My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 26: Camping

Branden and I decided to go camping. Buy camping I mean our cabin in the woods. We arrived at the cabin and unloaded the car. Once we put things away Branden started the grill, made steaks, and baked potatoes while I made salad for us.

We sat at the table outside when we looked up and saw Beth walking toward us. She attempted to put her hands around Branden. Do not touch me, Beth. I am not Bryan. But you love me, Branden.

I do not love you. I never loved you. And I never had sex with you. It was my cousin you had sex with, and he told you he loved you. Branden, you promised to marry me and make me the Queen.

Just how would I do that? I am not the king. But when you married Sara you were supposed to be the king. I never told you that. Just then Jaxen walked up and grabbed Beth. She got away.

She keeps insisting that Branden loves her. No, I do not. I never told her that. It is all in her mind. I looked at Beth and noticed that she does not look well. She is sick Jaxen. I know. She has a mental disorder.

The doctor fears that she will not live much longer. She is refusing to eat. I see. You need to take her back home and to the doctor. Sorry about this. We watched as Jaxen took Beth and walked away.

She was really in love with Branden. All this time she thought it was you she was having sex with. Bryan has a lot to make up for if he was still alive. She is just wasting away. It would be better if she was dead. Maybe.

We finished eating and then cleaned up. When we finished that we went down to the water and sat looking across the lake. Branden, I miss being able to run. To feel the wind blowing through my fur. So do it.

We walked back to the cabin and I made us coffee. We sat in the rocking chairs and drank the coffee looking at the stars and listening to the animals in woods.

I looked down at Sara and smiled. I remember when you used to sit in that field and the deer would run and play. Now you do not see a lot of deer running and playing at all.

Come on. Let's go to bed. I want to make love to my mate. To remind her how much I love her. And we did just that. I actually screamed his name over and over until we were too exhausted to continue.

We stayed at the cabin for two weeks before returning to the castle. As we drove back to the castle, I told Branden that I was thinking of retiring. I want to know which daughter we should name as the new queen.

Lily has Savage, Angel has the doctor. Chris has his own pack to worry about. I saw we talk to Rose or Mark. It has been a long time a King sat on the throne. I agree.

That night we sat Rose down and asked her if she wanted to become the queen? Mother I would love to become the Queen. We have always had a woman on the throne.

We will be having a meeting then when you graduate to announce you will become the Queen next year. Are you all right with that? I am. Good. We want to just retire and spend what is left of our lives togeather doing what we want.

That night in bed we lay wrapped in each others arms I felt like a load was lifted from my shoulders. Branden I can't wait to no longer be the Queen. To not have all those duties. In the morning we will send out invitations for three months from now to the Alphas.

That night Branden and I made love for hours. We gave each other so much pleasure. We fell asleep with smiles on our faces. For the first time in years, I slept like a baby.

The next morning, I told Branden that I want to live in the castle. The first castle when Rose becomes the queen. He agreed with me. He wanted to go back home. Where we were were happy. Where we raised our children until the Moon Goddess intervened.

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