My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 3: Sara Feels So Unwanted

I sat at the table looking out the bay window. I watched as Sara sat on the swing looking out at the water. I stood up and walked out of the room and down the hall. I walked outside and over to the swing. I sat down and pulled Sara close to me. I looked out at the water and saw the dolphins jumping into the air playing.

I felt Sara lay her head on my shoulder. What are you thinking about Sara? It's nothing important Brandon. It must be if you are thinking about it. Brandon what did I do wrong for all my mates to sleep with other women, and my last mate hate me so much? Sara, you did nothing wrong.

Some men think the grass is greener on the other side. Some men just can't stop having sex with other women. They don't realize that sex with them is not better than sex with their mates. They are wrong. Being with their mate is the best thing in the world.

I hope that I find my second chance mate soon. I also think you will have a second chance mate as well Sara. And I will bet he will cherish you and never cheat on you. The Moon Goddess rewards those who don't reject their mates. But she does make those who cheat or reject their mates suffer in one way or the other.

Most of the mates that reject the one made for them cannot have children with men or women they chose over their real mates. They also can never reclaim the mate that they reject. I don't know what they are teaching these kids in school today, but it is not what they need to be learning where mates are concerned.

And those that have sex before their mate is found do not have the trust of the mate if they do mate and mark each other. That is a sad thing to live with. Knowing your mate will never trust you but they will still love you.

Brandon, I wish you were my second chance mate. You have always been there for me when I need you. I watched as she stood up and walked toward the house. I sighed. I looked up at the sky. Moon Goddess if we are to be second chance mates, please speed it up.

I heard my child and I too sighed. Brandon, I wish that I could speed it up. But I can't do that. But soon my child. Soon you and Sara will be very happy. Soon all her mates will wish that they had not rejected her. You and Sara will have the life you both deserve.

I walked to my bedroom and lay on the bed. I felt the movement of the baby and smiled. I will have one person who will love me and never reject me. He or she will be the most loved baby. But I can't help be feel sad that his or her daddy rejected them too.

Brandon will be your father little one. He has always been there even though you probably don't realize it. I stood up and walked back down the stairs. The little one is kicking so much he is making me feel sick. Are you alright Sara, Brandon asked me?

I looked up surprised. The baby settled down and stopped kicking me. How did you do that? Do what? The baby would not stop kicking and moving and that was making me feel sick. I walk in here and you talk and the kicking and moving stops. I grinned down at Sara. The little one must like hearing my voice. Maybe. I reached out and rubbed her belly and told the little one to stop kicking mommy.

I sat down on the couch and told Sara to come and lay down. I lay my head in Brandon's lap and he rubbed my belly. I fell asleep while he rubbed my belly. I smiled down at Sara and knew that the baby was bonding with me even in her belly. If me rubbing her belly helps her to sleep, I am alright with that.

I lifted my head as I heard a chopper landing. Who the hell found my island? I slowly lifted Sara's head off my lap. I walked out the door and watched as her grandparents walked toward the house. How the hell did you find us I asked? Sara has a tracker in her necklace. We need to talk.

Follow me to my office. Once in my office I watched as her grandparents sat down. Brandon, we know that you are Sara's second chance mate. We also know that it will soon be time to have the ball and announce Sara as the next queen that will take the throne in five years. Why five years? We want to retire that's why.

So, what is it you want? To let you know that in two weeks you both will feel the bond growing between you two. And you will feel the shock. We suggest that when that happens you mate and mark her right away. Something is coming and you won't like it. What! All her mates want her back. Especially my best friend Lela's grandson. If you don't mate and mark her the ex-mate that catches her will force the mating and marking.

My wolf growled. The hell they will. She is ours. She has always been ours. Her wolf is waking up out of her slumber. She knows. Silver? Where have you been? Dove, is that you? Mate, you are my mate. Yes, love I am your mate. But why doesn't Brandon and Sara know? We have been sleeping for 200 years. Brandon knows now.

When Sara wakes up, she will know the minute she lays eyes on Brandon. I missed you Silver. I missed you so much. I thought I lost you forever. No, Dove. The Moon Goddess waited until the time was right to reawaken us.

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