My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 31: The Ride Back To The Castle

We rode side by side back to the castle. I laughed at some of the things he did as a boy. I am glad you came back home, Eddie. I have heard mom cry sometimes and she would always look out the windows and go to the other castle and walk around the rooms.

She missed you all. Growing up I would go to the castle and look at all of your pictures. I would remind myself that I had older sisters and brothers and you didn't know about me and I didn't know you. But, through your pictures and mom's stories.

She smiles more when one of you comes home. She used to go to the castle and lock herself in the office. She would read the history of the family trying to find out if you were alive or dead.

Mom said if any of her children, were dead she would find your grave and bring you home where you belonged. So far, she has found nothing.

She was angry at the Moon Goddess for a long time. She was made that she took dad and her away from all of you. We got to the barn and I swung my leg over the saddle and jumped to the ground.

You sure are a good horse woman. Thank you. I was riding before I could walk. I will surprise you brother. I am quite good at a lot of things. We walked into the house and up the stairs. See you at dinner.

I walked into my bedroom and shut the door behind me. I showered and changed into a sundress and walked to my mothers' office. Soon to be my office.

Rose, I meant to give this to you. I opened the top desk drawer and handed her the bank book. This yours. I thought you should have it. Thank you, mother. All of you have your own accounts.

So, are you ready to do your visits? I am. I think I will meet you at the last visit. Alpha Rages packhouse. Then I plan to leaving and going to visit your brother.

That will be nice mother. I will be staying at Alpha Savages. I will visit his pack first then going to Chris's. I will spend the night at Savages before going to the next Alpha's. That sounds like a good idea.

I will be leaving in the morning. I am not worried that you will not do a good job. I know that you will. You are going to make a good queen Rose. I have prepared you for this since you were a little girl.

I just don't want to let you down mother. Rose, trust me. You are ready for this. And when you find your mate. He will become your prince consult. You will be a queen, wife, and mother. Your father and I are proud of you.

Now, let's go down to dinner. As we walked out the door she asked if I had a nice ride with Eddie. I did. He told me about some of the things he did growing up.

That boy always worried me. He was so quiet and kept to himself most of the time. He was picked on by his older siblings. But now I don't think they will do that. He is pretty tall and strong. Yes, he is.

Mom, what is it, Rose? What if the others can't be found or don't come back home? We will just hope that they are alive and living a happy life. That is all we can do.

Now I think you best get to bed. You have a long week ahead of you. I guess I do. I hugged mom before I walked out of her office. I walked down the hallway to my bedroom.

I walked in and grabbed my suitcase. I packed a weeks worth of clothes. I added a new hairbrush, bobby pins, toothbrush, toothpaste. I then closed the and zipped it before sitting it next to the door.

I then took a shower put clean underwear on and climbed into bed. I watched some tv before turning off closing my eyes and going to sleep.

The next morning, I ate breakfast with mom, dad, and Eddie before hugging them goodbye. I walked out the door and handed my suitcase to the pack member who was driving me to the pack houses.

I arrived at Alpha Savages pack house where I was spending the night Savages pack house and going to Uncle Chris's in the morning. From there I will drive to Alpha Blake's spend the night, to Alpha Cash's then Alpha Busters where I will spend the night and then to Alpha Rage's and home.

The car pulled up at Savages pack house. The driver opened the door and I got out. Lily hugged me, so did Savage. Good to see you Rose. Good to see you as well.

Cousin Mark I said hugging him. You have sure- grown up Rose. I have and you are soon to be our new queen. I am. Follow me I will take you to your room. As soon as you change, we will go to the training field.

I walked up the stairs following Mark. He turned left at the top of the second floor. We walked down and he stopped at the fourth door on the right. This is your room. Thanks Mark. As soon as you change meet me downstairs.

I watched as he shut the door. I changed into clothes before walking out the door. I walked down the hall and took the stairs down to the first floor.

Come on Rose. You can see how good the teenagers have gotten. We walked out to the training field. We stood and watched them fight. They are good but they could be better. I saw her girl who thought she was better than everyone else.

She is good for a warrior, but she thinks she has nothing left to learn. Is that right? Yep. I was watching her until she turned and looked at me. I don't know who you are, but you think that you can fight better than I do.

I can fight better than you can I said looking her up and down. For someone that is short why don't you put your money where your mouth is. I walked out to the field and everyone stopped to watch.

I tell you what. You think you don't have anything else to learn. You fight in your wolf form. I will fight in my human form. I bet you I take you down in less than 10 minutes. She started laughing.

Mark, what. Video tape this will you? Sure thing. Lily looked over at Savage. This is going to be good. Rose will hand her wolf ass to her on a silver platter.

Whenever you are ready, I said looking at her. Not showing any emotions. What's the matter afraid to look bad in front of the pack members and warriors?

That sat the bitch off she ran at me and I jumped on her back took two fingers and his her right behind her ears. She was down and out. I stood up and looked at Mark and laughed. I believe that she just got handed her wolf ass on a platter.

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