My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 37: Rose's Coronation.

I am in my room dressed and ready for my coronation. My parents are waiting for me in the throne room. I am being met at the door downstairs by my brothers who will walk my to the throne. I know that Rage is here. I can smell him up here. I walked down out of my room toward the stairs. Eddie and Branden Jr. are waiting for me. You look beautiful Rose.

They kissed me. It is going to be alright Rose. You just show them that you do not need your mate to make a great queen. Thanks' Eddie. I took a breath and said, let's do this. They opened the doors and I walked through.
I did not look right or left. I looked straight ahead. After my coronation I looked at all the Alpha's. There will be no prince consort sitting next to me I said. My mate had decided that he does not want me or want to mark or mate me. He said he will not reject me either.
Alpha Rage is my mate. Everyone one present gasped. Should he ever change his mind he will have no title other than Alpha Rage, mate, and husband in name only to the queen. Alpha Rage will also have no authority in the castle. I on the other hand will always have authority here and in his pack house.
Now that being said let us go to the dining hall. My brother Eddie held out his hand and I took it. Branden and Eddie walked with me down the stairs of the throne to the dining hall. Once there I sat at the head table with my brothers on either side of me and my parents next to Brandon.
After the dinner was finished, we then walked to the big hall for the dancing. Rage was kept away from me by my family and even Savage. Uncle Chris was furious with Alpha Rage. My wolf Athena was crawled up in a ball.
Every time Alpha Rage tied to talk to me someone else walked over and started a conversation with him. It was time to open the ball with my first dance. Uncle Chris escorted me out onto the dance floor.
This was supposed to be mine and Rage's first dance, but he doesn't want me. After we went around the dance floor a few times mother and father joined us, and then my grandparents. I refused to let the tears fall down my face.
Rose, I am sorry about your mate. Doesn't matter Uncle Chris. Yes, it does matter. He doesn't want me. Both of us refuse to reject the other. Then a very beautiful woman who stood about 5 feet 9 inches tall walked in. She had flowing red hair down to her hips.
She walked over and kissed Alpha Rage. Everyone turned and looked at them. Just then mother walked over to them. Diana good to see you again. Hello, your majesty. Raylan you missed the announcement. What announcement?
Alpha Rage is Queen Roses' mate. She was shocked. What did you just say? I believe you heard me the first time. She turned and bowled to Alpha Rage apologizing. Oh, Diana there is no need to apologize to him.
He is not the prince consort. He has no authority whatever. He has chosen to claim his mate or mark her. In fact, he refuses to reject her. Diana looked at Rage in anger. You have been leading me on. You found your mate and refuse to accept her or reject her.
I am not your chosen mate. I am not even your second chance mate. We can no longer see each other Alpha Rage. I saw the look of anger on his face. I turned my head and started talking to Lily my sister. I am sorry Rose. It doesn't matter Lily.
Yes, it does Rose. Lily just let him be. He can do what he wants. After today I do not have to see him again. At least not for another few months. You will have to see him at the big conference. But I do not have to talk to him.
I will also order him to be sat at a table as far in the back of the room as they can get him. He is going to be pissed. He has always sat right where all the attention is at. Not anymore. He is also always asked to give a speech and to always sit at the main table. Again, not anymore.
I do believe that more Wolfs will attend just to watch the entertainment. And who will you have set next to you? Uncle Chris of course. At least until he finds his mate.
I was so stressed that I was getting a migraine. I told mother I was not feeling well and that my head was pounding. I planned to have two guards outside my bedroom door until Alpha Rage leaves in the morning.
I walked out of the room followed by my guards. Branden and Eddie stopped Alpha Rage from following me. Mother is going to thank everyone for coming and explain that I had gone to bed due to a headache.
As I entered my bedroom I told the guards under no circumstances is Alpha Rage to get into this room. Not ever. I closed and locked the door. These guards grew up with me. We are also friends.
Downstairs Alpha Rage was glaring at Branden Jr., Eddie, and Jeff. Get out of my way, Alpha Rage told them. We cannot do that Alpha Rage. You made the decision to refuse to accept your own mate. So, you will live with that decision.
She does not want to see your or talk to you unless it is for business and to inspect your pack house. As for Diana, and the other Alpha's, their Luna's, and Beta's have lost any respect they may have had for you.
And Alpha Rage. You might be bad and a destroyer. You are nowhere as evil as we are. And if it takes killing you to keep you away from our sister. Well, lets just say that is what we will do. You are killing her wolf. And we cannot have that.
It is time for you to leave our territory and return to your own. Do not come back here unless you are ordered to appear in front of Queen Rose again. We watched as Alpha Rage walked out the door and got into his car.
The gates were locked as he drove threw them. That went well Jeff said. It is not over with, I know Alpha Rage and what he will do to get what he wants. Now that Rose has showed him what she is capable of he wants her.

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