives, Brandon is not to know he is here. Dad you take Brandon to town. Tell him you want take Angel shopping. He would never hurt her. We are leaving right now. Mom, when Uncle Leland gets here, he is to be taken straight to the cells.

Grandmother get the doctor and let's take him to the old castle. We arrived as the castle at the same time the soldiers arrived with Brandon. I ran over and gasped. He is in bad shape.

Follow me. I walked into the doors up the stairs and straight to my bedroom. I ran a tub of water and we had him stripped. The guards laid him in the bathtub.

Mom, get him some soup while I watch him. I let the water out and took the sprayer down and let it hang. I washed 200 years of dirt off my loves body. I washed his hair five times before all the dirt was washed out. Then I put cream rinse in his hair.

His hair had grown quiet long. Silly but it was to his knees. I grabbed the scissors and cut it to just past his shoulders. I than cut the beard off and trimmed his beard the way I loved it.

I washed all the lice from his hair and beard. I gave him a final rinse to make sure all the dirt was off of him. I had the soldiers lift him so I could dry his hair and back.

He was laid in the bed and I finished drying him off. He just stared at me. Mom fed him the soup. Brandon was examined by the doctor. Sara. I looked at Brandon.

I am here Brandon. I found you. After more than 200 years I found you love. I finally found you. Right now, I need for you to eat and sleep. Get your strength back. The doctor looked at me. Right now, he needs you with him.

I will find a room to sleep in. I lay down with Brandon and held him. I have so much to tell you Brandon. So much. Mom looked at me and told me that things will get better. I sure hope so.

Mom had Uncle Leland taken and put in the old cells. The same as we did with Beth. He will remain there until Brandon is fully healed. Three days later, his wolf has healed and Brandon is up and walking around.

He kissed me telling me that he understands how I was at first fooled into believing that Bryan was him. But it is going to be fine. Because when we did a claiming and marking it was Brandon I was claiming and marking not Bryan.

I called a meeting of the alphas. Everyone was waiting. I walked to the throne and sat down. Bryan was standing against the wall with soldiers surrounding him.

I had my uncle brought into the room with chains. The soldiers shoved Bryan over to stand next to him. What are you doing Sara he yelled? You are not my husband. You used witchcraft to look like him.

He started laughing. you are crazy. Am I? The door opened and Brandon walked in. He crossed the room and climbed the steps and sat in the throne next to me. Hello, Bryan. Uncle Leland. That's right Uncle Leland.

This is the real Brandon. This is prince Brandon my consult. We found my mate in the old cells at your castle. My uncle and his son were trying to make me look unfit to rule as the Queen. He thought that I would not become suspicious and soon his smell started changing.

By law I have the right to put them both to death. I have witnesses to the fact that the man sitting next to me is my real mate. That man is his cousin and a traitor to all of us.

You will all witness their deaths. We walked out the back door. and my uncle and Brandon's cousin were placed against the wall. They were shot with arrows made of silver. Next their hearts were cut out and their heads chopped off. Then their bodies were burned.

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