My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 28: Rose's Graduation

Today my little girl is graduating. The family are all attending her graduation. I will get to hand her, the certificate. I was sitting in the front row along with the family. The principle said. Before we call this young ladies name a special person is going to give her the certificate.

This young lady never missed a day of school. She is a straight "A" student and took extra classes to graduate two years early. Now let us welcome Queen Sara. I walked up onto the stage and took the certificate from the principal thanking him. Rose Reynolds.

I watched as Rose walked up onto the stage and took her certificate and got her picture taken before she hugged me. Rose was the last student to receive her certificate.

I want to say that every student here today has accomplished so much and today is the day that they become adults. Today is the day that will start the next area of their life. They will need to make some big decisions.

Decisions as going to college, getting a job, buying their first homes, or moving into their own apartments, buying a car. So let us wish this graduation class a congratulations and best wishes for their future.

After getting pictures with her friends, she asked me if I and Brandon would take a picture with the whole graduating class. We agreed to do this. Then we piled in the cars and drove back to the castle.

Rose changed her clothes and then walked to the back yard where we ate and then she opened her gifts before we all had a water balloon fight. Later that night Brandon and I walked to her bedroom and gave her the neckless and bracelet that the Viking King gave to her great grandmother.

A necklace, ring, bracelet, and arm bad. Mother this is beautiful. Your great grandmother would want you to have it. She always said you have the spirit of a Viking.

Now, I know that you can take care of yourself. But do not take rides with someone you do not know. Make sure that if you drink you hold your drink and never sit it down.

Make sure that the motel door is locked and put a chair under the doorknob. But most of all make sure you have fun. We won't be seeing you off in the morning. Rose, Yes, father? If you need anything do not hesitate to call. I will call father.

We hugged her and kissed her goodnight. Be safe baby girl. And if anyone can't take no remind them of your uncles and cousins, and brothers. They will beat ass. I laughed at my father and told him; he had that right.

We walked out and shut her bedroom door. Branden took my hand. Our baby girl is grown up Branden. Yes, she is. But she is a very smart young woman. We raised her well. I know.

When we got up the next morning Rose was gone. She left us a note and the places she will be going. We felt much better knowing where she will be.

Brandon Jr is on the phone a maid said. I walked over to the phone and put it on speaker. We talked about where he was at and that Jeff and he would be home for Rose's coronation. Then he said they would be going to Germany in four days.

We told him that Rose will be there at the same time. He asked what hotel she would be staying at. We told him and he said that he and Jeff will stop by to see her and take her out to eat.

I asked if he found any of his other siblings and he said not yet. But he had heard that Blossom, Jane, and Raylan were living in Canada. They plan to fly there to see if they can find them next week.

I am so excited that you have gotten that far in finding your sisters. I pray that they remember you and you can get them to come home. Mom, they may be married and not want to move back home. At least they could come for holidays and to visit.

If I find them, I will do my best. Look mom just breathe and let Jeff and me take care of things. All right. I love you, Branden. I love you to mother. Now, let me tell Jeff we will be stopping to see Rose. All right. Call me and let me know if you find them. I will. Goodbye mother, tell dad we said hello.

Branden, he is close to finding his sisters. I pray that he does find them and brings them home. He will do his best honey. I know he will. Come on let's go eat breakfast and go for a ride.

We walked into the dining room and picked up a plate. We filled it with eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. After we ate, we walked to the barn and saddled our horses. We rode through the woods and towards the old castle.

We rode behind the castle and stopped the horses. Branden someone is in the castle. Look at our bedroom window. I looked at where Sara was pointing.

How the hell is that I wondered? Come on. We are going to find out who that is. We got off the horses and tied them to a branch. We walked into the door and crossed the hall and walked up the stairs.

We saw the bedroom door open. We know we locked it. As we walked in the man had his back to us. Just who are you and how did you get in here?

As he turned around I saw that he had all my jewelry dumped out into a bag. Branden, I do believe he is stealing from us. He has all my jewelry in that bag right there. I wonder what else he has in there.

The man said without turning around. I own this house and everything in it. I can take what I want. No, you do not. We own this own. And that is my jewelry you are taking. The hell it is. It belonged to my mother and she is dead.

My name is Queen Sara, and I am a long way from being dead. The man turned around fast. This is not possible. Branden, I do believe that one of our sons is a thief.

I do believe this one is Eddie. So, Eddie why are you here taking your mothers jewelry? Because I need money. Why do you need money? I have to pay for rent, and food. Why? This is your home.

Not what I was told. Who told you that? The man who has been taking care of the place. I want to know who that would be? Your great grandmother had been taking care of the castle. She has waited for you children to come home.

It would have been Uncle Leland. He had no right. He made all of us leave. He is dead. That son of a bitch. Eddie this is your home. It was where you were raised. You have every right to live here if you want to.

We all thought you and dad were dead. Well, we are not. And this castle will always belong to my side of the family. It cannot be sold. Nothing in it can be sold. Now. Put my things back where you got them from.

And go get your things and bring them home. You know where your bedroom is. Sleep in it. If you need money tell us. We will make sure you have it. Sara, he has a bank account. He has an allowance of $1,000 a month.

I think we need to go to the bank. I do as well. Let's go. Stay here Eddie. We walked out the door and rode the horses back to the house. I walked into the office, and lifted the phone, and called the bank.

This is Queen Sara. I want to speak to the bank manager. I will hold. Your majesty what can I do for you? You can tell me why you told my children they had to leave their home and why they were not being given their $1,000 a month allowance for the past 300 or 400 years.

I also want to know where that money has gone. I will be arriving at the bank with Branden and 10 minutes. I want to see the accounts that were set up on the day each of our children were born. And if that money is not in their accounts I want to know where it is and who I will be suing. Goodbye sir.

I walked out of the office and down the stairs out to the car. I had also brought paperwork for the children with the amount of money that should be in their account. Branden is furious. His children were treated the way they were.

We arrived at the bank and walked inside. Your majesty, I am here to speak with the manager. Just then Mr. Curtis walked out of his office door. This way your majesty. Branden and I walked into his office.

I pulled up all of your children's accounts. I do not know what is wrong. All the money is there including interest of over 400 years. I want new bank books issued in all my children's with their account numbers and the correct balance in them right now.

I have two more bank accounts I need opened for two more children. Rose, who by the way will become your new Queen. and Angel. I want 100,000 put in both accounts and I want their bank books as well.

It took over two hours for this to be done. Now, who in this bank told our children they had to leave their home and that they were to receive no more monthly checks? I looked at his face.

Just a minute your majesty. It was the assistant manager. Check his account. I have a feeling that he has been taking money from my children's accounts. I saw the manager swallow. I am freezing his account. He has over 600,000 billion dollars in his account.

That is a lot of money for an assistant banker. I suggest that he be brought in here and the police called. We listened as Mr. Curtis called the police. Then he walked over to his assistant manager's office.

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