My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 24: Thanksgiving

The castle was being decorated for thanksgiving. Angle was running around trying to help but was getting in the way. Several cooks were busy in the kitchen baking and cooking. The big dining room was opened and tablecloths put on the long dining room table.

Everything was looking good. Everyone was arriving and I heard that Lily had some news. After we ate dinner, we sat down in the living room. So, I hear that you have some news for me Lily.

I am pregnant. I hugged her and Savage. That is wonderful news. You will make a wonderful mother Lily. They stayed for four hours and then said they needed to get home. We hugged them all and walked them to the door.

We waved as they drove down the driveway. Our family is growing again. Tonight, Brandon and I decided to go to the old castle and look at all our children's paintings. Angel and Roses portraits have been added next to their siblings.

I looked at Brandon Jr and Jeff's and wonder what happened to them. I want to believe they are still alive. But 400 years is a long time. Even though our family lives long lives. I hope that wherever they are if they are alive they are happy.

We walked down the stairs to see the door open and two men standing there. As they walked into the light, I yelled Brandon, Jeff. I ran down the stairs and hugged them as well as kissed them.

You are alive. I have missed you so much. Where have you been? Are you mated; do you have kids? Mother calm down. Let us take a breath. We have come here every Thanksgiving hoping you and dad found your way back home.

We don't live here Brandon. We live at the other castle. Please come to the castle. Your grandparents are there but you missed Lily and her mate and Mark and Chris. You have two little sisters.

You can stay here if you want to. This is always your home. Come to the castle you can get something to eat. We will come. We walked back to the castle. Grandma, grandpa, mom, dad we have a surprise for you.

Branden Jr, Jeff welcome home. Angle looked at Brandon Jr. Then to Brandon. You must be my oldest brother. You look like father. I am Brandon Jr. I am your brother Jeff. Pleased to meet you. Mom cries a lot because she doesn't know where all her children are.

It is good that you are back home. You are going to stay aren't you? We are going to stay little one. Good. I like having big brothers. We all laughed. I had the maid bring them some food and water.

After they ate the told us that they have been looking for their other sisters and brothers. And they come back to the old castle every thanksgiving hoping one of them would find their way home.

We sat as Brandon told them everything that happened in the last 400 years. Branden Jr. stated that he got his memories back over 100 years ago. He said that was when he started coming back to the castle when it was still surrounded by the woods.

Jeff stated that he has not found any of the other siblings but he hopes that they had told any children they may have about the castle. And that they find their way home as well. I have my doubts that all my children are still alive.

And if they are not, I want to know where they are buried. They will come back home and rest with family if we can find them. I want every one of my children back home where they belong. Dead or alive.

I looked up at the sky and wondered where Jane, Blossom, Raylan, Kyle, Caiden, and Eddie are at. I missed so much of their lives. I missed them getting married and having kids. I missed watching my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up.

Someday I hope to have them all around me. Especially when it is my turn to pass away. I hope that they are all happy and have family around them.

I felt Brandon's arms go around me. What are you thinking about love? Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I hope wherever they are that they are happy. We missed so much Brandon.

I know. And I am so sorry about what happened in the past. I have something to tell you Brandon. What is it love? I hated you for so long for cheating on me with Beth. I wrote it all down my journal.

I had yours and Beth's daughter adopted by a family who could not have children. Our daughter. Beth and I never had sex Sara. That's right I keep forgetting it was not you. It was Bryan. But he managed to use witchcraft to look like you.

I would never have done that to you love. I would never have done anything that he did. I think it was the shock of seeing him with Beth that stopped you from thinking.

You would have known if it was me. Your wolf did not feel any pain. That's right. That must be what my subconscious was trying to tell me. That it was not you.

I am sorry that I hated you for something you did not do. But, Brandon I had been fooled for over 50 years to believe he was you. I let him mark me and I marked him. Did you? I don't think so. Look at our mate marks.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at my mate mark. I looked at Brandon shocked. It has not changed. It is the same as when we first mated and marked each other all those centuries ago.

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