My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 29: The Police

The police arrived just after Mr. Ryan sat down in the chair at the desk. Come in officers. They shut the door. Your majesty. We have a problem here officers. The Queen was told that her children were told to leave their home and that they no longer were going to receive a monthly allowance.

Her majesty and the prince came here to ask where their children’s money has gone too. The problem is that every one of the children’s money is in the bank accounts, including interest for over 400 years.

The issue is that Mr. Ryan here has been putting the monthly allowance of the children into his own account. Mr. Curtis handed the print of off Mr. Ryan’s account. Now a man that is just an assistant manager of the bank should not have 600,000 billion dollars in his account.

Then Mr. Curtis handed another document to the police. These show that he took the money monthly from the princes, and princesses accounts and deposited it into his.

You are under arrest Mr. Ryan. I have frozen his account until the money can be transferred back into their accounts. Mr. Curtis handed me the children's bank accounts. We will make sure the money gets transferred.

Thank you, Mr. Curtis. We stood and walked out of his office. We drove back to the first castle. We walked in I saw that the light was on in the kitchen.

Eddie, here is your bank book. Your money has been in the bank all this time with 400 years of interest. Minus your monthly checks which the assistant manager was putting into his account.

That will be returned to all you children. You are all very wealthy Eddie. As he opened his bank book he gasped. This is my money? Yes, it is. Now. You can still stay here if you want to. Besides, I think you should meet your two younger sisters. Angel and Rose.

I would like that mother. Oh, and your grandparents are at the new castle. Come over any time. Your father and I will return here after Rose is crowned queen.

We are going home and will see you later. We got back into the car and drove home. After entering the house, I walked to my office and over to my desk.

I unlocked the top drew and placed the other children's bank books inside before locking it again. I walked out of the office and to my room to take a shower and change for dinner.

I met Branden as I walked out into the hall. We held hands and walked down the stair to the dining room. Just as we reached the dining room the doorbell rang. I will get it love.

You go set down. I looked up and smiled at Branden walked in with Eddie. You are in time to eat with us. Have a seat Eddie. I looked at the maid. Bring another setting, our son, Eddie is going to join us.

As we ate Eddie told us how he had to live and I growled. Darling, not in here. Calm down. Branden reached over and rubbed my arm.

How dare my children be made to live, on the streets. How dare that son of a bitch kick them out of their home. He had not right. I will make sure that he pays for what he has done. My sons are wealthy, and he tried to take that from them and our daughters.

He will be punished love. We will testify against him. And Eddie is also here to tell the court how he and his siblings were made to leave their home. The home that is still in your family's name.

After we ate, I stood up and said let's go into the private sitting room. Please bring coffee to the sitting room I said. We walked in and I sat on the couch next to Braden.

I leaned forward when the tray of coffee was sat down in front of us. I poured the coffee and handed Branden his and then Eddie his. I then added creamer to my and picked the cup up.

So, Eddie have you found your mate yet? No, I have not. I am not really looking. Well, now you can. You do not live on the streets anymore.

Have you seen any of your siblings at all? No, I haven't. Lily was living in the castle and refused to leave. She married her mate. Alpha Savage. She is going to have a baby. Jeff and Branden Jr. Came to the castle every thanksgiving hoping you all would return.

They are looking for your sisters. Chris is and Alpha of his own pack. one of your nephews is the Beta of Alpha Savages pack. Our children are coming back home.

I prayed and prayed you would all come back. I want my children around me. I want my grandchildren to know me before I die. Mother, you are too young to die yet.

You have years of life in front of you. Darling. Stop thinking you will never see our other children again. We have seven of them close to us now and one grandson.

The Moon Goddess has been good to us. Yes, she has. I always dreamed of seeing all my children find their mates and have grandchildren around us.

To have the castle decorated for the holidays and the children and grandchildren sitting around the table eating. At Christmas time to have the Christmas tree filled with gifts for the children and grandchildren.

To spoil all of them. That is what my dream is. And your dream will happen. Some day. I promise you. Branden Jr. and Jeff are going to make sure that it does.

Branden leaned down and kissed me. Eddie, do you want to stay here? At least until Rose becomes queen and we move back to the castle? I would like that.

Well, that is good. Tomorrow you can go shopping and get appropriate clothes. And get a haircut. Your hair is hanging to your waist. I think I do need a haircut. But not too short. I like my hair at least a bit past my shoulders.

Whatever you want honey is all right with me. Mom, it's the times. Oh, and I hope you don't mind if I buy a motorcycle? Your father used to ride one of those. We had some good times didn't we Branden? Yes, we did.

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