My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 32: Chris's Pack House

I arrived at Uncle Chris's pack house at 9:00 the morning. He greeted me at the door. We walked around his pack house and then out to the training field. I sat and watched the younger kids training.

I was impressed at the moves they were able to do at such a young age. They had the hand to hand self -defense moves down for their age. The teenagers were really quite good. They train from 6:00 Am to noon. Those that work will shower eat lunch and then head to their jobs.

I told Uncle Chris that I would see in in a week at the castle. I walked out the front door and got into the car where I was to be driven to Alpha Blake's office. I was reading his file and the previous reports of his pack.

When I arrived, I was met my Alpha Blake and his Beta, Steve. He carried my suitcase into the pack house. I looked over as a slut walked over to me.

Stay away from Alpha Blake he is mine. Step back Lana. I have warned you four times now that I am not your mate. And you just disrespected the new Queen to be.

I saw her face go white. She bowed her head to me showing her neck. I would not do that right now if I were you. Lana, is it? Alpha Blake how many more sluts and whores are in your pack? He sighed. Enough. I see. Put my suitcase in the room assigned to me for the night.

I walked out the back doors. Telling Lana to follow me. I looked around. I saw a 25 -foot- high dirt pile about 25 feet round. Well Lana, I will show you what we do in our pack to women like you. I expect that dirt pile to be moved from there to over there by the woods.

You have until I leave tomorrow to have it done. I don't have to listen to you. Is that right. I turned into my wolf and she gasped. I slowly walked toward her. I growled and brought everyone to their knees.

I turned back to human form still dressed. How dare you disrespect you princess. I can kill you right now and not a damn thing will be said. You never disrespect your princess and soon to be queen in less than a week.

I will be coming back after my coronation. And if you have not changed your whoring, you will be placed in the dudgeon for one year, and not permitted to change into your wolf, and you will become an omega.

Do you want to test me again you whore? No, your majesty. Then get busy on the pile of dirt. I turned and walked back to the pack house with women clapping their hands.

I will show you to your room your highness Beta Steve said. I will come and get you when dinner is ready. Thank you, Beta Steve. As we walked up to the third floor he stopped at a room and opened the door.

I am across the hall if you need anything. Thank you, I said as he shut the door. I lay down in the bed after kicking my shoes off. I closed my eyes and slept for two hours.

I lay on the bed for a few minutes before I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I took a shower dressed brushed my teeth and my hair before walking out the door.

I walked down the stairs to the first floor. Your highness I heard as I walked around the pack house. I started to go out the back door when I heard Alpha Blake talking to Beta Steve.

We can't let her know that we are not making the teenagers work, or train like they should be. I made a mental note of that. What about letting them sleep around. As long as they do not reject their mate, I don't care what they do.

I walked back toward the front of the house and walked outside. I stood looking around at she-wolfs especially teenagers hanging on male wolfs. This has to stop. I heard my name called. I turned and looked at Beta Steve.

That has to stop. They should be training or working. I see that you and your Alpha thinks you do not have to obey the laws. I am sure that my mother will enjoy hearing about this.

I walked upstairs and carried me suitcase down to the door. I will be leaving now. I called mom and let her know what I found at Alpha Blake's pack house and to call Alpha Cash's and let him know I would be spending the night and would arrive in half an hour.

I pulled Alpha Cash's file out and read up on him. I was surprised to learn he had been mom's mate until he rejected her. This will be interesting. I heard our pack member tell me we would be at Alpha Cash's pack house in 10 minutes.

I put his file in the bag and looked at the grounds as we drove to the front of the pack house. The driver stopped the car and got out. He opened the door and I stepped out.

Your highness welcome to my pack house. I shook the Alpha's hand and his Beta Randy's. My driver sat the suitcase down and got in the car and drove away. Beta Randy picked up my suitcase. I followed Alpha Cash into the house.

Randy take the princesses case to the room she will use tonight and meet us in the office. I followed Alpha Cash to the second floor. He turned left at the stairs and walked down to the end of the hallway.

After entering his office, I sat down in a chair at the table. there was a knock on the door and she-wolf carried a tray in with coffee and sat it on the table. That will be all Kim. Yes, Alpha. She walked out the door as Beta Randy walked in.

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