My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 38: Alpha Rage

My wolf is yelling at me that he wants his mate. But now because I told our mate I did not want her. That I would not mark and mate her that she hates us. She will never forget the day we met. That she made it clear that I will never mate and mark her.

She told everyone that even if I accepted her, I would only be her mate and husband nothing more. I would have no authority at the castle, but she would have authority as the Luna of my pack. She didn't talk to me, she didn't look at me. And when Diana kissed me, she showed no pain.

You bastard. You are killing my mate. She does not want out to run now. She just lays in the back of Rose's mine. She refuses to talk to me. What is it Danger? Athena, she is changing. What do you mean?

She stated that she is getting stronger and refuses to long for me anymore. She is in the gym 24 seven. That is when she is not doing her queen stuff. She doesn't want me now. Not after you held the bitch and kissed her.

Not after learning that Diane is the one you wanted instead of our mate. Oh, don't worry. She will never reject you. But she will never let us mate and mark her. She is angry at the Moon Goddess right now as well.

I didn't mean I would never want her. I just was not ready to mind my mate Danger. I was not ready to be with one woman yet. I wanted to play the field. Everything since the last war we were told not to do.

Well, you won't have to worry about our mate anymore. She doesn't care if we live or die now. And if we do die. She is lucky. She will not fell it. Rose will not die of depression. She is hoping that we mate and mark someone else.

That will free her to have a second chance mate or a chosen mate. No! that is not going to happen. She is our mate. Don't you get it Rage? She does not want us anymore. I am done talking to you Rage. You ruined everything.

Just then my door flung open. Star what are you doing here? I came to tell you that a friend of mine Lily invited me to go to the castle with her to meet the queen. I will see you later next week. There is a BBQ at the castle.

I will not be there. Why not? Most of the Alpha's will be there. I am not welcome their Star. What are you hiding from me Rage. It is none of your business. You might as well tell her Rage? I am sure someone else will if you don't.

Diana stay out of this. How are you Star? Fine and you Diana? I have been better. Just when are you going to mate and mark your mate here Rage? Yes, Rage when are you going to mate and mark your mate seeing how I am not her?

Diana what are you talking about. Rage always said you were his mate. Well, I'm not. Tell Rage or I will. No! The queen is his mate. What are you talking about? That's right. Queen Rose is his rightful mate. But he doesn't want her. And he will not reject her.

Is that true Rage? Yes, it is true. And she will not reject me. So, I cannot mate and mark any she-wolf. After I told her that I did not want her as my mate she ordered that I never mate and mark another she-wolf.

If I did, she would have the right to fight her to the death. And she would win. She would kill her. She hates me now. I hate you too Rage. That was not what you taught all of us. You told us to never reject our mates.

You always taught us to respect our mates. But it looks like you lied to all of us. I stood up and looked at my brother. I then looked at Diana. Are two fucking each other? Rage didn't say one word. That is another law you two are breaking.

I don't think I can live in this house with you breaking the Moon Goddess laws and rules. I also cannot abide any one who rejects their mate. I did not reject my mate. Yes, you did. Not outright. But you did.

Goodbye Rage. I walked out of the office and went to my room. I have my own house it is time that I leave. I packed all my belongings and had a pack member to load them and take them to my house.

I walked down the stairs and had just reached the bottom of the stairs. Star you are not to leave this pack house. You go to hell you lying son of a bitch. I had not closed my mine link so all the members heard what was going on.

You found your mate and she is not Diana. She is Queen Rose. You might have not said the words to reject her, but you still rejected her when you told her that you would never mate and mark her. You are refusing our pack their rightful Luna.

And let us not forget what your mate told you. That you are ordered by her majesty to never mark and mate another she-wolf. Or she will fight her to the death, and she will kill her. And you will never be the prince consort, you will have no authority at the castle and if you ever wanted to be with your mate that will not happen.

She said that you will be known as her unmated, unmarked mate and husband only. Rage, you brought this on yourself. You are doing what you taught us not to do. You are fucking Diana who is not and will never be your second chance or chosen mate.

Now take your fucking hands off me Alpha Rage. You have no right to tell me I cannot leave. I do not live here. I walked out the door slamming it shut after me. I got into my car and left his territory.

When I got back to my house, I saw Angels car there. I slammed the front door and she looked at me. What crawled up your ass Star.

I know that my brother is your sisters mate and that he will not mate and mark her. That. Well, I was ordered not to tell you about that. How could he treat his mate like this? She has to be hurting.

Not anymore. She hates Alpha Rage with a passion. She refuses to have him at the castle unless it is for business. This BBQ is not business. It is my mother's birthday and only her friends are invited to attend.

She refuses to visit Alpha Rage's territory unless it too is business and then she does not go unless one of our brothers attends with her. She will never be left alone with him.

Anyway, I see you moved everything here. I did. And I am packed and ready to go. Well, then let's do this. I picked up my suitcase and carried it to the car. I sat in the passenger seat and Angel drove away from my house.

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