My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 25: 10 Years Later

Angel and Rose have grown to become very beautiful and intelligent young women. Angel is now in college and Rose will be graduating from high school this year. Angel has long black hair and Rose blonde. Both girls are strong and intelligent.

The castle has been updated to having electricity, and computers. We hired someone to start downloading our older manuals and books to the computer files.

We have opened the older castle for people to walk through and children to learn about what life was like hundreds of years ago. What the furniture looked like how they cooked without electricity and washed their clothes and took baths.

Wolfs are now living among the humans more than before but we still keep it pretty quiet about who and what we are. More wolves are not finding their mates due to the last war over 100 years ago.

Now we are in politics and fighting to keep companies from cutting down all the forests. We have bought up thousands of acres to keep them from destroying our forests in each territory.

Angel is in law school and she has not dated anyone. She is worried that she will never find her true mate. She says she wants that. To have a love like Branden and I have. But with less wolfs finding each other they are starting to take a chosen mate.

It is as if the Moon Goddess has forgotten us. We were warned many years ago of this happening. We are worried that soon the werewolf will cease to exist. I know that Branden and I have lived a long happy life.

We lost my grandparents last year. They lived a long life. They passed away from old age I can assure you of that. Angle said now that she is older and living in the human world she understands now why dates were never put on the tomb stones.

That would make the humans wonder how someone could live to be so old. Then they would hunt down their ancestors and want to draw blood and all that crap. So now we just fake a year we are born and then make us die at 75 years, 82, 90, or 99 and an occasional 100 or 102 year.

There have been a few humans that have lived to be 114 years old but not very many. And most of them were women. We just do not want the humans to come looking for us again. It is better to live among them then to hide.

I sit rocking looking out the window wondering where the rest of the children are. We have not heard from any of them. Branden Jr. is still looking for them. He has even put it on the computer he is looking for his ancestors or anyone related to Brandon and me.

I hate the changes going on. We no longer have to hide but, we know longer have the freedom to change and run for miles through the forests anymore. They are now woods and not that big.

Our ways are changing more. I have lived centuries and am not sure that I like the changes of having large cities and buildings and all the cars and things like boats and ski does in our waters and lakes.

The air is no longer fresh it is full of smog, and gas burning all the time. We still use our fireplaces but at times we use the gas to heat the castle as well. I decided to sit out back and look at the stars.

I noticed that there are not that many stars to look at anymore. I sometimes long for the old days. The days when I was young and running through the fields or riding my horses. I long for the time to sit by a clear creek and see the stones on the bottom.

Now that is not possible. You walk in the woods now you see trash laying everywhere. The humans do not care about our environment. That is why the woods we own we forbid anyone to enter.

I looked up to see Angle walk into the room. Mother are you alright? I am fine darling. I have some news. Where is father? In the library. I stood up and said let's go talk with him. As we walked into the library, we saw that Branden was reading a book.

I walked over and sat next to Brandon. Mom, dad, I found my mate. I smiled up at Angel. He is a doctor at the hospital. We were shocked when we saw each other. He is a member of Uncle Chris's pack.

We plan on to come here together next week for a visit. We are wanting to be married before we mate and mark each other. I think that is wonderful news sweetie.

I am so happy for you. And we look forward to meeting your mate. I never thought I would find him. We plan to marry after I graduate from college and take the test for the bar.

That is a good decision Angel. Well, I am going to my room. I need a nap. I think that is a good idea. I looked at Branden stood up and held my hand. We walked into our room and Branden had me out of my clothes fast.

We made love for two hours before taking that nap. I opened my eyes to Brandon licking my clit. I moaned and he moved up and pushed his cock in me. I screamed his name as had my orgasm. This is how I want to die I said looking down at Sara.

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