My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 35: The last Two Alpha's

I was on my way to Alpha Busters pack house. I called mother and told her to meet me at Alpha Rage's house today at 3:00. I was sitting in Alpha Busters office. We were eating lunch in his office and I was looking over the files of training hours, teenagers work schedules and training schedules. Along with the classes taught at the middle school and high school.

Alpha Buster you appear to be on top of everything. I am impressed. I have not seen any of the teen she-wolfs unsupervised with the males. I saw that there was not a lot of skin showing either.

Well, I said putting the files in my bag. Thank you for lunch and the updates to the pack house. We walked out of his office and down the stairs. He walked me to the front door and told me it was a pleasure to meet me before my coronation.

I waved goodbye as we rode away from his pack house. The closer we got to Alpha Rage's pack house the more Athena was getting anxious. As we arrived at Alpha Rages pack house she was yelling.

Rose, our mate is here. Our mate is here. I ignored her as I saw mom get out of our car. We walked up to the porch togeather and the minute I looked into Alpha Rage's eyes and sniffed I knew.

My eyes got big. He is my mate. He didn't say one word. We walked around and looked at everything before going to his office. He had the files on the table, and we sat down, and I read them.

Mom looked at us and told me she would meet me at home. I looked over at Alpha rage as she shut the door. I picked up the files and put them in my bag. You are my mate he said.

I know. I don't want a mate who is going to be the queen. I will not mate or mark you. But I will not reject you. I looked over at him. I also do not want a meek and quiet mate.

Are you finished I asked with gritted teeth? Yes. Good. Then let me tell you something mate. You just made one big mistake. I smiled at him. I didn't want to find my mate for a few centuries. You think I am meek and mild. Well, you have another thing coming.

I won't reject you either. But I will make sure that every Alpha at my coronation knows who my mate is but will never become the prince consul. That he has no power whatsoever. That if he ever does claim me. He will have no power whatsoever. His title will be that of mate and husband only.

So, you Alpha Rage can go straight to hell. I know you were not coming to the coronation but now you are here by ordered to attend. That is an order from your queen.

Goodbye Alpha Rage. I wish you luck with your pack. Since of course they will never have a Luna. And you will be ordered to never claim another She-wolf. Good day to you. I walked past him out the door and slammed it behind me.

Good day Beta Joe. I saw him look from me to the office door. I cannot believe that Rage will not mate and mark his mate. Our Luna and queen. Our pack will not do well now that he has met her. Not mating and marking her is the same as rejecting her.

I walked into the office and looked at Rage. What have you done? Nothing. She is your mate. Our Luna and Queen. She is not the Luna. My chest hurts. Because you rejected your mate.

She is going to make you pay Rage. Mark my words. You fucked up. I don't want a mate who is short, meek, mild, and can't fight. I started laughing. Can't fight? Did you just say can't fight? Then watch this. Are you saying she can't fight now?

Branden Jr is coming so get ready for the party. I was crying when Branden Jr mine linked me. Rose what is wrong. My mate doesn't want me. What do you mean? I told him what he said.

Who is your mate? Alpha Rage. I was angry. Are you kidding me? No, I am not kidding you. That's all right. I will make him pay for rejecting me. He didn't come out and reject me, but it is the same thing. Where are you? Headed home. I will see you home in a few hours. I closed the mine link.

I walked into Alpha Rage's office. I sat down and just stared at him. What is wrong with you Branden? You found you mate. I did but I don't want her. So, I heard.

How did you know I found my mate and that I didn't want her? She is my sister. Rose, in case you forgot. I will not be staying for the party. I need to get home. Rose will need someone to work out with to get rid of her anger.

Have a nice weekend. And Rage. I would not refuse her order to attend her coronation. You will need to hear how she feels about you now. I hope you have a good time. I stood up and walked out of his office and down the stairs. I got on my bike and road to the castle.

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