My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 39: Eddies Mate

The closer we got to the castle the more my wolf was acting up. Amy what is wrong with you? Our mate is here. No, he can’t be. I am telling you our mate is here. What’s wrong Star? Amy said our mate is here.

One of my brothers is your mate. I don’t know. Will he reject me? Never Star. I was working in my office reviewing some of the family history when I became restless. I did not know from what. I finally stood up from my desk and walked down the stairs.

Eddie what is wrong? Rose, I don’t know. My wolf is jumping up and down for some reason. Your mate is close by. Do you think so? I have waited for her for centuries. I hope she is.

Then I sniffed the air. Rose, she is really close. The door opened and I saw Angel walk in and then the woman next to her. Mate we said at the same time.

I smiled as Eddie and Angels friend walked toward each other. Angel who is she? Rose don't get upset. Why would I get upset? Eddie finally found his mate. Her name is Star. She is Alpha Rage's sister.

I stood up and looked at Eddie and Star. I took off running out of the room. I ran out the back door and changed into my wolf. Both Athena and I were crying. We stopped at the old castle and howled. We howled in pain. We really wanted our mate. But our mate didn't want us.

I changed into my human form. I ran into the castle and up the stairs. I covered my scent. I ran the hallway on the third floor. I ran to the wall and pushed the button. I walked in closing the door.

I walked down the hall to the door and opened it. I shut it as I walked in. I walked to the small kitchen and made a pot of coffee. I poured a cup and walked over and sat it down on the end table.

I than sat down in the chair and looked over at the wall. I looked at the picture of Rage. You are supposed to love me. To want to be with me. The Moon Goddess made me for you. Not that woman. Why can't you love me?

Athena moved in my mind. I am sorry Rose that our mate does not want us. I do not know why he doesn't. Can you talk to his wolf, ask him why our mate doesn't want us?

I can try. I took a drank of my coffee looking out the window. I don't know if I can stand having Star around me. She is my mates sister. Danger, are you there? Love I am here. I am sorry that my human doesn't want his mate.

Why doesn't he want us as a mate Danger? He thinks you and your human are weak. We are not weak. I know that. He is a feared Alpha and thinks that a short woman is not able to fight, to take care of herself.

I see. So, what if my human is doing fighting and kickboxing. Where? She has a fight coming up in two days at Alpha Chris's. She is taking on anyone and everyone. I think I will have him attend.

I called Uncle Chris. I want you to invite Alpha Rage to the fight. He thinks I am weak. I will let him know. Show him what he lost out on. Thanks uncle Chris. No problem darling. I think it is time that he sees for himself you are not weak.

Rose yes Athena. Danger said that Alpha Rage thinks you are too weak to be his Luna. We are going to show him that you are not and just what he missed.

I calmed down and walked out of the room after washing the cup and pot. I walked into the castle and to my office. I started working on my plan to show Alpha Savage just why I do not want him. Not anymore.

I heard the knock on the door. Come in I said. I looked up to see Eddie walking in holding Stars hand. Star meet my sister Queen Rose. Your majesty she said bowing. Please when we are not in public it is just Rose.

Rose, I am sure you already know that Star is my mate. I am aware of that. Rose you should now that Star is Alpha Rage's sister. There is one request I have Rose. What is that? Your brother is never to step foot on this property unless he is here by my request.

I see. Rose, I had a fight with my brother before coming here. I know that Rage is your mate. I gritted my teeth. I am his unwanted mate. Let us be honest. I am sorry about how he is treating you.

He always taught us not to sleep around, not reject our mates and here he is doing the exact opposite of all of that. I am sorry as well Star. Just please do not have him visit you on my territory.

Come on Star, let's go for that ride. I want to like her, I really do. But he is her brother. He will try to visit her here. I can't have that. I think that a house should be built for Eddie and Star on the property away from the castles.

Branden I yelled. What is it, Rose? I think that a house should be built on the other side of the property for Eddie and Star. As far away from both castles. I don't want the house to be so close that I smell him when he visits them.

Come with me. I walked out of the office and to the barn. We rode the horses for two hours before we got to the other side of the woods. There was a creek running through the woods.

This is a nice area of the woods. What do you think? 100 acres as a wedding gift to them? I think it is perfect Rose. And you would not smell his scent if he visits them.

I think we should start clearing the land and build a house that looks like the old castle. Do you think Eddie would like that? I think he would like it a lot. We need to find the old plans for the castle.

Let's go there and see if we can find them. In the meantime, have the builders start clearing the land. I will get on that right away. We got back on the horses and rode back to the castle.

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