My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 36: Rose

I arrived home and walked right past my family and went to my room. Mother, something is wrong. I can feel it. Athena was laying down and crying. I heard a knock on the door. Eddie walked in.

Rose something is wrong. I can feel it. I looked at him with tears flowing down my face. He walked over and held me. What is it, Rose? I found my mate. Alpha Rage. He said he doesn't want me. But he will not reject me. That mother fucker.

He might as well have rejected me. He said he will never mate and mark me. Why would my mate be like that? I don't know Rose. But you cannot let him get away with it. Make him pay for it. Do not let him see your emotions.

I will always be here for you Rose. Will you lay down with me Eddie? Of course, I will. We lay down on the bed and I fell asleep with my head on his chest. He held me close to his heart. I love my big brother.

The days past with Branden Jr. and Eddie taking turns sleeping with me so that I was not alone. They would walk with me, spar with me, ride horses with me, and sleep with me.

I told them I don't want to talk to Rage again. I told Eddie that I want him to go with me to Alpha Rages pack house when I have to visit him. I do not want to be alone with him again and I want it to be business only.

Rose, if you want me to go with you I will. I will support you anyway I can. Thank you, Eddie. I love you. Do you know that? I know little sister.

I am so angry at this Alpha Rage. I want to tear him apart for hurting Rose. But I can't do that. What I can do is keep him away from her.

Branden was Alpha Rages' friend but not anymore. He refuses to take his phone calls now. I told mother that I was going to go to the other castle and stay until the day of my coronation.

She thought it was a good idea. I sat in the chair out back looking at the woods. I have been thinking of how I can make my mate pay. And I have it down pat.

I walked to the office and picked up the book about my mother's family. I learned that the women were not all lucky with their mates. Most of them had mates that refused to mate and mark them.

And most of them made their mates pay for it. In subtle ways of course. The women ended up with more money than their mates. But that was a good thing. Their mate underestimated them.

I read even some more about all my females. Smart women. Every one of them. And never once did they give much away. I finally read the last of the book and put it away.

What I learned from the females in mothers family is that we might forgive but we will never forget. I also learned that we do not turn the other cheek.

I will go forward with a smile. I will make him think I do not care what he does, I will make sure he does not forget that I am his mate, but I don't need him.

I will make new friends, work out more. Become the woman he wants but don't give him the time of day. I will treat him just like any other Alpha. I will read his reports and verify they are true and up to date.

This girl is going to make sure he receives no special treatment at all. I will make sure that I work and work hard. I will not take his phone calls unless they are business. I will let him know if he doesn't want to mate and mark me as his mate so be it.

I don't need him. I have my family and work. I will find a new hobby that show him I don't even think about him. I will put most of my time in training.

I will practice shooting guns, and using the bow and arrow and knife throwing until I am very good at it. I might even have competitions.

I lay down on the couch and took a nap. I heard arguing outside. I stood up and walked over to the window and looked out. I saw Brandon and Eddie arguing. Eddie told Branden he didn't care if Rage was his friend. He did not want him staying at the castle.

He yelled that Rage was not welcome to stay here not without mothers permission. And even if he did Rose will not talk to him. Where is Rose? None of your business. I will tell you this. She will be back before she has to get ready for the coronation.

Branden she cannot have any distractions right now. She has to stand tall and strong. As tall as a 5 -foot woman can he said. She has to appear confident, calm. and prepared to face anything.

You are right. I understand. Just think Branden if you found your mate and she told you the same thing Rage told her? Her wolf is not speaking right now. She is upset and her heart is broken.

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