My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 23: Five Years later

It has been five years. The trees were cut down and the driveway to the old castle repaved. The old castle was looking good. We use it as a summer home. I am pregnant with another child. Brandon has accepted Angel as his.

We were watching Angel swim when my water broke. It is time I said. Mother helped me inside to my bedroom. She took my clothes off me and put a tee shirt on me. It has been two hours when I told her I had to push.

The doctor walked in and mom sat on one side of me and Brandon on the other. Soon the doctor told me to start pushing. We heard the baby crying. You have a beautiful daughter. She looks like her mother.

Now I have two daughter that look just like you baby. Lily and Rose. I like that name. Rose is a beautiful name. I heard Lily yelling to get the hell out of her way. Yes, she can see now. And you will never guess who her mate is.

Savage, if you do not get our of my way, I will hit you. Lily, I am sure your mother is fine. I said move. Just than the door opened, and Bandon stood there holding Rose.

Lily calm down. Your mother is fine. We have another daughter. And Lily, she looks just like you. Imagine that after 200 years you have a sister that could pass as your daughter.

I took my sister in my arms. Father, she is beautiful. Yes, she is. Look Savage. My sister is so precious. She will grow up and we will have to chase the boys away.

I want to see mother father. Go on in. I walked over and sat on the bed. Mother are you alright? I am fine darling. How are you doing? I am good. Savage has been a pain in the ass. I laughed. Is he treating you right? Yes, he is. I am happy to hear that.

Savage walked in with Brandon. Will you please tell your daughter to take it easy? I can't do that. She has 200 years of living to do Savage. She has been blind for a very long time. Let her enjoy life. I don't want to lose her. You won't.

After all, the Moon Goddess promised her, and she keeps her promise. Yes, she does. Brandon looked at me then at Lily. I think we should let your mother and sister sleep now. I laid Rose in the cradle and we walked out of the room and shut the door.

Angle, come on. Let's go sit out back for a while. We sat outside and I saw dad starting to grill steaks and potato on the grill. I have not been this happy in a long time. Angel walked over and looked at me.

Lily, yes Angel. How old are you. I am 250 years old. That is old. Not really when we have ancestors that live to be 1000 years old. You lived to see a lot of changes in the world. Yes, I have that is until I became blind. I am sorry that happened to you.

I'm not. I got a mate that loves me and you, and Chris, a nephew, mom, dad, and our grandparents. So how can I be sorry? I love you Lily. I love you too Angel.

We looked up to see mother carrying Rose out to the back yard. Angle walked over and looked at the baby. She looks like you Lily. She does, doesn't she. When she grows up, people with think you are her mother.

We laughed at that. Chris and Mark walked around the castle and kissed me. Chris took Rose from me. I do believe that no one has more beautiful girls than you do Sara. When are you and Mark going to find your mates?

Soon we hope. Everyone seems to find them but us. I am sure when you find them, they will be perfect for you. Like you and grandpa are perfect for each other. Yes.

I looked around and smiled. I thought I would not find happiness again. But sitting her looking at my family I could not get any happier. Unless my other children find their way home.

Brandon looked around. We expect you all here for thanksgiving. I know that Savage is going to have thanksgiving with is pack a day early so he can bring Lily here.

Mom took Rose from Chris and told him to get a plate. Dad handed me a plate and bottle of water. I ate and drank my water before taking Rose and feeding her. Grandma do I have to watch that? What? One tit looks like another one. But you are my grandmother. Not to mention my mother.

Branden started laughing. Chris, you one sucked those tits. Really dad. It's true. Your mothers tits were the first woman's you sucked. Dad and mon started laughing at Brandon.

Well, it's the truth. Got to love him. God now I won't be able to look at my mates tits without thinking of my mother. Or my grandmother Mark said. Alright stop teasing them, Brandon. Fine but it is funny to see two grown men with red faces.

After everyone ate the mess was cleaned up and a fire started. Around 10;00 Lily took Angel to her room and put her to bed. She turned out the light after kissing her and walking back out side. Brandon, and I stood up and Lily, Chris and Mark kissed and hugged me before Brandon and I went to our room.

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