My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 30: Rose Comes Home

I called mom and dad and told them I was coming home. Today. I told her my plane will land in one hour. I will send the car to pick you up. Thanks mom. I can't wait to see you and dad. We also have a surprise when you get home.

Oh, can, I guess? You would never guess what it is. I laughed. Mom you know me so well. I will see you soon. Love you. Love you two Rose.

I take it that Rose will be home soon. In an hour. I looked up as Eddie walked down the stair. Your sister will be home in an hour. Which one? Rose. Our youngest sister and soon to be queen. The very one.

We walked into the library where coffee was waiting for us. We drank the coffee and just finished when the car pulled up. I walked to the door and opened it as Rose rolled her suitcase inside and then set her two travel bags down.

I hugged her and then she ran to her father and jumped into his arms. I missed you daddy. I missed you to. I turned and saw a really tall handsome man standing next to father. Oh, my I said. You sure are tall and handsome.

Eddie threw his head back and laughed. What a nice thing for my baby sister to say to me. Your what! I am Eddie. Another one of your brothers. Really? Yes, really.

I jumped into his arms and hugged him. I am happy. I love having big brothers. Not that I need them to fight my battles. I can do that quite well myself. I can fight like a warrior.

Who knew I had such handsome brothers? But, of course, I have a handsome father. So, it makes sense. Mother she sure does say what she wants and doesn't hold back. She has been that way since she could talk.

Well, I hope you are going to stay and not take off like Branden Jr. and Jeff? But I understand why they are wondering. I saw them in Germany. They took me out to eat.

What are you hiding Rose? Branden got into a fight. What for? Some guy grabbed my ass. He didn't like it. Before, I could take the man down Branden decked him. Told him to keep his hands off his sister.

Jeff just leaned against the wall laughing. He said that Branden has a bit of a temper. And that he is protective of his sisters. Always has been. That is true. He broke the man's nose.

I told Jeff that he could stop playing innocent. That he had a temper too. He is dads son too. Hey, young lady. I do not have a temper.

Daddy, tell that to someone who doesn't believe you. We all know about your temper You did beat up a boy who was interested in mom when you were teenagers.

You told her about that I said looking at Sara? Of course, I did. That was not my best introduction to you now, was it? All I smelled was my mate.

So, Rose have you found your mate yet? Nope. Not really looking right now. I figure he will come along when it is time. What about you big brother?

No, I have not found my mate yet. I have waited for 300 years or more. Maybe she is dead. I doubt it. She is probably out there somewhere just like my mate.

I think I will go to my room take a shower and a nap before lunch. See you all later. I walked down the hall and up the stairs to my room. I walked and took my clothes off before jumping in the shower.

I dried off and slipped on a long tee-shirt before laying down. I must have slept for two hours before I woke up. I looked at the clock and noticed lunch is in an hour. I put on under clothes, a tee-shirt, jeans, and boots then walked out of my bedroom.

I walked down the stairs and into the living room. I sat down in the chair next to Eddie. Where are you going? I am going to go riding after I eat. Want to come with?

Sure, why not. Good. Mom looked over at us and told us to come to the dining room. We walked in and sat at the table. After I ate, I told mom that Eddie and I were going riding.

That is nice. You two should get to know each other. I walked out the door with Eddie following behind me. I walked over to the born and reached for Blacks reins.

I think you better let me right him. He might be too much for you to handle Rose. I don't think so Eddie. This is my horse. I raised him from a colt. No one can ride him but me. Alright Eddie said.

I climbed onto Black and swung my leg over the saddle and sat down. So, where would you like to ride Eddie? My favorite place when I was a kid. Lead the way I said. I followed behind Eddie as he rode through the woods.

Soon we came to a lake with a waterfall. I didn't know this was here. Not too many people do. Come on he said getting off his horse. We tied the reins to a bush. I want to show you something.

He walked toward the waterfall holding my hand. What are you doing I asked? Trust me, Rose. He walked right behind the waterfall and into a cave. Wow, this is big. How did you find this?

I was hiding from our older brothers. I ran and thought I would hide under the waterfall. Instead, I found this cave. It became my safe place.

I stayed here for a while when we were kicked out of the castle when mom and dad disappeared. Then I moved on working different jobs for years. We all lost touch with each other.

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