My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 34 Time For Dinner

It was time for dinner. I thought I would show that disrespectful ass who he was dealing with. I dressed in a formal white dress and put my Tara on jewelry on. I walked down the stairs and was met by Alpha Cash.

We walked into the dining hall and everyone gasped. They bowed as I walked by. I was sat at the head of the table next to Alpha Cash. I saw his cousin's face turn red. She is unbelievably beautiful. And she just showed me that I am nothing.

After we finished eating. We walked to the private sitting room of Alpha Cash. As I was handed my cup of coffee Alpha Anger looked at me. I apologize for what I said about you, your highness.

Tell me Alpha Anger. Do you have a mate? Not yet. That is too bad. I would feel sorry for her if you did. I have a feeling that you would cheat on her if you did. Or you would reject her. The Moon Goddess is right. You never learn from the wars, do you?

I accept your apology but, it is men like you that make me sick. You make my mother sick. And you make the Moon Goddess sick. I hope that you never find your mate if you talk about, she-wolfs like you did about me.

I sat my empty cup on the table. If you will excuse me, I am going to my room. I have to leave early in the morning. I am traveling to Alpha Buster's pack house in the morning.

I stood up and walked out the door, and crossed the hall and walked up the stairs to my bedroom. I shut and locked the door behind me. I laid out the clothes I would wear to Alpha Busters pack house and packed everything else.

I took a shower and put on shorts and my usual long tee-shirt and climbed into bed. I set my alarm clock and closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.

In the sitting room Alpha Cash looked at Alpha Anger. You are still on her shit list Anger. So far everyone seems to underestimate her. She is a strong woman Anger.

She took my head worrier down in her human form in 10 seconds flat. He was out cold. She is one hell of a woman I will tell you that much.

Whoever her mate is will have his hands full with her. She is not going to let him tell her what she can and can't do in their private life.

I know that she has a lot of anger, but she keeps it in control. There is something about her I can't put my finger on. She hates Alpha's. That I can understand. You see, she could have been my daughter, Anger.

That is Sara's daughter? Youngest. She does not show any emotions around her mother's ex-mates and she sure will not let any of us disrespect her. No Alpha Wolf, no she-wolf, no warrior, not any of us.

I take is she has not met her mate yet? No, and she is in no hurry to meet me. As far as she is concerned, she is happy to wait centuries to meet him.

I have a bad feeling that when she does meet him. He won't reject her. But he won't accept her either. Why is that? He will not like being the prince consort. He will tell her he will not accept her.

That will suck. It won't be good. That's for sure. We will know who her mate is as she will make his life hell. She won't reject him either. And her brothers. Let's just say that they will send him a message loud and clear.

And if she does accept him as her mate. She will not give him the title of prince consult. She will give him no authority at all. She will announce him as her mate and husband only and she will refuse to share his bed.

How do you know that? I know it has happened in the past. Let's put it that way. She is like Sara. She can hold a grudge for centuries.

She can be as cold as ice if she wants to be. I will tell you that much. I have watched her grow up. She was being prepared to become queen and she is one intelligent woman. She was very adult even at the age of 3 years old.

Anyway, Anger I would be careful how you treat her from now on. She put you in your place by dressing for dinner. She is normally not like that.

At least not around me and pack members. Look, I am going to call it a night. You are welcome to take a run, or to use the gym. I know that you often work out at night when everyone is in bed. Especially she-wolfs.

Good night, Anger. I walked out of the room and up the stairs to my bedroom. I took a shower and put on sweatpants. I climbed into bed and shut the lights off. I thought about how Angel was rude to Rose. I also thought about how she is going to end up getting hurt. I didn't like that at all.

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