My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 33: Alpha Cash's report

As I drank my coffee, I read the report that Alpha Cash handed me. This looked very good Alpha Cash. He then handed me another file. I was very empress with this file. Every teenager that has a job was here with where they worked, the hours and days they work, how much time they spend training and how much money they have in a savings account.

Very impressive Alpha Cash. I like this. Now let's take a look at your training field. I stood up and carried the files with me. We walked out of the pack house to the training fields. I watched as his pack members were training.

I was wearing tennis shoes and stretch pants. Everyone stop now. The stood in rows and looked over at Alpha Cash. This is Sara her royal highness. She will be crowned the next queen in less than a week.

She is a warrior and can take a wolf down in less than 10 minutes. I saw a male warrior who is big look at me and laugh. That I want to see. I stepped forward.

Then I will take you down. Change into your wolf. And fight me. He changed and ran at me. I stepped to the side, grabbed his hair behind his neck, jumped on him and hit him between the ears. He of course went down and lost consciousness.

I stood on my feet and walked over him. And that is how it is done. I am very good at what I do. Be it fighting in human form or wolf form. I have been training since I could walk.

That is why since the last war it has been required that you all learn to fight from the time you can walk. And why you work and learn skills and not reject your mate. The next time you do that the war will kill all wolfs but those who have been faithful to their mates.

I have seen that many of you have very good fighting skills. You have to learn to fight in both your human and wolf forms. Especially your human form.

We heard the head warrior moaning. We looked over at him. Alpha Cash asked if he had a nice nap. What happened to me. This five- foot woman knocked your wolf ass out cold. That's what happened.

The hell you did. Oh, she did Warrior. She did. And I have the video to prove it. I think I will show it to everyone during dinner time. You have a lot more to learn warrior. You need to fight more in human form against the wolfs I said before turning around.

I would like to see the hospital and orphanage. I followed Alpha Cash and Beta Randy to the orphanage. As we walked to the front door, I saw that the house was huge and in very good condition.

The house clean, the children well-dressed, happy and taken care of. We walked to the hospital when Alpha Cash stopped and introduced me to is cousin who is visiting from Spain. His cousin is Alpha Lairo or Anger in English.

I heard him tell Alpha Cash that I was dulee. I looked at him and answered him in Spanish. I am not sweet meat, soft or meek. He looked at me in shock. That's right, I not only speak Spanish, but German, Italian, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese. I can also speak in seven other languages.

And never, disrespect me again. It you will find that you will not like it. Shall we visit the hospital now Alpha Cash? Yes, let's go. As we walked toward the hospital Beta Randy busted out laughing.

No woman has ever put him in his place in Spanish before. He thinks that all Americans are stupid. And you showed my Alpha Cash's cousin just how ignorant he is. He can only speak Spanish and English.

I turned and looked at Anger. Don't say it Bate Jerry. But Alpha Anger she sure put you in your place. She is a woman and had no right to speak to an Alpha like that.

You don't know who she is do you? I don't care. Oh, you will care. That is her royal highness, Rose. I watched my Alpha swing his head and glare at me. I doubt that very much. You will find out next week when she crowned the Queen of wolfs and Vampires.

I still don't believe it. Mine link Cash and ask him. I mine linked my cousin and asked him. Your beta is correct she is going to be your queen. And you do not want to get on her shit list. She is worse than her mother, Queen Sara. And she has five older brothers.

Shit, I said looking at my Beta. Cash said it is true. And that I didn't want to get on her shit list, that she is worse than Queen Sara and she has five older brothers. I would say you best find a way to get on her good side then.

We walked through the hospital and I noticed that it had many new rooms, and surgical and birthing rooms. I saw many teenagers working with the different doctors here.

We walked to see the newborn babies. I saw one little one off to the side. Why is that child over that away from the rest? That child has no parents. That is not a reason to keep her to the side. She was wrapped in pink that is how I knew it was a girl.

She is being adopted and her new parents will be arriving to pick her up any time. That is wonderful news. I am sure she will have a happy life.

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